An Adverse Effect of the Vax: Mad Cow Disease

In the following clip from a French talk show, a man reports that his wife contracted Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (a.k.a. Mad Cow Disease or prions) shortly after her second Pfizer jab.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We’re part of the vaccine generation, so we were like everyone else, a little conditioned.
00:05   We started to be afraid and then came the news of a vaccine. We thought it was good news.
00:09   We had confidence in it. —Of course. —So we have a little, we’re a little particular because
00:15   we operate a cabaret and therefore it in order to continue to welcome our customers,
00:19   we were also obliged to vaccinate. Meaning, for example, Mauricette and I
00:22   have never vaccinated ourselves against the flu. —How old is Mauricette? —She is 72 years old,
00:26   but look at her, she’s beautiful my wife. —Yes.
00:29   For some, for some it’s about risk vs. benefit. —Yeah.
00:32   So first of all, I’d like to put the human element back into this, if I may. —Yes.
00:36   I’d like to tell you that for example for her friends, she’s simply Momo or Mauricette.
00:40   For her children, she’s Mom. For her grandchildren she’s Manu.
00:44   There are plenty of people who will identify with that. Today, what I would like to say here is,
00:48   especially if you imagine that it only happens to others, you’re wrong. There you have it.
00:53   I would like those watching to go deep within your heart. Those sitting in front of the television,
00:57   and even here on the set. Think of the person you love most in the world, and instead
01:02   of these two horrible words “benefit vs. risk”, put the person you love most in Mauricette’s shoes.
01:08   What happened to Mauricette? Tell them. —What happened? She had the second vaccination,
01:13   and a fortnight later, before she had no symptoms, the doctor… —Everything was fine for Mauricette?
01:20   Everything was going well. She was going on stage, she was learning her lines and
01:25   she was performing her songs. There were no warning signs…
01:29   What happened fifteen days later? —Fifteen days after, she began to have tingling in her left leg,
01:33   some dizziness, and then there was an escalation of symptoms quite quickly.
01:41   We went to see a doctor. He thought the dizziness was due to her inner ear.
01:47   She had a slight pain in her left thigh. They thought it might be the sciatic nerve.
01:53   So he gave her anti-inflammatories and a drug called Temps Gagne for the vertigo.
01:57   Everyone who saw us said it’s strange, so they still wanted to do further examinations
02:01   for the dizziness, so an MRI was ordered.
02:06   I wanted to do the MRI right away, because it was just before the holidays.
02:11   As you’re all aware, it’s complicated to get appointments. It’s very complicated. —Of course.
02:15   So we got an appointment. We did the MRI and we were told immediately by the radiologist
02:21   that there was slight evidence of an old injury. Although she had no discomfort,
02:25   no speech difficulty, like you would find in a traditional stroke. Following that,
02:30   she started to have tremors in her left leg, which would start all of a sudden on its own,
02:36   and in the left arm. That’s when we started asking ourselves questions.
02:41   The first neurologist we saw, told us that he didn’t agree with the radiologist’s diagnosis.
02:48   He said it wasn’t a vascular problem, and from what he saw on the MRI,
02:51   it was an inflammatory problem. I was sitting there
02:54   in front of the neurologist. When she said inflammatory,
02:57   something just clicked in my head. From everything we hear about Covid,
03:01   it is often associated with inflammatory problems.
03:04   Then I said that she was vaccinated fifteen days previously,
03:07   and asked her if she thought there might be a link? She asked me which vaccines? I said Pfizer.
03:14   She asked when. She wrote everything down. She said we’d have to do another MRI
03:19   with an injection because she needed to see more precisely what happened.
03:24   She wrote down and precisely indicated that there had been the injection, etc.
03:30   She didn’t respond by saying to me right away, “No, it’s impossible; it can’t be the vaccine.”
03:35   Actually, I think she was quite surprised by what I said to her.
03:40   We did the second MRI at the Foch hospital. —With injection.
03:44   With injection. I will never forget it,
03:47   because she was starting to see tremors in her left arm. To do an MRI, they put you in a tube.
03:52   So I told the doctors, it could be that her arm starts to shake on its own. So they allowed me
03:56   to stay at her side with a button just in case something happens, to stop her from shaking.
04:02   All of a sudden, behind the area that resembles a kind of aquarium, it went crazy there
04:07   when they started doing the MRI. Someone came in, on the phone. I felt something weird
04:13   was happening. Upon leaving, the nurse who had received us, wished me “good luck”.
04:18   I thought to myself, that’s astonishing. we were just doing an MRI, but good luck for what?
04:23   They told you nothing? —Nothing, because we live in a society where everything is…
04:27   No one gave you the results and told you… —No, there were no results.
04:31   Weren’t you given the medical file? —There was nothing. It’s trivialized. You’re given a code
04:35   in your hand and the next day you can look on the internet to find out what you have.
04:39   You saw your doctor, your neurologist afterwards with the results.
04:43   No, because most of the time the neurologist wasn’t available, and never answered my calls.
04:48   So they told you nothing. You left without their saying a word. —We were told nothing.
04:51   The next day I logged in. There I don’t find the result
04:54   of the MRI, but in a report on the findings it said:
04:57   Suspected CJD. I asked myself what CJD stood for? I did some research on the internet.
05:03   and found Creutzfeldt-Jakob. —Mad cow disease? —Yes, Mad cow disease.
05:09   I’ll never forget that either, because then she could still speak.
05:14   She was still speaking and walking with difficulty. She noticed something had happened.
05:19   She asked me, “what happened? You’re hiding something from me.” I’ll admit I could stop myself
05:23   from cracking, because Mad Cow disease, well, it’s… you’re not even sure what you’re up against.
05:27   There are plenty of people who find themselves in a difficult medical situation.
05:31   However, there’s somehow still a hope. Even with cancer,
05:35   we say, “We’re going to fight it.” With my wife looking at me,
05:39   I know in the end she’s going to die. What do I do? What do I say?

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  1. What’s left to lose at this point? Find the doctor who gave her the injection and go full Aloha Snack bar on him. Find the hospital director that was in charge of the doctor that gave the injection and also practice some cultural appropriation on him as well. Then check into a French prison where one’s meals, accommodation, and entertainment are provided in retirement courtesy of the French taxpayer. At least the two medical fascists won’t have a chance to enjoy their retirement. Multiply this by the thousands who lost loved ones to the fake vaxx and pretty soon there will be no one to be found to administer any more fake vaxxes or any insurance company willing to insure them.

      • There is only a small problem.


        Who has the required amount of willpower?

        And besides: I think the man wants to be with his wife for as long as she lives.

  2. In the end, it will have to come to armed resistance. These animals are committing genocide.

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