A Setback for the Imposition of 2G in Lower Saxony

It seems that members of the German judiciary can just as obstreperous as their American counterparts when it comes to enforcing the arbitrary Corona-related diktats of the central government.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

BANG ruling in Lower Saxony: Higher Administrative Court overturns the 2G rule in retail

Judges overturn the 2G rule in retail for the state of Lower Saxony.

The Higher Administrative Court in Lüneburg was required to judge the 2G rule, which had only recently come into force, according to which only vaccinated or recovered customers are allowed to enter and be served on business premises. Exceptions only apply to shops that provide immediate supplies, such as supermarkets or pharmacies.

The result of their legal evaluation now makes for a bang. The judges came to the verdict on Thursday that the measure is not necessary and not compatible with the general principle of equality.

Source: Bild.de

8 thoughts on “A Setback for the Imposition of 2G in Lower Saxony

    • No; in German it’s Lüneburg. Seems to originate from medieval “Hliuni” which means a fortified place — there is an easily defendable rock nearby.

  1. Just wait.
    A higher court will tell them very quick that COVID is the greatest threat to mankind and therefore 2G MUST be implemented.

    (Other people say that Nazis are the greatest threat, and others say climate change. So, can anybody tell me, what the really really greatest threat to humanity is? I am sorry, but if the greatest threat changes according to whomever I listen to, thats exhaustive. Really sorry.)

    • Definitely the Nazis, in their current incarnation as COVID-totalitarians.

      I must say, I have almost completely lost fear of the virus, with my remaining concern being for my elderly mother and aunt.

      I have great fear of the totalitarians, though.

      • I agree with you.

        I fear not the virus. I fear my fellow people.

        Sorry, my FORMER fellow people.
        According to the Prime minister of the Saar area of Merkels CDU, Mr Tobias Hans, I am out of the communal life.
        I am no longer part of them.

        I say, ok. Then I will care absolutely NOTHING about them.
        If a 2G place burns down, I will walk away.

        In World War 2 the Allies bombed Germany flat because the Germans did not resist tyranny.
        The same applies now.
        They all either close their eyes or wholeheartedly support tyranny.
        I have to live with their decision of casting me out.
        I will respond in kind. So they will have to live with their decision 100% too.

        • You have not seen real tyranny yet, but because the Germans were weak, feckless and stupid to allow Merkel and company to take over with their slight of hand being bloody communist that they always have been, you will see the rule of the military because you did not act when you could have. Now welcome to the rule of Kings.

  2. There’s an odd, but possibly interesting link here; Luneburg Heath is where Nazi forces in northern Germany surrendered to British Field Marshal Montgomery on 4th May 1945.

    • It wasn’t naxi forces, ole Grand Admiral Doenitz outlawed the naxi party, it was the German Armed Forces.

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