Let’s Put the Culture-Enrichers in With the Geezers — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The city of Hamburg is planning to house “refugees” in a wing of an old folks’ home. Long-time readers will no doubt remember the news stories about culture-enrichers in Germany who rape octogenarians and nonagenarians of both sexes. This is like letting kids live in a candy store.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Hamburger Morgenpost:

Hamburg wants to accommodate 100 refugees in this retirement home

In view of the increasing number of refugees and greater space requirements as a result of the corona pandemic, the city of Hamburg wants to accommodate around 100 refugees in a senior citizens’ home.

A wing of the DRK nursing home in Eichenhöhe in the Eißendorf district is currently unused, the interior authorities wrote to the Harburg district office. There could be 108 places in 38 rooms available there at short notice, reported the Abendblatt.

Hamburg wants to accommodate 100 refugees in retirement homes

The German Red Cross, which also operates the senior citizens’ home, is to take care of the asylum seekers. The accommodation should be ready for use by January 15.

The social committee of the Harburg district assembly wants to discuss the project on January 10th

Afterword from the translator:

There’s something that bothers me heavily in their wording, because it sounds like Germany is the only place on the planet where the CCP virus holds NO sway over non-Germans. Isn’t that peculiar? You step into Germany as a “refugee” and the virus is impotent. A miracle.

11 thoughts on “Let’s Put the Culture-Enrichers in With the Geezers — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

  1. It’s not just in Germany, that the CCP virus avoids refugees: It has been shown that the CCP virus attacks only citizens of those countries whose governments have signed non liability agreements with the vaccine makers.


    “BRUSSELS/BANGKOK, Dec 16 (Reuters) – Tens of millions of migrants may be denied COVID-19 vaccines from a global programme because some major manufacturers are worried about legal risks from harmful side effects, according to officials and internal documents from Gavi, the charity operating the programme, reviewed by Reuters.”

    …And – as far as the refugees in the elderly home are concerned, I expect that to be great fun!


    • This 7th. Century savages, parasites, should stay in own Islamic countries where are belongs, don’t import this filth to Europe!!! It’s a disgrace!!,

      • They are importing themselves, to places where they get good social benefits. Cut the benefits, and they will be gone in no time. Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland – don’t have any problem with the migrants, because our governments give them next to nothing. (not to make eastern EU governments look nice, they are not nice, but the migrants know that, and there is a certain benefit in being nasty obnoxious bad tempered etc…)

        • I disagree.
          If you cut the benefits they will not be gone in no time.
          First they will loot, rape and murder as if there is no tomorrow and then they will move south to warmer areas. And they will kill among themselves after there are no europeans to rape / murder in the vicinity.
          But they will settle in Italy, Spain, Greece because the temperature there is nearly the same as where they are from.
          And then they will multiply and regularly – just like a swarm of locusts – move north to loot, rape, murder before they return south.

  2. The same happens in Greece the CCP virus attacks only the Greeks.
    In my opinion the refugees are not vaccinated because they must remain healthy when as a majority will replace us.We already had 20.000+ dead,more of them vaccinated.
    Here we have the worst kind of muslims,Pakistanis.
    On the eve of the new Year they were celebrating thousands of them in the central square of Athens(no masks,no distance,no vax) in front of the parliament,and it was not celebration,it was a show of strengh.
    The police?Watching!

  3. — The German Red Cross runs the senior citizens home? And it wants to take in Muslim refugees? Mmm… How long until the refugees demand that the German Red Cross be rebranded as the German Red Crescent? That’s what they make the Red Cross do in Muslim countries. The cross is offensive, don’t you know, and Islam must get all credit for any aid delivered.

  4. Consider the experience of US soldiers in Wisconsin, where hundreds of Afghan arrivals have been housed:

    “An account of the toilet practices of the defunct Afghan National Army described how our soldiers were forced to “share their toilet with the ANA, as they had been ordered to do by their commanding officers” to win their “hearts and minds”. Unfortunately “it was the custom of the ANA to wipe themselves with their hands, smear their excrement on the walls of the toilet, and rinse their hands in the sink, which left the sinks reeking.””


    • Whenever in these areas, we never EVER let those effing savages near our heads or shower areas because they are the most dirty, filthy, disease ridden, sub humans on the planet. Had many army occifers tell us that we need to let them use our facilities, we told them to get bent. Then they wondered why their soldiers were always sick, they never understood it or didn’t care.

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