6 thoughts on “After Tav, We’ll Have to Use Chinese Ideograms

  1. Some of you may have seen this elsewhere but what is now happening in Oz is that people are all carrying around black marker pens, or textas as they were known.

    Marking the QR code with a few extra dots on the machine apparently destroys the ability of the code to work. Of course I wouldn’t advise doing anything like this that could completely screw up the cabal system in just a week or two.

  2. I’ve been considering the door guard at the grocery that has my pharmacy inside. Maybe I should ask him/her if the money and benefits are worth it.

    • Maybe you should jab a six inch blade into his temple.

      Guarantee he’ll get the point.

  3. Communism in action, the photo shows how they murder kill people, causing deaths, pain suffering, my god this ideology is the eptitemy of pure Evil,
    Communism uses bureaucratic means to block people, stifle, deny, create paperwork prisons, then gulags.
    Half the people of the world has been indoctrinated with this ideology in past 30 yrear,

    The worlds divided, your enemy can be yiur neighbour, sister, wife, children,
    Soon the killing will start, the hatred of others who have different opinions,
    My god, we’re back to 1939, the people who are creating this must be found destroyed,

    I it’s the cabal, the central Bolshevik bankers, my good we must get these evil people. Asap.

  4. If they’re trying to kill us in order to save us, from whatever, it’s Marxism 101. All you have to do is listen. When whoever is talking starts to sound stupid ( or has a well known habit of sounding stupid), Marxism 101. Also can be discerned when freedoms and principles are trashed. To arms.

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