Beware of the Naked Man!

The following culture-enriching news from Italy includes a video, but it is without sound, and thus there is no need for subtitles.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from La Stampa:

Turin: Fear in the downtown: Nude and drunk man threatens police with knife

A man was arrested by police after stealing a large kitchen knife in a restaurant and then threatening passersby. It happened in the center of Turin around 11pm on Santo Stefano [the feast of Saint Stephen, December 26]. The man, 25, of Moroccan (or North African) origin, who suffers from psychiatric problems, first stripped naked and then lashed out against police. The owner of the establishment, located in Vittorio Square, and other restaurant employees alerted the police. The patrol officers reached him at Maria Teresa Square, and before being stopped, the man grabbed an abandoned stick and threw rocks at parked cars.

2 thoughts on “Beware of the Naked Man!

  1. That boy leads a charmed life, lucky to be where he can scare cops. Here he wouldn’t last a minute, he’d have been full of lethal holes.

    • Yes. I was just thinking those policemen must have just completed their cultural sensitivity refresher course.
      Treated with compassion and understanding.

      Hopefully he didn’t end up with any particularly nasty grazes. They don’t want to welcome in guests and then make them feel unwelcome. How would that portray Europe to the world at large.
      Europe already has a bad enough reputation amongst the U.N and NGO’s for not allowing more legal guest pathways. Free chartered flights instead of the slow and unreliable ferry services would be a good first step.

      A lot of work to do Europe to catch up with the civilized world.!

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