Avast, Ye Swabs!

Claudio Giorlandino is an Italian gynecologist and obstetrician. In the following clip from a TV talk show, Dr. Giorlandino discusses the increase in the number of Wuhan Coronavirus infections after the Green Pass policy was fully implemented. If I understand the good doctor correctly, he maintains that the imposition of the Green Pass induced citizens to take a swab test for COVID in order to get a pass. The pass gave them a false sense of confidence that they were safe, so they went around doing things that they would otherwise have been unable to do — go to clubs and restaurants, attend public events, etc. As a result, they inadvertently caused a surge of contagion.

It’s an interesting theory, but I have no idea whether it’s true.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Dr. Giorlandino, I guess all media and influential members of the Scientific Committee
00:06   are starting to say that the quick swab doesn’t work that well.
00:10   They say it is not that safe; it has a big margin of error.
00:14   And basically not really suitable to get the Green Pass.
00:24   I have been saying for a long time that we had already got out
00:29   of the pandemic situation, and that was so evident to many.
00:33   We had totally got out of the pandemic.
00:37   If we want to see some charts about the infection curve, we can see that
00:41   in last May all of Europe had just got out of the pandemic.
00:45   Can you see? Then, all of a sudden it reappeared.
00:48   No we can’t. —I should have explained to you that
00:51   you are supposed to send us your charts in advance.
00:54   Because despite our efforts to do our best, we cannot see your charts from here.
01:01   I did send them to you. —He did send them? We haven’t elaborated them, then.
01:06   Let’s carry on; we had already showed them, though. It’s all right, I was saying that
01:09   we were out the pandemic. Everyone knows that, we were out.
01:12   Then, all of a sudden on July 1, Europe stated the necessity for a Green Pass.
01:20   And fifteen days later, the pandemic was back again.
01:23   I am not blaming the Green Pass. I am blaming the effects of the Green Pass.
01:27   It has generated a mad run to get quick swabs.
01:30   Swab sales have been skyrocketing in all of Europe.
01:34   And although we know that in July there are no viral infections,
01:38   the infection curve rose again everywhere, seven or ten days later.
01:42   It rose again dramatically. And Israelis were the first to realize that.
01:46   So you are not saying that the rise in infections is due to the rise of swab screening.
01:51   What you are saying is that we all had a false sense of protection after the swab, right?
01:55   No, I am saying more people got ill!
01:58   What? —Yes, they got ill because they went everywhere.
02:04   The false sense of safety that vaccination gave us
02:08   made us behave carelessly, and the contagion has been somehow reactivated.
02:12   Yes, in my opinion we should have avoided all that.
02:15   We should have avoided the Green Pass and mandatory swabs, and waited for the pandemic to end.
02:20   The pandemic was about to end because people used to shield themselves.
02:23   A quick swab has a big margin of error according to medicine,
02:28   which is based on scientific evidence.
02:32   I have heard talk about science today: scientists do not agree on everything, let that be clear.
02:37   Cochrane says that the medicine based on evidence can be mistaken eight times out of ten.
02:45   Whoever has a swab done feels psychologically safe and will behave carelessly.
02:52   And that is why the contagion broke out again, all of a sudden.
02:55   Italy underwent a second violent contagion rise, after October 15,
03:00   as soon as the Green Pass became mandatory for workers.
03:04   A new run to the quick swabs, and so another rise of infections.
03:10   The first thing we ought to do is to avoid being infected.
03:15   So professor Giorlandino is saying that whenever we turned to quick swabs, the situation got worse.
03:18   Regardless of how many people got vaccinated?
03:21   I am not the one who said that, I am just an observer.
03:25   We should have an overall view of the problem, not a particular one.
03:30   In order to have an overall view of the problem,
03:34   we ought to observe what happens with the infections curve.
03:38   So today the Green Pass is granted to… —I beg your pardon?
03:42   So the Green Pass is granted to the vaccinated, to the recovered,
03:47   and to those workers who have just a molecular swab done.
03:53   Medical casuistry states that the recovered are the only people
03:59   who will not infect anyone and who cannot be infected again, unless in a mild form.
04:06   If you have read “The Betrothed”, do you recall who the Monatti were?
04:14   They were the recovered. —In your opinion whoever got measles, can get it twice?
04:20   But now we have the vaccination, thank God.
04:23   Well, it turns out that vaccination is not actually the cause, and it’s not me who said that.
04:29   Unlike other parts of the world, we can see we have a different situation now,
04:33   because we have had so many people who recovered.
04:37   But that cannot be a solution because I haven’t got Covid yet.
04:43   I am going to get the third vaccine dose, I need to be sure I will be safe.
04:47   Of course, I am not one of those who criticize any vaccine, I just criticize this vaccine.
04:56   Because this vaccine is made with a spike protein that does not exist anymore.
04:59   As for France, I am going to be brief.
05:05   Please, be brief, I need to ask Morani and Longhini too.
05:09   I beg your pardon, yesterday in France they had 95,000 new cases, we had only 6,000.
05:17   France has as many inhabitants as Italy, but they have had a complete vaccination campaign.
05:22   Same as in Germany. In Spain they have had double ours,
05:27   as for new cases and with a higher vaccination rate, you see?
05:32   As you can see, the vaccine does not protect, unfortunately.
05:35   I am not saying that we should not be vaccinated, pay attention.
05:39   Excuse me, saying that the vaccine doesn’t protect is too much.
05:42   Let’s listen to Morani and Longhini. —But look at the data, please!
05:46   But look at the data! It is not me who says that. For God’s sake! Look at the data, please.
05:51   We should have used another vaccine instead.
05:54   Hold on a moment, let Morani and Longhini respond, please.
05:57   It’s the data, it is not me who wants to state that.
06:01   The vaccine does not protect any more in Europe.

16 thoughts on “Avast, Ye Swabs!

  1. I have a similar theory about the vaccines and masks: it makes people feel safe, but in reality doesn’t do much – if at all – to reduce transmission.

    As a result, they no longer “social distance” and thus spread the virus more.

  2. I believe he is just trying to speak “facts”, but due to the “atmosphere” it is difficult for him to keep the “only facts” position:

    03:15 So professor Giorlandino is saying that whenever we turned to quick swabs, the situation got worse.
    03:18 Regardless of how many people got vaccinated?
    03:21 I am not the one who said that, I am just an observer.

    There is plenty of evidence that this is the “pandemic of positive tests” – take away the tests, and there just might be no pandemic at all.

    But also – the “end of lockdown” has been met with significant rise in infection in the Czech Republic as well. Only here it has been blamed on the fact, that the body’s immune system gets less excercise during lockdown isolation, and then – when all the people are set free and start meeting again, an infectious variant immediately spreads like a wildfire. We have observed this especially in children, who could not meet their peers for months, but once they went from lockdown to school this september – they immediately got “flu like pandemic”.

    The general conclusion here is that immune system without excercise atrophies.

    But what I find telling is that at the end, once the doctor hints that the vaccines are useless – the media person immediately tries to take his air time away 🙂

  3. This preposterous imbecile needs to have his license removed.

    His argument is infantile and contradicts 80 years of virus knowledge.

    Lets understand BEFORE anything else that the PCR test will result in a 100% false result at 35 ct. Yet, the medical authorities (or butchers in gowns) test at between 37-45ct. So the test is a fraud and makes every other statement uttered by this imbecile redundant.

    However, lets put the PCR test and its fraudulent results to one side.

    His claim is that more people became ill because they went to all the places that they had been prohibited from going to before is a demonstrable lie. Immune systems become weak when they are not challenged regularly. They become stronger when challenged in many different ways all the time. This is virology 101. Even a goat could understand it.

    What he failed to say was that people with compromised immune systems CAUSED BY THE QUAXINE were now subject to viruses that they had immunity before.

    The imbecile claims that more people became infected because they “acted carelessly”!

    Can you believe this [redacted].

    According to the imbecile, doing the things that people have done for 2000 years was “acting carelessly”.

    Baron you have a “mohammad coefficient”.

    May I suggest that you or others on this site come up with a coefficient to denote Covid related bollocks.

    It may reinvigorate the site and will likely spread elsewhere if the term is appropriately derisive.

    • It would have to be easily quantifiable. The Mohammed Coefficient is calculated by counting the number of “Mohammeds” and variants thereof (“Muhammad”, “Mahmoud”, “Mehmet”, etc.), and then dividing it by the total number of people involved.

      A Corona Idiocy Coefficient would have to be similarly quantifiable. If you can suggest an algorithm for it, I’m willing to look into it.

      • A possible Corona Idiocy Coefficient could be done by counting the number of coronafascists and coronaprofiteers in a particular story and then dividing by the number of participants.

        • That’s not quantifiable. The Mohammed Coefficient can be determined by a computer program — upload a list of the variants of “Mohammed”, and textual analysis does the rest.

          There would need to be something similar if we are to count the number of coronafascists and coronaprofiteers. How might they be identified by a computer algorithm?

          • I guess we just count who are the last men standing after this complete goat rope comes to it’s conclusion.

  4. The expression “behave carelessly” can be heard twice in the video. And they present it as the root cause of outcomes it has nothing to do with. However, it has nothing to do the with the PCR-pandemic, first of all. But it has everything to do with the ongoing global psy-op that is centered around mass behavior modification.

    “Carelessness” is a behavior-altering brainwashing word from the old commie vocabulary, that aimed to suppress personal autonomy. An infamous sentence from the users’ guide of the worst car of East German Communism, Trabant 601:

    >>The Trabant’s handling is excellent and its acceleration is impeccable. But that shouldn’t tempt you to be careless.<<

    This is of course a joke now (but it was not meant to be one at the time), because it could hardly be called a car, actually, it was a dangerous pile of garbage:

    • My (now) partner was travelling in a Mercedes in East Germany, before the Wall came down, and they collided with a Trabant; no prizes for guessing which car came off worse!

      To add insult to injury, years later she owned a communist-era Skoda; the kingpin broke, nearly killing her and her son. (He’s now in his forties, also called Mark, and now lives in the small town in NW England where I was mostly raised.)

    • Comrades, as an experienced driver of both Communist Skodas and Trabants, I am sorely dissapointed in your subversive talk about the luxury items that have been produced, to be enjoyed by our freedom loving communist workers, with pride! Let your evil propaganda burn at the scrapyards of history, forever!

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