Merry VAXmas, Round 2

Last month I posted about the fad for “Fully Vaxxed!” Christmas ornaments.

The creepy Corona Christmas kitsch continues into December, as evidenced by this story about a bizarre Christmas tree in Romania:

Vaccine Center in Romania Created a Christmas Tree Made From Empty Vials

Staff at one of Romania’s largest vaccination centers in Bucharest have built a very unconventional tree.

The vaccine tree, which stands over 10 feet tall, is made up of empty COVID-19 vaccine vials.

Employees have been working hard on the display since early November. They’ve worked tirelessly, not during work, but on their own time, sometimes staying until 2 a.m. to carefully put each one of the 19,000 vials in place.

Well, whatever flattens your curve. I would have said, “Different strokes for different folks,” but that might be considered insensitive, given the context.

Using “Merry VAXmas” as a title for the second time made me curious about how widespread the phrase is on the Internet. I did a quick search, and it turns out to be quite common, and is generally used without irony. Among others, Etsy uses it as the header in a listing for one of its vax-themed ornaments. People seem to be genuinely greeting each other with it as they celebrate their vaxed status.

I don’t know how much creepier all of this can get, but I don’t think we’ve hit bottom yet.

5 thoughts on “Merry VAXmas, Round 2

  1. I would say that it can get far creepier.

    I keep expecting to see those stupid stick figure family decals on the backs of urban assault vehicles with a version that shows the vaxxed status of each family member including how many shots and boosters and with what variety they’ve been poisoned with.

  2. The bright side is, I’m unlikely to have Xmas with any insufferable people this year.

    Most of them will not be seen anywhere near anyone whose vax status is undisclosed!

    There are benefits to this whole thing!

  3. Gates of Vienna has a section entitled ‘Europe and the EU’

    May I respectfully point out the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland is not ‘Europe.’ To say it is is error, an error the unelected EU commissioners are mischievously eager to perpetuate.

    A distinction should be drawn between Europe and the UK.

    • Yes, you’re not the first person to make this argument. And I can understand the urge to carve out a separate niche for the UK.

      However, that creates additional work for me. Most of the assignment to categories is automated, and I would have to re-program and test those parts of the code.

      I would also have to create a separate graphic to head the new section.

      So, all in all, it’s something I don’t feel like doing.

      The UK goes with “Europe” the same way Japan goes with “Far East”. It makes geographic sense, and I’ll stick with it for now.

  4. Well, I am NOT vaxed and I won’t be since I never go anywhere so I can’t do any harm to anyone, not even myself.

    Besides, I really HATE needles!!

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