Game Over

Austria has earned the dubious distinction of being the first country to make “vaccination” mandatory for all adults. It is currently building an enforcement process that will surveil all citizens and curtail their few remaining civil liberties.

However, the Austrian Constitutional Court has just put a speed bump in the government’s road to totalitarian control: it is demanding that the government justify its Corona measures with documented medical and actuarial data. The government will have no choice but to reply to the court, and all the material will be made public.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this post from Chris Veber’s blog:

Game Over

It’s over. On January 26, 2022, the Austrian Constitutional Court (VfGH) initiated ordinance review proceedings and sent the Austrian Minister of Health a raft of questions. Questions that have been absolutely taboo up until now. Those questions will shake the foundations of the “pandemic”. The Minister of Health has until February 18, 2022 to respond, which will most likely be the end date of the “pandemic” in Austria.

Specifically, the Constitutional Court wants to know whether the hospitalisation and mortality figures consist solely of Covid-infected persons. It’s the old “died from or with Covid” question, and if every person was counted who tested positive, the VfGH would like to know the reasoning. In addition to that, the VfGH wants a breakdown of all Covid deaths & hospitalisation cases to determine which were due to Covid and which were just a meaningless “positive” test. An inquiry will also be made about the age of the deaths and those hospitalised!

Furthermore, the Minister of Health must also provide evidence for the usefulness of the FFP2 mask requirement.

Now we’re getting down to business (the Pharma mafia business). The VfGH puts the risk of dying from Covid at 0.15%. The court is now asking how the absolute and relative risk reduction of a vaccination is to be understood. The VfGH wants to know what the absolute risk reduction is after one, two or three vaccinations. The 95% efficacy lie is done.

It gets even better. The “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is also being called into question. The Minister of Health must answer to what extent “vaccination” reduces the risk of infection, disease and transmission. The court stated, “it appears to be the current understanding of the science that individuals with Covid vaccination can also become infected with, contract Covid, and transmit Sars-Cov-2.”

The Secretary of Health and Human Services will enter into dangerous territory. The VfGH has inquired about the risk of hospitalisation following illness compared to that following vaccination. The statistics must be broken down by age cohorts and number of vaccinations. Typically this is where the vaccination side effects appear that have been so nonchalantly ignored so far.

Even the so-called “lockdown for the unvaccinated” will not go unquestioned. The Constitutional Court asks how much higher the ICU/hospital beds would have been occupied without this lockdown.

The final question is most critical for the government. The VfGH court has inquired about how it is that fewer Covid deaths were registered in 2021, but currently the weekly excess mortality is in the triple digits. The court wants an explanation for this excess mortality. All of these questions have been raised by “Lateral thinkers”, “conspiracy theorists”, and “avengers” since the beginning of the “pandemic.” The government has brushed them aside with the active help of bought and paid for media and compliant experts. This is now over. The government must answer the Constitutional Court’s questions.

I believe that answers to these questions will end the “pandemic”. It will also end the government. It seems we got off lightly once again. Let’s not forget this lesson. Freedom never dies dramatically. It dies in slices. We must never take it for granted. We must fight for it! Even now, until those in power are removed from office in handcuffs.

8 thoughts on “Game Over

  1. What are the consequences of the government simply ignoring the requests, or replying with garbage stats or continuing to obfuscate the data? Or just having the whole Constitutional Court whacked?

    These tyrants don’t simply cease and desist just because they are temporarily out maneuvered.

    • Yes. These cornazi’s, all of them, world wide, must face the noose. The street-level roid moonkies and karen coronazi’s must be noted, outed and scrubbed. The informers and media screws…lynched…
      It’s too much. 80% of these [epithets] are totalitarian pigs, and the entire civil service is a positive menace to life, liberty, and basic human decency.
      Yet, knowing all these pathetic retards are stone-age pigs, totalitarians, commies, muslims, or all of the above; HOW IN THE NAME OF JEEBUS AM I EXPECTED TO GET ALONG WITH THESE SWINE, knowing how they think, what they believe, what they want. Because they will keep coming at us over and over, an eternal groundhog day of bestiality and oppression until they finally get lucky and twist the keys.
      I am stumped. I cannot and will not forgive or forget any of it, or any of them.
      Nor should I
      So, I’m actually down to cheering for russia and china. Maybe we get lucky, and DC, Ottawa ect. get vaporized, along with a few hundred million progressive alphabet rainbow creatures and bearded soybois.
      Would it hurt to try it, just once?

      • Well, communism’s only been responsible for around 110,000,000 deaths so far, without involving any major wars; this would definitely boost their figures, though I’m not sure whether they’d get a prize!

    • One would hope that the court would also request data from an opposing source as would be the case in a trial. Even if this is not done, the very fact that the court has asked the questions suggests they already know the answers. I pray they do and so make a decision for freedom.

  2. Sounds to good to be true.
    I thought usually courts and judges are the most radicals of radical lefties. Lost any expectations from there.
    What a surprise!
    Very very interesting!

  3. It is only a speed bump, nothing more. Already, the judge is denounced as being an FPÖ nominee and as such, “controversial”. The MSM are up in arms against the man and his proposals, and like Moon is a Harsh Mistress is saying, the government just won’t care.

  4. Once again, the judges want to be scientists and physicians, rather than arbiters of the law. Whether or not the “vaccines” work is a matter of science, not law. As for the science, even the scientists cannot get it straight.

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