Entire Family Indirectly Taken Out by the Vax

The news video below describes the crime scene in the German state of Brandenburg where an entire family was found dead of gunshot wounds. It was later determined that the husband killed his wife and children, and then himself.

It turns out that the man had decided on his deadly course of action because he and his wife had been discovered using a forged vaccine passport. Details about the motive for the crime may be found in the accompanying article.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The article below from Der Tagesspiegel (also translated by MissPiggy) explains the context of the family’s murder/suicide:

He feared arrest for forged vaccination certificate — Father reveals motive for murders in suicide note

In the murder case of the family of five in Königs Wusterhausen the investigators have announced further details. The police found the suicide note in the family’s house.

In the case of the dead family of five in Brandenburg, the father was under suspicion and is said to have been afraid of arrest, according to his suicide note. In addition, according to judicial sources, there was also the fear that the children would be taken away from him and his wife.

According to the letter, the 40-year-old had a vaccination certificate forged for his wife. Their employer had found out about this. Now the couple feared being arrested and losing their children, senior prosecutor Gernot Bantleon told the German Press Agency on Tuesday.

He did not want to give further details. Investigators found the letter in the family’s home.

After the discovery the family of five dead on Saturday in their family home in Senzig, a district of Königs Wusterhausen, the father is considered responsible, according to investigators. The man committed suicide after the crime, which resulted in first investigations, about which police and public prosecutor’s office Cottbus were informed on Monday. A suicide note pointed to the 40-year-old.

The man is said to have killed his wife, also 40, and his three children aged four, eight and ten — all were found with gunshot wounds. Initially, it was said they had gunshot and stab wounds. The prosecutor’s office now revised that. Investigators also found a firearm in the house.

Whether it is the weapon with which the shooting took place, however, is currently still being determined. The autopsy of the five dead should take several days. (dpa)

Video transcript:

00:01   A terrible turn of events in the case of the family of five found dead on Saturday
00:06   in a house in Königs-Wusterhausen, south of Berlin.
00:10   Father and mother were both 40 years old and their three daughters were aged 10, 8, and 4 years,
00:15   died of gunshot and stab wounds. A senior prosecutor
00:19   has confirmed that investigators have now found
00:23   a suicide note in the house. No exact details about the contents of the not or who wrote it
00:30   have been shared, but everything points to a so-called “extended” suicide.
00:36   Previously, investigators assumed a crime had taken place.
00:41   A neighbor notified police at noon on Saturday
00:45   after he wondered why he hadn’t seen the family that morning.
00:48   He looked into the house from the terrace and saw the lifeless bodies lying in the living room.
00:55   An investigation has begun in the district of Senzig.
00:59   The police cordoned off the crime scene and have begun an investigation.
01:04   The father, Devid R. was a teacher at a vocational school in the neighboring city of Wildau.
01:10   In addition to that, he owned an event agency and also built fountains.
01:15   His wife, a graduate in business administration, also worked at a technical college
01:19   in the neighboring town. The children went to the local school in their town;
01:23   the youngest went to kindergarten. Now they are all dead.

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  1. People are trying to do everything to avoid this devil vaccine coming from satanic greedy misers and imposed by wolf in suits because we know now from real doctors that it is fake and not only that but deadly dangerous

    A government can be labeled crap but in reality it is an excellent government if it does tell the truth and does not commit aggression against any other country in the name of freedom and democracy and a government is a Tyrant if it lies systematically to its people whom it considers sheep

  2. The globalists are giddy and clinking champagne glasses while enjoying some fine steaks.
    Learn to think like the anti-humans and stay tuned for the long overdue comeuppance.

  3. Academician of the Russian Academy of Science Zverev announced a huge number of severe complications after covid vaccination

    Microbiologist Vitaly Zverev – on the difference between vaccines, their effectiveness and scientific approach
    As an internationally renowned scientist, he takes a balanced position on covid and vaccination, but is not afraid to talk about problems and inconvenient facts.

    “For 50 years of using the vaccine against mumps – 770 cases, measles – 2 thousand, most of all – vaccines against influenza – 240 thousand. But for the year of using vaccines against coronavirus – already almost 2 million 250 thousand. This is what is registered. I understand that our (Russian) ones are not included. That is, we must be aware that the situation is not so simple, “- said the scientist.

    In addition, all countries are publishing data on declining vaccine efficacy, and no one knows what else will happen to the omicron strain, he added.

    There were also cases of several countries where a rapid increase in morbidity and mortality from covid began just after the start of vaccination – these are Mongolia, Cambodia, Seychelles, Singapore.

    “It seems to me that it is already obvious that the vaccinated remain carriers of the disease, but they believe that they can behave very differently, without following any rules. It seems that vaccines do not work 98%, 97% or 96 % “, – said the virologist.


  4. Oh, those Germans … Why do they always drive themselves into a corner?
    Probably because they lack internal anarchy.

  5. This is truly sad, but the man’s way of dealing with the problem was totally excessive. I very much doubt whether he consulted his wife over her fate and that of their children.

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