Looks Like Santa is in Quarantine

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of RT:

Trade association: Retail sales collapse due to 2G rules

The German Retail Association (HDE) sends out the alarm: The 2G rules have led to a significant drop in retail sales. In downtown retail, the number of visitors fell by an average of 41 percent. HDE boss Genth speaks of a “dramatic turning point in the Christmas business”.

The tightened restrictions in the fight against Corona are causing sales in retail stores to collapse during the important Christmas business. In the week before the second Sunday of Advent, revenues in stationary trade in non-food retail were an average of 26 percent below the level of 2019, as the German Retail Association (HDE) announced on Sunday in a survey of around 1,600 companies in the sector.

Under 2G conditions — according to which only vaccinated and recovered people have access to the shops — the number of visitors in downtown retail outlets has fallen by an average of 41 percent compared to 2019, according to HDE. The association therefore calls on politicians to adapt economic aid and to support trade more.

According to the Reuters news agency, HDE managing director Stefan Genth said :

“The introduction of stricter Corona measures in shops is a dramatic turning point in the Christmas business.”

According to a survey, two thirds of the companies are dissatisfied with the course of the past week. The clothing trade was hit particularly hard, with sales falling 35 percent compared to the pre-crisis level. In addition, 44 percent fewer customers came.

“The trade has pinned its hopes on the Christmas business,” emphasized Genth. “But now many traders are moving closer to the edge of their existence every day, a catastrophic outlook.”

According to HDE estimates, the sales losses in the affected non-food trade in December could amount to 5.5 billion euros. According to the survey, 77 percent of companies have negative expectations for the weeks ahead. The HDE therefore reiterated its demand for compensation — which, however, was not provided for in the Infection Protection Act— and advocated compensation for damage beyond the bridging aid.

An afterword from the translator:

According to politicians and the mainstream media in ALL our countries, those unwilling to vaccinate are in the minority. If that were the case, retailers shouldn’t actually complain about lost sales, should they? Or could it be that the unvaccinated are the healthy, and not a small group at all? That the income from these consumers who are denied access is noticeably missing? Seems logical to my way of thinking.

Should I pity the retail trade? NOPE, not in my book. Whoever shows solidarity with the political guidelines on Corona measures and 2G rules, treats unvaccinated people like pariahs, and positions themselves against them, deserves nothing different. If my money isn’t good enough, bugger yourselves up to Marburg.

But that’s just my grinchy opinion.

5 thoughts on “Looks Like Santa is in Quarantine

  1. Ohhh I like this guy.

    He has seen right through the bogus numbers and made up [ordure].

    None of the numbers make sense to anyone who can count.

    Print more of his stuff.

  2. Serve the “bastards” right. Business thinks they can go woke and enforce their views but they can go broke! Didn’t do their research, maybe the unvaccinated were their best customers! Based on Merkel recently saying she agreed to Nord stream 2 and undermined the security of the EU (destroyed it?) , because German business demanded it, I would say that everything that happens in Germany is at the request of German business. The public voting is irrelevant to what happens in that country. It does explain why everything that happens is bad for the German people. I hope business is prepared for what happens when they have got rid of all the German people and have only radical muslims. LOL

  3. A lightly off-topic:
    as I have posted some days ago, 80% of ICU interns are polymorbid, obese and of non-western background.
    That gave me the idea to recur to a rumour in connection with the vaxxes spread in circles that are pathologically obsessed with issues of potency and erectile dysfuntions. ( I need not mention the cultural origin of those mainly young men whose prospects of „ scoring“ are less than minimal here and everywhere).
    Wouldn‘t it be a splendid idea to vastly spread that rumour in the intention to finally shy them away from western territories?
    It might work better than any other method, IMHO.

    • The female version of this would be that the jab is bad for the skin and causes wrinkles to form and brings about premature aging. There hasn’t been sufficient studies on side effects to disprove such an assertion anyway.

  4. The tribe hates Christmas and is using the side effects of the Vaxx as an excuse to shut down any celebrations of the Nativity of Christ.

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