Another One Rides the Bus

Bus drivers in culturally enriched areas of the Netherlands are facing increasing difficulties due to the multicultural activities of asylum seekers who board their buses. The drivers are taking unilateral action to protect themselves, refusing to stop in neighborhoods where culture-enrichers cause repeated problems for them.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Dutch public broadcaster

Good Morning Netherlands

December 2, 2021

Bus drivers take action due to nuisance of safe country asylum-seekers: “This can no longer be tolerated”.

Bus drivers who work on the Qbuzz lines 72 and 73 between Emmen and Ter Apel are taking action on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a safer work environment. The drivers are fed up with years of threats and abuse, mostly by asylum-seekers on the lines. That is the position of Edwin Kuiper, director of FNV Regional Transport.

Earlier this week the bus drivers asked Qbuzz whether more security could be deployed on the buses and stops to prevent violent incidents. They received no answer. For this reason, the drivers will skip bus stops in Ter Apel in coming days. Therefore, there is no bus traffic between Emmen and Ter Apel on lines 72 and 73.

I spoke recently with a bus driver who had just begun his shift. “At 7 in the morning, there were five annoying people at the bus stop who didn’t want to pay, made things difficult, and caused a nuisance,” Kuiper told Good Morning Netherlands on NPO 1. “The bus driver had to call for assistance; finally it arrived. At any rate, that led to delays and bad humor.”

According to Kuiper, it involved five safe country asylum-seekers from the asylum center. “That is something heard way too often,” he says. Safe country asylum-seekers are asylum-seekers who have no chance of getting residence status because they come from a safe home country.

“Can no longer be tolerated”

JA21 party chairman Joost Eerdmans visited the asylum center in Ter Apel and the drivers about three weeks ago. “It is absolutely correct that they no longer do this,” he told Good Morning Netherlands on NPO 1. “It is unacceptable, for these people; it can no longer be tolerated. Neither Qbuzz nor Arriva [the train] are intervening. The people are completely frustrated over what they are going through.”

According to Eerdmans, caretaker state secretary Ankie Brokers-Knol (Justice and Security) has “totally ignored it,” he says. “She should have intervened. There is also a shuttle bus, just for asylum-seekers, and there it happens all too often. On this the government must stand in the vanguard.”

— Marinka Wagemans

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