Then We Take Berlin

The Freedom Convoy in Canada has inspired similar actions all over the world. The Australian and New Zealand versions have been particularly vigorous, even in the face of government repression.

The last I heard, the French convoy protests were forcefully suppressed. I haven’t heard any more about the convoy to Brussels, so I don’t know what happened to that one. And the Austrian government absolutely forbade any convoy-type behavior on the part of its citizens.

The following article (published about ten days ago) concerns a proposed convoy to Berlin. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from the Berliner Zeitung. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Corona demo in the “Freedom Convoy”: German truck drivers want to drive to Berlin

People on Facebook and Telegram are currently calling for participation in a demonstration against the Corona measures by truck and car. Canada is a role model.

German craftsmen and small businesses want to drive to Berlin with their trucks and cars to protest against the Corona measures. As can be seen from a Telegram group, the organizers want to mobilize 100,000 vehicles and roll past the Reichstag. The model is therefore the “Freedom Convoy” in Canada.

Hundreds of truckers arrived in Ottawa last Saturday [January 29] after a protest drive. The reason: Unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers currently have to go into a 14-day quarantine when returning from the USA, while US drivers without a vaccination are not allowed to cross the border at all. German truck drivers are now planning to do the same and protest against the Corona measures in Germany effective in February.

Appeal on Facebook receives mixed reactions

Bus drivers are also invited to participate with their buses. The demonstrators apparently want to remain in the capital “until the government resigns”. A similar appeal on Facebook received mixed reactions. While some enthusiastically agree with the post, which was shared 176 times by Tuesday morning, others criticize it. One user points out the danger of empty shelves: “So that the shelves will be empty soon? You are all crazy.” [Isn’t it funny — when the Government does something — for the “greater good” — that affects the people negatively in a monstrous way, most of them are behind the government. But when people start to fight back for the freedom and livelihoods of ALL of us — then they are considered dangerous and crazy.]

A convoy to Brussels is apparently also planned. As organizers announce on Twitter, the demand is to abolish the European vaccination card “and the restrictions associated with it.” It is not yet clear whether the “trucker” demonstrations have been registered.

3 thoughts on “Then We Take Berlin

  1. I am sure that if they had thought about it the Trudeau governmen would have ‘forbade’ the Freedom Convoy, too. I suspect it would not have worked.

    The fact that the Austrian dictatorship, oops, government, ‘forbade’ convoy ‘type’ behavior and the people apparently are obeying is sad. I don’t know the rules in Austria regarding right to protest but if enough truckers had the gumption to defy this Verboten diktatura what would happen? Would the army move in with violence to ‘quell’ a demonstration of peaceful people? Maybe a better idea is a truckers’ strike.
    In France, the attempt failed and so what now? Will they turn around and give up?
    The truckers in Canada are risking their livelihoods for something they believe in.
    Are European truckers just as willing?
    Re: The convoy to Brussels:
    “Brussels is on edge as a Canada-inspired “freedom convoy” is expected to descend on the city, threatening to disrupt the centre in open defiance of a ban issued by the public authorities…”

  2. What’s going on now with the truckers in Canada, and others in the medical field who have been brave enough to speak up for treatments for COVID, and been bashed, remind me of the bravery of many of our Founding Fathers.
    A wonderful book printed in the sixties, “Greatness To Spare.” is a good, simple book telling the stories of what happened to the men, and their families who signed, “The Declaration of Independence.”
    I highly recommend it for anyone, and I think it’s a good introductory book to the bravery of our Founders for anyone homeschooling.

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