Baby Doc’s Two Minutes Hate

Yesterday Canadian Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau went on TV in Quebec and did a Two Minutes Hate on behalf of the Quebec Soviet. In this fast-paced Internet age it had to be shortened, however, so he crammed all the hate into just forty-five seconds.

Instead of Emmanuel Goldstein, the object of Mr. Trudeau’s hate was the cohort of Quebecers who have not been “vaccinated” — that is, 20% of the population. He called them “misogynists” and “racists”. I guess he forgot to include Holocaust denial, transphobia, and climate denial in the litany of their sins.

And, ominously, he said they were “taking up space”. It may be time for fully-vaxed Quebecers to hide their unvaxed relatives under the floorboards…

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Yes, we will emerge from this pandemic through vaccination.
00:05   We know people who are still making up their minds, and we will try to convince them,
00:09   but there are also people who are vehemently opposed to vaccination.
00:13   These are the extremists… who do not believe in Science,
00:17   who are often misogynists, often racists, too; it is…
00:21   a sect, a small group, but who are taking up space,
00:25   and here we have to make a choice, as a leader, as a country.
00:29   Do we tolerate these people? Or do we say: let’s see… because most people,
00:33   80% of Quebecers did the right thing, that is, they got vaccinated,
00:37   we want to get back to the things we like doing,
00:41   and these people who are not going to block us now…

21 thoughts on “Baby Doc’s Two Minutes Hate

  1. Pureblooded Quebecers should be thankful that a fellow citizenry which has demonstrated it’s imbecility multiple times by electing and then re-electing this substitute drama teacher clown and his equally buffoonish father is probably too incompetent to build gas chambers and a competent Gestapo to fill them. For that they would need to import original Germans, and they’re currently too busy importing Somalis and other parasitic orcs to be bothered.

  2. He forgot to call them dog and cat torturers, climate change deniers.

    But as our “beloved invaders, sorry enrichers” do not like dogs, calling them dog torturers is not possible, or is it?

    • Here in ‘Murica, dog and monkey torturers (no conclusive evidence yet for cat torturing) get promoted to Covidiot-in-Chief. Perhaps he’s a closet muslim and just doesn’t know it.

        • Not much of a pet lover in general.

          In my experience, most dogs suffer from an extreme lack of training and discipline since their ignorant owners insist on treating them as their children, who, if they have them, are also completely unruly and out of control. There is nothing I despise more than going to someone’s house and their animal is jumping up and down, barking incessantly, sniffing one’s crotch, and licking one’s hands with the same tongue it just licked it’s testicles and anus with. I can somewhat understand the islamic aversion to dogs even if I disagree with the random cruelty they deal upon them.

          Cats don’t annoy me to the same degree. Cats actually have a function within the home in keeping the rodent population at bay, although this isn’t much of a problem in modern homes. But in my opinion, cats are like women in that no one truly owns either, and they do what they like when they like; one either accepts it and feeds them with no expectations of loyalty, or lets them be someone else’s problem. I still wouldn’t keep one unless I needed it for rodent control.

          The cat, that is.

          • Dogs require company, the cats don’t.

            I currently have 5 semi-feral cats living in my barn, and truth be told – I am gonna buy a dog soon, because there is just no fun with the cats.

            I used to have dachshunds – and they could catch mice and cats and pretty much everything of their size and smaller, except for rabbits. But they always charged against wild boars fearlessly. They were lovely creatures, they loved me, and I loved them. The cats? Not so much… although granted: It is good to have a cat around the house, because they do keep the mice in check.

          • The 2 German Shepards I own are highly well trained, don’t bark, they sit there and look at the person approaching, rather unnerving but effective. They also are excellent judges of character. They keep the riff raff out. I suggest you have another look at large dogs, the greatest alarm system known to man besides geese. I love using whatever dog I can get my hands on in 3rd world cesspools, especially muslim ones, because dogs hate muslims and will warn you if they are semi close and will hunt them down for you, often times by the time you get to them, the muslim is either screaming bloody murder because 2 or more Shepards are tearing them apart, or they have expired due to ripping from them appendages they need. Often times better than a rifle.

  3. “a sect, a small group, but who are taking up space”

    — It is getting genocidal, if taken literally, because you occupy the less space cremated and sustainably recycled as fertilizer on Kill Bill’s farmlands.

    But at this stage it seems to be more like a self-contradictory Bolshevik fallacy about “us, the good silent majority” and “them, the evil loud minority”. In reality probably a significant proportion of the population are dissenters now, that is why they “are taking up space”. The Bolshevik Baby is playing down the resistance in order to divide it, and isolate the hard core holdouts.

  4. First: Natural immunity is 27 times better than vaccination immunity.
    Second: The clot shot doesn’t prevent you from getting covid or spreading it.
    Third: Nothing is stopping this clown from getting back to the things he likes doing such as dressing up in black face, playing “fancy dress”, or violating Canadian ethics laws.

    • Given that the PCR test only delivers false positives and not one single lab has isolated the “fake virus” – how can you say that?

      You have no proof of the virus’s existence. In fact, no one does.

  5. What else would anyone expect of Castro’s bastard? I don’t know what is worse? The Canuck’s who vote for this useful idiot? Or Trudope himself?

    • Allegedly one of Castro’s get. I think were he still alive, even Castro would disavow such a buffoonish overgrown boy as too dumb to be one of his.

      • I find it extremely amusing that Trudopes father allowed himself to be cucked by his whore of a mother(numerous affairs) to screw a machismo Castro who loved to throw it in Canadas’s face. Probably because the Frogs in Canada hate the English so much?

  6. Antivaxx extremists do not believe in Science, and are misogynists, racists…

    …and I am sure they believe the Earth is flat too!

  7. Such a joke as many refuseniks are his muzzy friends that he loves. Muzzies hate western medicine, especially vaccines. Many of them are in our anti vaccine marches. I note they are buying farms and setting up their alternate settlements where no vax is required and they can grow their drugs in peace. I expected that. Australia is very vast and land relatively cheap , especially if you have millions from dealing drugs, which many of them do. They can walk in and pay cash for a farm and completely ignore police, councils, governments etc and rename it ……. Lebanon/Syria.

  8. “the Quebec Soviet” – I like that. I think it is arguably not offensive and yet it is but not as powerful as say “Let’s go Brandon!”.

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