Merry VAXmas!

I’ve seen a lot of creepy Christmas ornaments over the years, but this has to be the creepiest one ever:

I thought it had to be a hoax, but apparently it’s for real. I did an online search, and found versions of it for sale at Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy.

This one from Etsy seems to be an identical design. Evidently you can specify the number of vaxees, send in the names, and receive your ornament by mail, thanks to the efforts of slave artisans in China.

At Vlad’s request, through the magic of digital editing I turned the image into something more appropriate:

7 thoughts on “Merry VAXmas!

  1. If anything, Covid made me understand the 1930’s germany, but also post war Czechoslovakia. back in the 90’s I thought we are finally out of it, but apparently not. People really are sheep, and many will go with the herd just for the going with the herd sake, and then they make these little trinklets to support themselves in the herd…

    See, I have this medal, I am good member of the herd! Me too! Me Too!!! I made special christmas decorations that show our allegiance to the herd! And I put the flags into windows and made street decoration for the celebration of our herd! 2021 BC or 2021 AD – what’s the difference?

  2. Fear and frustration create strange things. Instead of being angry with the Chicoms, the vaxxed are angry at those who are smart enough not to be vaxxed.

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