Three More Cultural Enrichment Tales From Germany

Below are three recent reports on the cultural enrichment of Germany, all translated by Hellequin GB.

The first article describes the failure of a model project in Stuttgart that was intended to train culture-enrichers to become nurses.

From the Baden-Württemberg news site BW24:

“Political signal” with refugees in nursing training becomes a €1.3 million debacle

The Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart offers special nursing training for refugees. But the project flops: Almost everyone fails the final exam.

Stuttgart — There is a shortage of nursing staff in Germany — according to an analysis by the competence center for securing skilled workers, at least 35,000 positions are vacant. Baden-Württemberg is not excluded from this nationwide problem. The shortage was already known before the Corona pandemic put undue strain on the health system. Currently, the burden is driving those responsible to desperate measures. Even retired professionals should be helping out in the Southwest’s pandemic.

As early as 2017, the Robert Bosch Hospital had an idea to counter the nursing shortage. The clinic in Stuttgart launched a model project: special training for nurses. The class was to consist of both Germans and refugees. The final exams of the first year took place in the summer of 2021. But, as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reports, only four out of a total of nineteen women and men mastered them. The reason seems banal, but reveals a grandiose misplanning.

Nursing training at the Robert Bosch Hospital: Expensive model project with great approaches fails

In principle, it can always happen that trainees do not pass a final examination. However, a failure rate of almost 80 percent indicates a failure elsewhere. As the FAZ writes, there were also participants who dropped out of the training before the final exam. The framework for training as a nurse looks great on paper: Among other things, refugees from Syria, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan would get a professional future. In addition to the theory and practice of nursing, the participants received training in intercultural competence. This is also one of the reasons why the training lasted a year longer than usual and required more staff.

This was made possible by the Robert Bosch Foundation, which supports the hospital. It contributed €1.3 million to the regular training costs, which are paid for by the hospitals with money from taxpayers and insured persons. The failure of the model project in Stuttgart was not due to financial bottlenecks or a fundamentally bad concept. Rather, a misjudgment of the required language skills caused the high failure rate in the final examination.

Language skills for nursing training: Robert Bosch Hospital misjudges the necessary level

Because refugees who were selected for training as nurses at the Robert Bosch Hospital, they only needed to pass the A2 language test. The highest level of this classification is C2; there are six levels in total. A2 only means basic knowledge of the German language. The participants in the model project therefore started at a language level that was already rather inadequate without previous knowledge in the field of care.

The Robert Bosch Hospital was apparently not completely unconscious of this, because additional German courses were offered as part of the training in order to raise the language skills to a higher level. The problem: participation was voluntary and the course did not provide for any mandatory intermediate examinations. “Back then, after so many refugees had come to Germany, we wanted to send a political signal,” said Professor Mark Dominik Alscher, Managing Director of the Robert Bosch Hospital, to the FAZ. “That was well intentioned, but it didn’t work out well.”

Nursing training at the Robert Bosch Hospital: The model project ends after the second year

In the meantime, the Robert Bosch Hospital has evaluated the course and came to the conclusion that the principle of personal responsibility was set too high. With a cost of €1.3 million, this is a very expensive finding for the Robert Bosch Foundation. They are the majority owner of the Bosch Group, which finances itself through its dividends. Because the automotive supplier was recently struggling with the transition to e-mobility, the foundation’s funding volume also decreased. Even for a well-funded foundation, €1.3 million is no small thing.

Nevertheless, with the second year of the model project, the Robert Bosch Hospital can prove that it has learned from its mistakes. It should have its final exam in the summer of 2022. In addition, trust in the project no longer seems to be all that great — although the number of new refugees in Baden-Württemberg has recently doubled. There is no third year.

Afterword from the translator:

Not only is there a lack of basic knowledge of the German language, but also a serious lack of basic schooling as a prerequisite for nursing training. €1.3 million, partly money from the taxpayers, wasted, just to be able to present some successes of unskilled mass immigration.

Was the failure only due to the German language skills and basic schooling? Or were there other reasons that were swept under the carpet, because one or the other “conspiracy theory” would be confirmed?

The second article reports on the new government’s promise to bring in more “refugees”, and its inability to keep that promise.

From the Berlin tabloid B.Z.:

The Senate’s asylum policy failed after just 30 days

The SPD, the Greens and the Left promised in December to take in more refugees and migrants than previously. But accommodations are no longer sufficient. Wish and reality are obviously very far apart, says Gunnar Schupelius.

Berlin’s new Social Senator Katja Kipping (Left) wants to rent hostels and hotels to accommodate refugees and migrants. There are currently only about 500 free places in regular accommodations, all of which will soon be occupied. Therefore, emergency measures must now be taken.

However, Ms. Kipping failed with her project on Tuesday in the House of Representatives. There the budget specialists did not make money available for renting hostels and hotels.

The deputies fear a bottomless pit. Past experience showed that whenever the Senate was looking for emergency accommodation, shady operators appeared and charged up to €50 per person for a place in a shared room.

The householder/budget specialists objection is therefore justified — and yet Ms Kipping made a logical decision. She is responsible for accommodation. It has to offer a roof over the heads of the asylum seekers who come to the city every day.

In the first eleven months of last year, Berlin took in a total of 12,467 new refugees and migrants. According to estimates, the number will be exceeded this year. This is also politically expressly desired. SPD, Greens and Left have announced that they will take in many more refugees and migrants than before.

The coalition agreement of December 2021 states: “The coalition is also committed to taking in those seeking protection from the EU’s external borders.” (page 74) And: “In the federal government, we are committed to abolishing quotas for family reunification.” (page 73) This means that migrants who already live here should bring in more relatives than before.

The coalition agreement does not state how the immigrants are to be housed and who will bear the costs of the accommodation. It is precisely this problem that Ms. Kipping now has to deal with.

The “modular accommodations for refugees” (MUF), which the Senate is building all over the city at a total cost of more than €1 billion, are only intended for stays during the asylum procedure. Anyone who gains asylum or refugee status should move into an apartment. But because there are too few apartments, there is not enough space in the MUF.

Politicians from the SPD, the Greens and the Left were aware of this problem when they promised more immigration in their contract. On the fringes of the negotiations, Franziska Giffey (SPD) pointed out that “the structures should not be overloaded.” It must be carefully considered, she said, at what scale Berlin can take in refugees.

Exactly this consideration was not employed. Asylum promises were made that no one can keep. The Giffey Senate took office on December 21st. Thirty days later, the policy of generous admission has already failed in reality.

The final article refers to immigration only indirectly: it’s about former Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was the primary architect of the “welcoming culture” and the open borders crisis of 2015.

From the German-language service of Epoch Times:

Werte-Union [Values Union] on Merkel: Germany was fooled

Max Otte criticized the former Chancellor for her socialist orientation. On January 17, he said Germany had been fooled for 16 years. Hans-Georg Maassen also commented on this.
Professor Max Otte, chairman of the conservative Werte-Union, criticized former Chancellor Angela Merkel. The economist accused her of pursuing a policy that was too socialist-oriented, especially in the areas of energy transition, the euro crisis, migration and the corona pandemic. Various media have reported about it.

“The lady was GDR through and through. She was an apparatchik; she was a functionary; she was completely socialized in socialism,” said Otte about the long-standing CDU chairwoman.

To this day, he still can’t believe that an entire country let itself be deceived by her for 16 years or more. Otte also describes her policy as “an incredible masterpiece… a work of destruction.”

Max Otte is not the first to accuse the Merkel government of being close to the GDR. Arnold Vaatz (CDU) made similar statements in 2020. According to Focus, Matthias Döpfner, head of the Axel Springer publishing house, also saw the Federal Republic heading for a “new GDR authoritarian state” last year. At the time, Merkel dismissed the criticism with just one word: “Absurd.”

Continuation of Merkel’s policy?

Otte supported the “walks” of critics of the Corona measures. He also hopes that many more people will take to the streets. He explains that Germany is slipping into undemocratic conditions. Freedom of expression is restricted. “We are in a cultural revolution,” says the economist about current politics.

Max Otte spoke in an online conference of the Werte-Union, which dealt with the role of the CDU in the opposition. The former President of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen, also took part.

Maassen complained that critical arguments were being ignored: “There is a progression. First you’re a swaggerer, then a ‘lateral thinker’, then a right-wing populist, then a right-wing radical, then you become a fascist, a Nazi, and then you’re an anti-Semite.”

Maassen also said that being called an “anti-Semite” in Germany is the most serious accusation you can make in this country. Then you would be excluded from the democratic discourse altogether.

Afterword from the translator:

Germany? It was primarily the CDU and Kohl who paved the way for the “lady”, who then elected her head of the party and nominated her as a candidate for chancellor, and the era of horror began. In addition, the leading media played their role perfectly and praised her to the skies. Of course, one should also attest to a certain stupidity on the part of the electorate who dutifully put their vote for the CDU in the ballot box every four years and made it possible to “keep up the good work” with Merkel.

I think good old Schopenhauer was absolutely right when he stated: “I make the confession here that I despise the German nation because of its exuberant stupidity, and am ashamed to belong to her.”

Ultimately, people in the background are steering Germany’s future: those who decide are not elected, and those who are elected have nothing to decide.

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