The Muslim Brotherhood in the EU, Part Three

Below is the latest installment on the Muslim Brotherhood in the European Union.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

How European money ends up with the radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood

February 16, 2022

The same European Commission, responding to questions from the European Parliament, has admitted to having disbursed money to a series of associations tied to political Islam.

by Mauro Indelicato

The trend of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe is clear: “Secularize their own requests and carry forward associations able to promote ‘sensitive’ themes to the ears (and the pocketbooks) of community institutions. A strategy that is working. As reported in Libero in recent days, from an inquiry presented to the Strasbourg Parliament by parliamentarians of Identity and Democracy and Conservatives and Reformists, that is how important figures emerged on the funding to groups deemed close to the Brotherhood.

The answer given by the European Commission presents a picture that is other than reassuring. For example, the news of a comprehensive funding of €170,000 from 2013 to 2019 from the EU to FEMSYO. That is the Forum of Youth and Muslim Students, a group deemed close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

A rain of money earmarked in part for programs of instruction, at least €125,000, and in part, for the remaining amount of €45,000, for projects associated with programs of integration and equality. In a few words, placing themselves as representatives of social needs of the Muslim community, the members of FEMSYO have managed to extract important funding from the coffers in Brussels.

A situation deemed alarming by the parliamentarians who presented the inquiry. Among these are some deputies of the Lega [Italy: League]. Susanna Ceccardi, a Lega member in Brussels and also among the signers, has judged the funding in support of FEMSYO and other associations close to the Muslim Brotherhood “unacceptable”, announcing further requests for clarification.

In fact, FEMSYO is an association that is causing a lot of discussion in France. Marlene Schiappa, the French minister of integration, who is not noted for anti-Islam positions, has defined the Forum of Young Muslims as “the pseudonym for Islamism”. Also because the association is part of FIOE, the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe. The same one that has promoted initiatives aimed at integrating features of sharia into the legal systems of the Old Continent.

After all, the objective of the Brotherhood is to promote so-called “Political Islam”, a very conservative vision of Islam, to be spread also in Europe by all means possible. From politics to soft power, created thanks to a capillary network of associations, precisely capable of bringing Islamist demands within European institutions. It is no coincidence that FEMSYO is not the only forum to have benefitted from EU funds in these years. Money has also been disbursed, for example, to the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF), dissolved in 2020 by the French government after the homicide of Professor Samuel Paty, as according to the Paris authorities, the association was considered to be very close to Islamist circles.

The rain of money for the Muslim Brotherhood does not represent solely a problem of an economic nature. After all, the groups tied to Political Islam already have much in the way of funds at their disposition; the thousands of euros disbursed by the EU are pennies compared to their budget. Much more money arrives from abroad through philanthropic and other private sources, and besides, the Brotherhood has historically received support from countries such as Turkey and Qatar. More than anything, the problem is of a political nature. To pay even one cent to an association immersed in the “grey zone” of Islamism means political recognition to radical groups. Self-inflicted damage for Europe and a danger to the security of all.

5 thoughts on “The Muslim Brotherhood in the EU, Part Three

  1. “Destroying the Western civilisation from within” is the declared aim of the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Is the EU not aware?

    • Erdogan can’t get a good nights sleep pondering the possibilities. Western countries are now too diverse and funny.

  2. The EU policy can seem schizophrenic. For example, it fights homophobia and Islamophobia with equal zeal. Any sane person would see here an obvious contradiction and infer that the EU is mad.

    However, there is method in this madness. The EU encourages every ideology, every religion and every cultural trend that is anti-Christian. Brussels eurocrats’ final goal is destroy the Christian civilisation or what is left of it.

    They are out to destroy or pervert the traditional Christian doctrine, morality, family, culture and even vocabulary. They are even expunging the word “Christmas” from their documentation.

    Their purpose is clearly to build a new, unChristian and even anti-Christian civilisation and they use every tool to clear the building ground, including Islam.

    What sort of society are they building? We could only guess, but I am sure it would be the most hypocritical and, possibly, the most hypocritically cruel society in human history. And it would be absolutely undemocratic.

    • Poor sods. Filling the void with the laziest and most unproductive creatures who do have a religion of sorts that makes no secret of their goal to live and leech off white Christian taxpayers.

  3. Christianity is being destroyed as we speak, Christianity kept the worst excesses of us tempered for the last 2 centuries, except the Balkans, now with the reign of restraint being cast off, what do you think is going to happen when the natives of Europe finally get fed up with the politicians and 3rd worlders that push the diversity insanity up our backsides without checking a history book? Eventually, the status quo changes when push comes to shove and Europeans and those of European extraction in the US/Canada go completely tribal with a very bloody minded vengeance. I just wonder how much straw the camel actually can hold before it breaks it’s back?

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