We Have Ways of Making You Vax

On the issue of “vaccination” against the Wuhan Coronavirus, the Powers That Be have moved from nudging to the carrots-and-sticks approach to vax passports, and finally to mandatory “vaccination”.

The mandatory jab is our future. Sooner or later it will come to every Western country. The only question for the unjabbed is: What will you do when the vax mandate knocks at your door?

Quebec has not yet imposed a full mandate on its citizens. However, anyone who wants to purchase hard liquor or cannabis must now show proof of vaccination. A large number of stoners and dipsomaniacs have apparently decided that remaining unvaxed is not the hill they want to die on, and have rushed to get the needle.

Meanwhile, Greece is considering imposing a mandate on citizens over 50, modeled on the Italian version.

In the following video, Renato Brunetta, the minister of Public Administration in the government of Mario Draghi, announces that all Italians over the age of 50 must get the vax.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Meanwhile, Austria is imposing a universal vax mandate, prompting major demonstrations in Vienna.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times:

Nehammer: Despite ongoing protests, vaccinations will be mandatory

In Vienna, tens of thousands of people took to the streets against the Corona measures on Saturday. In the center of the Austrian capital, they protested above all against the mandatory vaccination that the government decided on. According to the police, around 40,000 people took part in the demonstration.

According to the police, the protests against the corona measures were mostly peaceful, but there were some arrests. The participants demonstrated in choirs and on posters against the decision of the Austrian government to introduce compulsory vaccination on February 1st.

Despite the ongoing protests against this measure, Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer declared that the mandatory vaccination should be implemented as planned. “There is no question for me that it will come,” he said in a radio interview on Saturday. Compulsory vaccination is necessary “to show that vaccination is actually the way to ensure that we do not constantly need measures that restrict freedom,” added the Chancellor, referring to the lockdowns that have been imposed since the beginning of the pandemic.

Austria recently recorded an increase in those who tested positive. The seven-day incidence rose again on Saturday, now at 525 cases per 100,000 residents. Nehammer is also one of those infected. According to his own statements, the Chancellor has so far developed “no symptoms”. “The vaccination makes me feel very good,” he said in the home-based interview.

Video transcript:

00:00   We are the first in the EU to implement mandatory vaccination for people over 50 years old.
00:05   And this is a given.
00:08   As we were the first to implement the green pass.
00:11   As we were among the first to implement the strengthened green pass.
00:17   So therefore we are not second to anyone in the EU regarding this matter.
00:22   And so therefore, regarding this matter, we can consider ourselves satisfied.
00:26   As for working from home, we have taken an extraordinary decision.
00:33   Both the private and the public sector will be implementing
00:38   all the suitable patterns to favor working from home.
00:43   Which are already present among their contractual provisions and regulations.
00:49   So the private sector will be using as much flexibility as possible,
00:53   according to Minister Orlando’s directive.
00:56   In order to guarantee safety and basic services and to decrease the infection curve.
01:02   The public sector will be doing the same.
01:05   The directive is already in force.
01:08   In order to guarantee services to households and to enterprises
01:12   as efficiently and as safely as possible.
01:16   And as Minister Speranza said, by monitoring the infection curve.
01:24   This is an important result. Another important result is that the green pass
01:29   has been extended to all users of both public and private facilities.
01:34   People will need the green pass to go to the bank.
01:37   They will need the green pass to go to the notary, to the post office,
01:41   to INPS [pension office], to INAIL [workmen’s comp].
01:44   They will need it to go everywhere, except to buy groceries.
01:51   This was an extraordinary result too.
01:55   There was nothing like that in the past. Before that, you could go anywhere,
01:59   to the notary, to the bank, to the post office, to INPS, to INAIL, without any certificate.
02:04   Without having a swab done, without being vaccinated.
02:08   This so-called basic green pass is for all the users of services.
02:17   This is a result that will greatly push the unvaccinated population
02:24   to get vaccinated.
02:27   But we heard that this is a matter the ruling parties are split about.
02:30   I am sorry to disappoint you: there is no division; there is no disagreement.
02:36   All of this was unanimously approved.
02:40   You may not believe it, but it’s the truth. If you intend to make up stories of disagreements, do.
02:45   Nevertheless, it was unanimously approved.

Hat tip for the English-language articles: Reader from Chicago.

9 thoughts on “We Have Ways of Making You Vax

  1. Compulsory vaccination is delayed in Austria

    Free Times January 8, 2022 at 8:33 p.m.

    One month before the mandatory vaccination is to be carried out in Austria, those in power are now forced to postpone the project. The technical systems required to monitor the population are not yet ready, according to OE24.

    The introduction of compulsory vaccinations from February is likely to be delayed. According to ELGA GmbH, which is developing the technical solution, the technical implementation will not be possible until “at the earliest” in April.

    In addition, data protection ombudsmen criticize the bill. The organization ARGE daten sees “several problems” in its response to the consultation regarding the new bill. Part of the criticism is that the project will introduce a kind of reverse presumption of innocence, where the individual must prove that he has been vaccinated to avoid criminal liability.

    However, the country’s universities generally give a thumbs up to compulsory vaccination in their consultation responses.

    More than 61,000 referral responses, which under Austrian law may be submitted by anyone, have already been posted on the Austrian Parliament’s website.

    Unknown convention opens for prosecution of politicians who vaccinate by force
    SD: Replace unvaccinated healthcare staff
    The SD top distances itself from its own profile
    Vaccination increased the risk of covid-19
    Here, the head of research at Pfizer escapes the question of cells from aborted fetuses in the vaccine

  2. During WW2, teenagers took to the forests to join the partisans, sleeping in the cold, half starved, taking on Nazis armed with artillery, tanks, fighter planes, heavy machine guns, armed with near nothing. Knowing that a good day was one in which they merely survived, even if in the most abject conditions. Today I read of teenagers who reluctantly get the vax so they can go on holiday, go to some woke uni to learn nothing, like I read of stoners and boozers who are not prepared to do without their drugs, no matter what.

    This is all very telling, we are the softest and most spoiled people in the history of the world. Without this factor at play, none of this vax tyranny would have happened. Could never have gained traction.

    • Lawrence: We’re still a ways off between being threatened with a syringe and being threatened with a rifle, but, yes, we’ve got ourselves a bunch of softies.

      • We are. But that only reinforces how weak so many people are today.

        It is way harder to resist a rifle. You would expect less resistance to rifles.

  3. Ain’t gonna happen. They’ll push and push and back off. And push and push and back off. They know it smells very bad. It’s 100% manipulation.

  4. Has power lost the battle for the vaccine ?,,,

    By Preben Nielsen

    For two years, the populations of almost every society on the planet (the exceptions are Zimbabwe, Cuba and North Korea) have been bombarded with a 1984-like propaganda about covid and omicrom and what the performer on stage right now is called.

    Only Stalin’s Russia in the 1930s and Mao’s China in the 1960s have previously been able to deliver similar plays. But right now it has been politicians from the so-called liberal democracies who have delivered them.

    Denmark, which has otherwise prided itself on being a tolerant and anti-auritarian country, has been at the forefront.

    More and more it is becoming clear that politicians have no idea what to do. 2022 will definitely result in both a 4th, a 5th, and a 6th, etc. connector. Which also will have no effect. Actual compulsory vaccinations will follow.

    In parallel, the world is experiencing growing resistance right now. Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands take to the streets in all of Europe’s major cities, in Italy, Austria, Germany, the Benelux.

    But even in Denmark, the resistance is growing from day to day. From hour to hour.

    Yesterday there were 3000 in Aarhus. At the time of writing here on Sunday evening, thousands gather at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen. Historically, the period right now is reminiscent of the year 1943.

    Increasingly large populations demonstrated against the government and its dictates. A government that was increasingly perceived as illegitimate by more and more people. In August 1943, this government fell after large demonstrations in a large number of cities.

    An active people can never be stopped, history teaches us.

    Let’s hope that 2022 will be such a year.

  5. Just to be clear, as I read this, if you are under 50 you are not mandated to be vaccinated? Therefore if you are over 50 and not vaxxed you are discriminated against but if you are under 50 no vaxx is mandated (although encouraged)? If you are older and presumably wiser, an adult capable of making informed decisions about your life and health, you will be treated as a child, needing nanny’s firm hand? Why is he stopping at the over 50s? Why not everyone??
    The whole tone of this is quite disturbing: preventing citizens access to their banks and the post is unconscionable and how long before food stores are decreed to be off limits?

  6. This article from American Thinker asks the most important question of the day- what happens if the Supremes refuse to stop the mandates?

    “On the one hand, if the Court upholds the mandates, millions will be forced to inoculate or forced into poverty. Will we go silently into that dark night or we will resist? What will that resistance look like? What will the Marxist authoritarians do to enforce these mandates—apart from forcing us out of our jobs. Impose fines? Incarcerate us? Although jails across the country are emptying out as radical district attorneys refuse to enforce the law, will there be enough room to accommodate the millions who resist? If not, what kind of facilities will be erected to house the unvaccinated? Will mayors and governors take executive action, or legislatures enact laws, that allow government agents to vaccinate us against our will (which might entail “making us more compliant and willing to cooperate” with medication)?”


    • Accomodation for the unvaxed? What about those FEMA camps just sitting there? Was that the plan with these camps from the very start?

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