Coronamadness in Italy

The two videos below concern recent Corona-related controversies in Italy. Many thanks to HeHa for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

In the first video, an Italian anesthetist describes reporting the Ministry of Health to the Carabinieri for the way she was treated by doctors at a vaccination center:

The second video concerns the case of Dr. Giuseppe De Donno, who devised a treatment for COVID patients that used the plasma from people who had recovered from the disease to treat patients who had contracted the Wuhan Coronavirus. Dr. De Donno was recently found dead, and is alleged to have hanged himself.

What makes the case even more intriguing is that Dr. De Donno was not an anti-vaxer. He recommended that people get the Corona “vaccine” to protect themselves from the disease, but also wanted to treat those who were ill with it:

Video transcript #1:

00:01   Yes, yes to the vaccine, let’s get vaccinated
00:06   Well, a gift for you guys. I have just returned
00:09   from the Carabinieri station. I will tell you about my morning.
00:12   At 10am I arrived at the vaccination hub of Crevalcore, Bologna.
00:17   Because I was supposed to take care of some bureaucratic issues. Given that yesterday
00:21   I received a certified email from the State Medical Board
00:26   that made the umpteenth insane directive enforceable.
00:31   So on December 24, as a good citizen, I went to the vaccination hub
00:35   to have a word with the vaccinating physicians.
00:38   I spoke with the first physician, who practically ignored me.
00:43   As if I didn’t exist, basically.
00:47   I mean, I had submitted two options to her.
00:51   She accepted neither of them and walked away.
00:54   I told her: “Well, I am calling Carabinieri on you. I wonder if anyone has ever told you
00:57   that you are a public servant.” I mean, I am an anesthetist.
01:02   I am not allowed to walk away if I have a patient in the surgical room.
01:09   I called the Carabinieri, telling them to send a unit to the vaccination hub
01:14   because I needed the personal details of a physician who was not doing her job.
01:20   After that, a nurse told me I could try asking another physician.
01:25   You know, as if this were a dice game: if one isn’t cooperating, you can try with another.
01:30   So I went to talk to the other physician. The first physician was very young; the second was old.
01:36   I told him that I was supposed to get both documents from him,
01:39   and that I would not leave without either.
01:42   He replied: “I am afraid you will have to leave with neither.”
01:45   I said: “Really? You know, the Carabinieri are on their way.”
01:50   “So I am going to leave with something, for sure.”
01:53   He told me: “Well, I don’t really care about the Carabinieri.”
01:57   I said: “I see, but they do care about you, for sure.”
02:01   At last the Carabinieri arrived. Meanwhile an officer with a signaling wand
02:05   came to me. I have no idea who he was. He told me to stay back
02:08   when I was approaching the Carabinieri. I told him: “Please, I am going wherever I want to.”
02:12   After this little incident,
02:16   the Carabinieri wrote down the personal details of these two physicians, who had it coming, really.
02:22   Because dereliction of duty is a very bad crime, very bad.
02:28   Because mine was not really a pretense.
02:35   I had told them: “If you are not going to write down that document,
02:39   don’t do it, there’s no problem about that.”
02:42   But you need to certify that you don’t want to write that down. It is the exact same thing
02:46   as when I refuse to anesthetize a patient because I am afraid of the adverse effects.
02:50   And I send the patient back to his ward, because it’s not the right time for surgery.
02:54   In that case I always certify the reason for my refusal in the medical file.
02:58   And it happened to me. I delayed surgeries, and I sent patients back
03:02   to their ward because of the need for further analyses.
03:05   And I always had to write my motivations in the file.
03:11   The vaccinating physicians are free not to do it, apparently.
03:16   If people do not do what they want them to do, as if patients were like lab rats…
03:25   They don’t take any responsibility.
03:29   They should have found another job. Because even the ice cream vendor
03:32   takes the responsibility to give you the strawberry flavor, if you ask for strawberry.
03:36   And if he gives the customer a peach ice cream, he will get angry.
03:41   Well, then I went to the Carabinieri station.
03:44   The Carabinieri were really, really kind. I thank them for that.
03:47   They had told me to go to the station and mention their specific record.
03:52   Because they could not give me the personal details of the two physicians, it being
03:55   a judicial police investigation. Perfect. I went to the station, I found a really kind officer.
04:00   So I filed two different reports.
04:05   Because I reported what happened today, but on the other hand
04:09   I also reported the Ministry of Health, and Marco Crespi.
04:13   I am going to read the second report, since it is short.
04:16   And because the first one is a bit more complicated,
04:19   and it has confidential details that I prefer not to read.
04:22   I am going to read this one.
04:25   On the 18th of December I learnt via Twitter about a certain Marco Crespi,
04:30   Whom I have never met.
04:40   I learnt that he had reported my behavior to the Ministry of Health,
04:43   because it was considered “deontologically unfair”.
04:46   By reference to the disclosure of information about Covid-19
04:49   which totally diverged from the information held by the World Scientific Community.
04:58   And diverged from the Ministry of Health’s guidelines. The executive of the Ministry of Health,
05:03   Cristina Rinaldi (Merry Christmas, Cristina, by the way),
05:07   told the State Medical Board of Venice, via certified email,
05:12   to make the suitable assessments, keeping her own department informed.
05:18   This certified email was sent to Marco Crespi too, as the annex shows.
05:22   On the 17th of December 2021 this email was also published on Twitter by Marco Crespi’s account.
05:30   We’ll see about that, Marco. So I learnt of this on the 18th of December.
05:37   I declare that the attitude of both the Ministry of Health
05:41   and the Medical State Board keep… etc… etc…
05:44   I will annex the documents later on, because today
05:47   I couldn’t write a poem as long as the Divine Comedy.
05:50   I am asking you to punitively prosecute Marco Crespi and Cristina Rinaldi
05:54   for aggravated defamation and slander.
05:57   I am asking you to keep me informed… etc… etc… So the Ministry of Health
06:04   has accepted and adopted Crespi’s report about me.
06:09   So I have formally reported the Ministry of Health and Marco Crespi.
06:14   So we will bring this matter to a penal Court.
06:18   As I said yesterday, it’s enough.
06:21   Merry Christmas, everybody.

Video transcript #2:

00:01   Giuseppe De Donno is a hero. They abandoned him. They killed him.
00:05   They should make him a saint.
00:08   Giuseppe De Donno, the physician from Mantua who used to guarantee
00:11   that he could heal Covid patients with the blood of the recovered.
00:14   He died few hours ago, he was found hanged in his house in Curtatone.
00:19   And it is already a case brought up by the anti-vaxxers’ community.
00:23   Giuseppe, we will go on fighting, also on your behalf.
00:28   Considered a martyr by the anti-vaxxers, because last April
00:32   the National Drug Administration had rejected his hyper-immune plasma therapy.
00:36   On the basis of a trial conferred on a hospital in Pisa, not on him.
00:41   This decision had really demoralized him. Not to mention the insults and the skepticism
00:46   towards the positive results he had achieved in Mantua, on 46 patients.
00:50   43 recovered, 3 died. Many claim that some people are hostile to professor De Donno
00:56   because plasma is cheap, whereas they want to turn even health into a business.
01:02   What do you say? —Plasma is gratis.
01:06   I love to say that plasma is democratic:
01:09   it comes from the people and returns to the people. —Truth!
01:12   Now that he is dead, the anti-vaxxers cry out about a conspiracy devised by the vaccine industry
01:16   against the physician who focused entirely on treatments.
01:20   Mass media theorist Freccero even claimed that De Donno’s death
01:24   reenacted the anarchist Pinelli’s case.
01:27   Others focus on the framework that led him to commit that act.
01:31   He had already been isolated, he had already been mocked.
01:35   He had already been deprived of the physician’s persona.
01:41   A suicide turned into a media case.
01:44   He didn’t leave any note.
01:47   That’s why the procurator of Mantua has opened a file about his death.
01:51   De Donno did believe in this treatment, that’s for sure.
01:55   But there is something the anti-vaxxers probably won’t like.
01:58   That is, he also believed in vaccines. He was one of the first to get vaccinated in his hospital.
02:03   We want to set an example, because we need to push people to get vaccinated.

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  1. I like the anaesthetist; if you’ll excuse the expression, she’s got a bigger pair than some male medics.

  2. For different reasons I do not trust either of them. Dr. Barbara Balanzoni contradicted herself because 1 year ago she was against novaxers and used many argumentations of the mainstream media. I think she is an attention seeker and has a lot of followers just because she is a female and a lot of her followers are simps. Also I think she is exhausted and her mind blown off. Dr. De Donno, on the other side, had persecution syndrome, poor him, I think the blaming media attention he reached with his interviews, got him crazy. In any case DeDonno is dead by suicide I do not believe he was killed because of some plot to suppress his founds.

    I am so tired of all these people just talking on the screen that did not solve anything in 2 years… I find that following them is a big waste of time.

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