Dangerous Vax Skeptic Defies the “Sanitary Dictatorship”

Spain has instituted a strict vax passport system, which is required to eat indoors in restaurants. In the following news report from Andalucía, a man sitting outside on a restaurant terrace displays a defiant attitude when interviewed by the TV reporter.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Let’s see how many people are having lunch on the terrace. It is optional,
00:03   even if many bar and restaurant owners have already announced
00:06   that they will ask for the Covid pass, anyway.
00:09   To drink a cup of coffee as this man is doing, for example.
00:12   I am going to ask him: good morning, did they ask you for the Covid pass?
00:16   I didn’t go in. If they ask me for it, I will immediately leave.
00:20   I will never enter any restaurant that obeys this sanitary dictatorship of social control.
00:26   Good, God be with you.
00:29   Each person thinks what they like. —Well, right.
00:33   This Covid pass is going to be mandatory.

6 thoughts on “Dangerous Vax Skeptic Defies the “Sanitary Dictatorship”

  1. The omicron variant is described as very mild in its symptoms and very transmissible.
    This, on the face of it, makes it an ideal vehicle for the achievement of herd immunity. Let it take its course.

    • I just caught it. Some cough, mild sniffles, lost my smell. Feeling tired and out of sorts. That’s it. People were passing it around as we stood waiting in a long line to return gifts.

      Yay for herd immunity!

      • I am getting sick of saying this but LIKE HELL you caught it.

        The PCR test cant distinguish a cold from the fake virus – so stop [purveying meaningless information].

        Even the CDC has said today that the false positives are 35% for Symptomatic (in other words NOTHING) and 65% false positive for Asymptomaic ( in other words you have NOTHING).

        Get it through your head that to identify a strain genomic sequencing is required. That generally takes around 10 days.

        So for the [insults redacted]:

        A: the PCR test only generates false positives at the Ct of 35 and above – all tests are done at 37-45!

        B: A means that you have NOTHING! And to say otherwise is completely illogical [material that I deprecate]!

    • Micheal Copeland: As should have been done with Covid, from the get go. Provide treatment for those who need it. Otherwise, let it run.

  2. hah! needed to see that just now! hah. thank you.
    some crazy-[fundament] times we’re living in…

  3. Crazy, madhouse crazy times, indeed! The “elites’ of the globe, the NWO’s, the Great Reset Klaus’s, are full on bats*** crazy loons!!!!! They think they can get away with this. War? 1 or 2 more plagues to be unleashed on the earth, to knock off 80% of developed population, according to some reads!!!!!

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