“Stand Clearly With the People of Germany and Clearly for Constitutional Law”

The two videos below feature a German man who identifies himself as Sergeant Oberauer of the Bundeswehr. Media reports describe him as Sergeant Major Andreas Oberauer of the 1st Company of the Mountain Infantry Battalion 231 in Bad Reichenhall.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

In the first video Sgt. Oberauer calls on his fellow servicemen to intervene on behalf of anti-lockdown and anti-mandate protesters who are being violently suppressed by the police. He orders his subordinates to honor their oath to defend the constitution and protect citizens from the unconstitutional behavior of the civil police:

In the second video Sgt. Oberauer attempts to get himself arrested by the military police, and fails. He is subsequently arrested by the civil police in the city of Munich:

This RT report in English gives details about what happened to Sgt. Oberauer after he was arrested. The military authorities have begun an investigation, but Sgt. Oberauer has been released from custody, since he is not considered an imminent threat.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Threatening video over Corona: Suspected soldier issues ultimatum to the government — Bundeswehr investigates.
00:04   This is Sergeant Oberauer speaking. I have clearly informed all politicians in the entire region
00:08   about the fate that threatens them. —The Federal Armed forces and Bavarian police are investigating
00:12   a threatening video by an alleged soldier. The Defense Ministry tweeted on Thursday:
00:18   “Currently, a video of an alleged soldier is circulating on the net which is often shared here.
00:24   It contains threats against the rule of law that are unacceptable.
00:28   Consequences are being considered.”
00:31   In the approximately minute-long clip, the self-described 1st Sergeant demands, among other things,
00:36   the withdrawal of Corona measures issued by the government and of the obligation to receive
00:40   the Covid vaccination in the German Armed Forces.
00:45   As soldiers, we are ready to discuss the law which requires us [to take the vaccination],
00:52   but I feel this is the last possibility to push back
00:56   against mandatory vaccination and Corona measures.
01:00   Moreover, as a soldier, there is the duty towards the medical workers and the people of Germany
01:06   to abolish mandatory vaccination. Let this be a warning.
01:12   We have already made this clear. I and Oberstleutnant Daniel Futschik.
01:18   We will not repeat ourselves. You have until tomorrow to respond
01:27   and to rescind this insane anti-constitutional plan.
01:35   I’m by far not as tough as many people think I am,
01:39   but I cannot continue to remain silent and look the other way.
01:44   Now we see children being pushed down on the streets and old men being threatened
01:48   with having their skulls smashed [by police].
01:52   I’m not going to wait until cowardly officers slowly lure
01:57   the Federal Army to get involved in this opaque situation.
02:06   As consequence of the decision today, I preemptively ask all my comrades,
02:11   who like myself, are faithful to their oath,
02:16   to clarify to which side they belong.
02:20   Stand clearly with the people of Germany and clearly for Constitutional Law.
02:25   This is addressed to every man, to defend
02:31   the constitutional right of these demonstrations
02:37   and to intervene to protect women and children from —
02:41   what should I call them? Mercenaries?
02:44   They can’t be called policemen anymore.
02:48   To protect. That’s exactly what I am calling every constitution-loyal policeman in Germany to do.
02:54   Intervene, stop your own colleagues from attacking people, children and women.
03:03   Equally, I also call upon every soldier today to intervene
03:09   and protect these demonstrators — in uniform.
03:14   I will now give the command. Here speaks Sergeant Oberauer:
03:19   I order all soldiers under my rank back into service in uniform, from 19:00.
03:26   You order is to protect the civilian population during demonstrations
03:34   from all outside attacks and to intervene with every policeman behaving unconstitutionally
03:42   or encroaching on the rights of the population. They are to be arrested and led to prosecution.
03:50   Sergeant Major Oberauer signing off.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   So what exactly is going on now? —I don’t know.
00:03   They didn’t want to arrest me, just as my superior didn’t want to.
00:07   Seems like nobody wants to lock me up.
00:11   So when you asked to be locked up, it doesn’t happen, but if you don’t want to be locked up,
00:16   then you get locked up. It’s just crazy.
00:19   You’re in front of all these people. Don’t exaggerate injury. Let’s go.
00:23   Let’s see.
00:40   It’s all crazy. Crazy.
00:49   So, we’ll be taking you into custody. Please go with these officers. You turn off the camera.
00:54   No, I’m not turning it off; this is public. —You turn off the camera.
00:57   This is in public. —Turn off the camera. —Please social distance /
01:00   keep your distance from me. —You turn the camera off. Turn the camera off.
01:03   This is a police matter. —OK. Yeah, they don’t want to be filmed while doing this, right?
01:06   Look what the Munich police are doing here.

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  1. First Rule of Fight Club:
    You dont talk about Fight Club!

    (Why does nobody understand this simple, yet effective rule?)

    You talk the talk, but do you walk the walk?

  2. Finally! The German armed forces are starting to let their presence be felt. I can say with a great amount of certainty that the politicalized polizei have taken notice. I find it amusing that the femanaxi defense minister can’t get a General to take her calls these days, or return them, LOL especially after another round of defense cuts to pay for the 3rd worlders. It is only a matter of time before the military finally steps in and ends this bloody madness, and you can take that to the bank. These bloody traitors to the German people really have no idea what is coming, but to their horror, they soon will and it will be profound and absolute.

    • You got right, this bloody traitors, communists ( new government) are they worse than anything, I hope the justice is coming soon , !! Obviously is not soon enough..

  3. Rule of law? The anti-christian Covid lock down tyranny and Vaxx mandate are far from the rule of law, rather both are the rules of the demonic.

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