Time to Discard the Puppets

Until recently, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum tended to avoid the light, preferring to work behind the scenes discreetly inserting alumni from their Young Global Leaders program into positions of power in various governments, corporations, and non-profits.

Recently, however, the machinations of Herr Schwab and his cronies have become more and more open. As various national leaders — including those installed by the WEF, most recently Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau — faltered in their attempts to impose one or another aspect of the New World Order, the WEF has weighed in on events with a clear attempt to impose the Global Governance model on what were formerly nation states.

The following report from Austria indicates that Klaus Schwab and the WEF are at the point of discarding their puppets in various national governments so that they can move directly and overtly into a system of world government, even though 2030 is still almost eight years away.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian regional weekly Der Wochenblick. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

WEF Führer now speaks directly to us in guest commentary

The end of political puppets? Klaus Schwab heralds a global dictatorship

Klaus Schwab is now openly calling for world dictatorship. He outlines this in his guest commentary in the Handelsblatt.

The WEF (World Economic Forum) leader is now speaking frankly directly to us — future propertyless — citizens. Previously, he only did this indirectly through his “Global Leaders” in politics and business. But Schwab has a claim to power and he shows it more and more clearly. He explains that the social inequality that has now sometimes been implemented by national parliaments on his behalf must lead to a new form of government. And a global dictatorship. It will probably mean the end for [Austrian Chancellor Karl] Nehammer and Co.

“Global Governance”

He glossed over the desired dictatorship as “Governance 4.0”. Ultimately, Schwab — together with his friends — as he now openly announces, will blame national politics for the big failure and the big Covid lies. He explains: “The reason for our failure to anticipate and manage global risks […] lies in an unresolved problem of global governance.” While Schwab inveighs against the failures of national politicians, he also points out the trick he uses to keep criticism of his global dominance at bay. Nobody should direct their attention to “Governance 4.0”; attention should probably be diverted away, as Schwab suggests: “If our institutions are well-governed, we pay little attention to them. They are barely visible infrastructure that supports the economy and virtually every aspect of social order.” Mind control through the “Internet of Bodies” and the cheap gratification of needs in the increasingly desired virtual reality might make this possible.

“Aimless handling”: Klaus Schwab is now also blaming political losers

Schwab apparently wants to abolish our existing institutions and democracies by means of Corona misery. They are “no longer useful,” he sums up dryly. Corona has already introduced “Governance 3.0”, an “operative crisis management” based on “trial and error”. But Schwab is not satisfied with that. He complains that this approach has led to “a haphazard handling of the pandemic and its socio-economic consequences.” That’s interesting, especially since the “haphazard handling” he mentioned is mainly carried out by politicians from his “Global Leaders” program.

But now Schwab is blaming national politics. [I wonder who gave them their marching orders?] It is becoming increasingly clear that our governments are ultimately making themselves “losers” in this game. They just seem to be totally unaware of it. Or do Austria’s political actors even believe that after the abolition of national parliaments, good positions in Global Domination await them?

Together they implemented the “Great Reset”, as this critical poster aims to show. Now Klaus Schwab is threatening national governments with being pushed in front of the “Governance 4.0” train:

[Image of Great Reset poster, in German]

Social cohesion at the end: Schwab’s strategy

Schwab’s op-ed also sheds some light on why Schwab has chosen this tactic. “Today, however, many people have lost confidence in institutions and their leaders,” he explains. And in the next sentence, he possibly lets slip what he now has to fear: “In view of the increasing risks and our collective failure to cope with them, we are instead looking for culprits.”

The gigantic resistance against him and his followers has obviously not escaped his notice. But it’s more than that: his commentary makes it clear that both the incompetence of our national governments and the deliberate division of society is an essential part of his strategy for global power takeover.

Schwab speaks of the “erosion of social cohesion”. He writes, “Some point fingers at incompetent political leaders, others blame CEOs — and a growing minority blame all the troubles on an ‘elite conspiracy’” — Schwab is not afraid. The hatred against those mentioned above should lead to the dismantling of national institutions. So obviously there’s a lot more that Nehammer and Co. have to worry about.

Short-sighted puppets: the politicians are getting rid of themselves

His strategy is perfidious: Schwab seems to be deliberately using the national parliaments to ultimately eliminate themselves. He and his WEF, as well as other international organizations such as the WHO and the Gates Foundation, give them instructions on how to deal with bad politics, which is leading to increasing rejection among the citizens. Because after the phase of “Governance 3.0” comes “Governance 4.0”, and with it our politicians, who turn out to be particularly short-sighted puppets in the course of this change. In the course of “Governance 4.0”, everything should become much more long-term, as Schwab outlines his sinister intentions. Legislative periods and democracy should probably be abandoned to destruction, it seems. Instead “stakeholders” should be given more political power. WEF-Schwab on this: “The government can no longer pretend that it alone has all the answers.”

The “real” answers, according to Schwab’s “Great Reset” and his “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, are mainly found by high-tech companies that are supposed to gain all kinds of data from people in the course of a fusion of man and machine. Schwab calls this merger the “Internet of bodies”, as reported by Wochenblick. Pioneers of his “new governance age” are those in business and finance who work for “climate” and “social justice”, i.e. the “sustainability goals”. For Klaus Schwab, in politics, these are above all French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. They would “overcome borders”, writes the convinced globalist.

The question arises: can they ultimately look forward to “world ministerial posts”?

18 thoughts on “Time to Discard the Puppets

  1. My family lives here in the Elbe river basin since the Roman times, and my grand grand grandfathers called the “Germans” – “Schwabs”. I never quite understood it, but it kind of makes sense – Hitler’s Reich made a “New Schwabenland” in Antarctica, the Nazis would write in “Schwabacher” font letters…

    The word “Schwab” in Czech means “Cockroach” for some reason.

    Anyhow – with regards to the “internet of bodies” – I recommend everybody with an Android phone to watch this:


    Long story short: They really are in the business of trying to impose a total control over the bodies of people by the use of “smart” technology. The google data of the people who supported Canadian truckers have been leaked and they are now an open target, I heard. Dangerous stuff.

    I believe that there will come a day, when God will send Mongols with sticks and stones, and they will break all this high technology to pieces, because even though I love High Tech, I would rather live in a stone age then to be a puppet controlled by a smartphone.

    But – smartphone controlled population – that’s what they want – and that’s what they get, for a short while, untill they ultimately fail, because God does not want Men to be trained animals.

    • We need a Butlerian Jihad.

      Also, I have yet to see a head in profile that could be more perfectly improved by framing with a reticle than that cockroach. Well, maybe his buddies Soros, Zuck, and Gates, but they don’t have the same Dr Evil look as him.

      • I had to “google it up” to find out what’s that 🙂

        …and I agree with this quote:

        “The Dune Encyclopedia expands on the events of the Butlerian Jihad in greater detail, but portrays it as a philosophical conflict of humans against other humans who have come to utilize computers as a substitute (or “crutch”) for developing their mental abilities.”

        –> I am not worried about AI, and I don’t want High Tech go away, but I can see clearly where they are heading with the googles and the androids. We no longer get Health and Safety visits on our sites, we just have an app on an Android phone and a guy from somewhere just calls in and checks if we have fire extinguisher and proper papers, etc.

        GPS enabled app checks on us if we spend the day on site and not just roam around the restaurants.

        Warehouse App takes care of the material.

        Cars have GPS and we have to check in and write “purpose for our ride…”

        Remote locks to secret bunkers that open by some network magic…

        …I mean, it’s ok for me, I can do whatever I want because I know what I am doing at work, and it is easy for me to tell them “I don’t care about your crazy apps!” – but the young guys? It’s gonna be a disaster. Instead of work they will jump through hoops. And after all that everybody will be surprised why productivity went from 50% down to 0%, even though GPS, Android, Google, and the Skynet all report 125% attendance and 400% effort.

        I have seen it with my own eyes: Teams that have spent 3 days achieving nothing, until my team came and we did it in 2 hours. Some know how is just out of the reach of the AI.

    • Hi Barn, are you talking about the Labe river?
      And the French called the Germans Schwobs too, the Schwaben being their closest neighbours. In the middle ages, they were called Franks or Saxons, because there was no german nation then.
      The analogy from animal kingdom has been abused by the Nazis, so us folks don‘t do that anymore.
      And yes, I know, the „ Sudetendeutsche“ were fierce supporters of the Nazis ( Henlein).

      • Hi, yes Labe river. That’s interesting that the French called the Germans “Schwabs” too, I didn’t know that.

        Regarding the cockroach – “Schwab” in Czech, that’s just how it is, I can’t help it, just like the jokes about Check Mates, or “hungry” Hungary, Turkey turkey, etc… I don’t think that the original meaning of the Czech word “Schwab” was passed down onto Germans from “Cockroaches”, or vice versa.

  2. Good God we need a Night of the Generals and we need it fast. How in the hell has Schwab lived this long without someone’s Secret Service taking him and his accolades out? S>P>E>C>T>R>E wasn’t this evil.

    • I can say only one thing – the “Entnazifizierung” of the Schwab Clan should have looked more like a ROPE.

    • Yes, looking at Victor Orban and someone else ( I dont know how the Baron will react to what happens in Ukraine right now) – therefore I dont mention his name – whhat are they waiting for?

      Does Mr Schwab not own a house close to New York?

      And to the Night of Generals:
      I ask myself what would be needed to get the people going?
      I read about Ruby Ridge, LaVoy Finicum, Civil Asset Forfeiture etc and …nothing.

      And to top it of: If you go – for instance – to Americanpartisan, just enter Antifa Roadblock (and there is an entire group of such questions) and look at the answers.

      • ..”looking at Victor Orban and someone else “..
        Orban is fighting for future ,biological very existence of Hungarians..
        To not by a part of ” Final Solution”..as a we Poles or Jew experience in the past.
        Hi is desperate to save his people..Hi has no choice for anything otherwise..Ask Czechs, Slovaks, Austrian, what’s ahead if you don’t comply..

      • You need the right people to act and push things and in Europe it would be the military and the aristocracy. Just need someone to lead and the rest will follow.

  3. ” . . . even though 2030 is still almost eight years away.”

    2030 is not the target year for installing the global governance system, it is the target year for it being a fait accompli.

  4. It seems we are on the threshold of momentous and horrible changes. The world is sinking into the abyss of a new and improved totalitarianism which would combine the worst inventions of nazism and communism.

    • Before the pandemic, I would have disagreed with you.

      But seeing how ruthlessly the Russian government has been enforcing vaccination, masks and sanitary passes on the unwilling population, I cannot but state the obvious: it acts as it is told by the WHO, just like the French, German, Italian, Dutch or Austrian governments.

      Or are we all enslaved by the “global cabal”?

      By the way, the same can be said of Viktor Orban.

      That raises the question: is there any independent country in the whole post-Christian world?

      • Answer is NOT..and never been..
        There are countries in Western World less or more level of Sovereignty..This level make a difference in quality of Life..
        Biggest was in USA , but slowly but surely is waning away….
        ” Wall street” Rotschilds and like are part of equation..and are the dealers of Political Powers..

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