The Belarusian Connection

For the past few months the government of Belarus has been inflicting a wave of Middle Eastern “refugees” on the European Union through the borders of Lithuania and Poland. The migrants are flown from Turkey or Baghdad to Minsk and then carried by bus or taxi to the borders of the EU. Poland has borne the brunt of this onslaught, and the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border has intensified since the beginning of November.

The following article features an interview with the Polish ambassador to Germany, Andrzej Przylebski. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from Junge Freiheit:

“Soon the first shot could be fired”

The situation in the border area between Poland and Belarus is worsening. Thousands of migrants are rushing west. But Poland will not give in, according to its ambassador Andrzej Przylebski. Unlike Germany in 2015, they will be tougher and not open the borders. Even if there are unsightly pictures.

Your Excellency, as far as you know, what is the current situation on the Polish border with Belarus?

Andrzej Przylebski: Very agitated. There are currently around 4,000 migrants standing at the border, mainly from Afghanistan and Iraq, and attacking our border guards with wooden blocks, spades and the like. They brought tents to sleep in. They brought equipment to break the border fence. All with the permission of the Belarusians.

There were several attacks during the night. Why is the situation coming to a head right now?

Przylebski: The situation is coming to a head because the Belarusian police and soldiers are barely letting people go back to Minsk. They force them to storm the Polish border. Belarusian soldiers have already aimed at our soldiers with weapons. The first shot could soon be fired.

“But we will be tougher than Germany”

Will Poland use tougher means to protect its borders against illegal immigrants?

Przylebski: I think so. There is no shooting, but we with full intention do not allow illegal migrants to cross the EU border. We want to set an example that the defense of the EU border, contrary to some German idealists, is possible.

Poland has declared a state of emergency for the border area and has already extended this measure once. According to the constitution, Poland cannot extend the state of emergency again. Are there any considerations to declare a state of war for the border area?

Przylebski: I haven’t heard anything about a state of war so far. I believe that this could only happen if we were attacked by “green men” (term for covert Russian, militarized forces in the Ukraine conflict, editor’s note), which will not happen. Belarus will not risk that because we could defend ourselves successfully. We have thousands of “territorials” (reserve forces, editor’s note) at our disposal.

Germany did not close its borders in 2015 because they were afraid of “unsightly” pictures. Is there such a concern in Poland too, and would that be a reason to open the border?

Przylebski: Yes, we also have such worries about journalists and the opposition. But we will be tougher than Germany was back then and will not be frightened by manipulated images. Yesterday, Polish television showed migrants blowing cigarette smoke into a child’s eyes to make him cry, then photographed him and send the photo around the world. The Gazeta Wyborcza, which is considered the Polish flagship newspaper in Germany, published this manipulated image as truth. As you can see, we have traitors in our own country.

“We consider this a hybrid war”

Does Poland feel sufficiently supported by the EU and Germany in repelling migration from Belarus?

Przylebski: With words yes, unfortunately not with deeds. In a conversation a week ago an important German politician promised me sanctions against the airlines that bring migrants to Belarus. It hasn’t happened yet. We would also like NATO soldiers (including the Germans) to help. The German interior minister recently hinted at such aid.

The most important thing, however, is to awaken an understanding here and throughout the EU that when this group crosses the border, the next will soon come. Because for Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko this is both an opportunity for enrichment (each migrant pays around €10,000 for the trip to Minsk) and revenge against the EU for its support of the Belarusian opposition.

Is Lukashenko’s maneuver to deliberately bring migrants to the borders of another country, a form of hybrid warfare?

Przylebski: In Poland this is clearly interpreted as a hybrid war. Not against Poland, but against the West, in this case against the EU.

Does the current wave of migration only go back to Belarus’ ruler Lukashenko, or do you also hold Moscow partly responsible for it?

Przylebski: Of course Russia shares responsibility, because Lukashenko cannot do something like this without Putin’s consent. We hope, however, that the growing discontent of the Minsk people, who are now being flooded by migrants in their own city, will bring Lukashenko to his senses. But: further sanctions must follow — and quickly. Also against “Belavia”, the Belarusian airline, which, as I hear, has so far been allowed to fly unhindered over Germany.

36 thoughts on “The Belarusian Connection

  1. Gotta love them Pollacks, they do have a stiff spine and are not going to allow themselves to be invaded by these 3rd world savages, I am just surprised that they haven’t opened fire yet?

    • poland belarus war while migrant smugglers are not from belarus and the migrants are not even from europe is a blind and fool move. The international oligarchy wants to get rid of lukashenko since he did not care of the fake plandemy by the WHO (UN) and they are smuggling migrants from all over the world through southern central europe to the polish belarus border.

        • Have you seen where is Belarus on the map ? How many countries do you have to cross from central africa to polish/belarus border ? Why does german and swedish aktivists are found at the border to help the migrants (read the top of the news feed) ?

          They are just asking “politely” to Lukashenko to leave his country and resign… they still could not achieve any result yet, so now they are using that mass of migrants the (N)GOs imported into europe.

          • robyt, if you want to help these German and Swedish NGO fools, walk them into the forest and deal with them. Just grab a shovel.

        • The EU has been silent about the other main facillitator of this Hijrah, namely Erdogan and the Turkish authorities who are allowing flights from Istanbul to Minsk apparently in the full knowledge they are stuffed with single males of military age trying to enter Europe ilkegally.
          Erdogan has recieved little to no repercussions for previous hostile fascist words and deeds, instead the EU payed him blackmail money to stop the flow of illegals, so little surprise he continues to try and flood Europe with illegal migrants who just happen to be overwhelmingly Muslim and male.

      • Can you be both a Plandemic-believing Covid denier, and want to flood Europe with masses of Muslims?

        Hint – yes, absolutely, as the clown in Minsk has just shown!

        • look, lukashenko is not my personal hero, but in this migrant crisis at the belarus polish border, he is just the last ring of the migration chain and it is well known that these migrants in belarus are air-transported by the well known (N)GOs who are aiding migration at least in the last 20 years… they simply switched and changed the merditerrean route for these africans (you can see the video where you see central africans among these migrants) and other parts of world. So thinking to get rid of the imported mass migration just by fighting lukashenko is totally foolish…

          also you have to admit that the international western oligarchy (who plain and clear ask for migrants, and also contributed a lot in creating them, at least by carpet bombing their respective countries in syria iraq and afghanistan into inhabitable waste lands) was very clever: by simply switching the usual migration routes throught the merditerrean sea (that ends up in my country), they can use them to rage the nationalists of both countries at the belarus polish border in order to attack the belarus country, which is finally what they want.

          I understand that polish nationalists found themselves to be used against belarus for something that is totally artificially created by others, so “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” MT 10, 16.

    • Wouldnt it be high time to go Special Forces?

      Just imagine all airports of Belarus would suffer from “accidents” that put them out of order.

      • Naw, just bring in the Pipe Hitters Union and they will take care of it, that and a D-8 Cat and it’s all done.

  2. Don’t let them in Poland, for any cost , if they get in , game over another thousands waiting in Minsk to be transfer by this criminals Bialorusians military.. they all under control by them !! ..

    • Sadly even some pro-wall, anti-migrant people in Poland say we should let them in to stop a tragedy, “then deport them”…

      I try to explain how “easy” deporting is from the EU, but many have no clue about the amount of legal loopholes the EU has made available for the migrants.

      • Deporting these 3rd world vermin costs good hard earned tax money that amounts to over 200,000 Euro, a 9 mm costs about 25 cents to produce, you do the bloody math.

  3. Alternative history and geography.
    Why doesn’t the Kurd say anything about the Polish occupation of the Middle East? What an oversight!
    From the Belarusian press

    The migrant appealed to the President of Poland

    Kurd tries to call the Poles to the voice of conscience (shows the photo on the phone)

    This is a photo of 1942, when the Polish people came to us from Iran, we did not close the border, we said: please, come, welcome. Why are you doing this to us now? President of Poland, please watch! But you don’t see, these children are going to die. It’s very, very cold, we can’t hold on for two more days.

    • Poles were just passing through the Middle East (which was under British control) – on their way from Russia to Europe… Doubt they stayed long, or took any welfare from the locals.

  4. Unfortunately the Poles will be betrayed by the EU traitors in Brussels. Any opportunity to import the 3rd world and they will take it. God bless Poland.

    • We want aloud !
      Resentment toward German IV Reich in the prices of building ( EU) is historically high..and official demand to exit this German ,Satanistic, organization start to circulate in big numbers..

  5. George soros, financing this latest escalation, look at the savages! Dressed in new designer clothing, latest iPhones, and probably carrying cash in the thousands, they have camping equipment, tools, this is like 2015 the kalergi soros plan. To destroy us the European peoples?

    Poland just shoot them! They are a army pretending to be refugees,
    These savages have no right to just enter our countries! Invade us!
    These savages will be raping your children and murdering your family in the name of allah, they call us the infidels, why they do not get taken in by Islamic countries?

    This is all part of the globalists so called great reset,
    Klaus schwab, gates soros, I prey someone assassinates these globalists NazI communist tyrants!

    It’s going to happen,

    We must go after hunt down these globalist communist murderers!

    • Exactly what’s going to happen!!, this is organize Islamic invasion, by globalist. Criminals, don’t gave up Poland pls.

    • Bear in mind many pass through Turkey – the world capital of fake designer clothing…

  6. I look at the video from the Polish-Belarusian border and I don’t understand why these migrants are complaining so much? It’s relatively warm there.

    Where I live, there is snow all around.
    Now, if they wandered through our forests, or through the neighboring Kostroma, it would have turned out as in this story.
    Poles ask:
    “Where did you take us, Susanin?” “F**k you, how can I know this, I myself am here for the first time!” – the Russian national hero answers.
    Neither Ivan Susanin nor the Poles returned from the forest. So they stayed forever in the snowdrifts.

  7. At the risk of sounding like a real [epithet] I think that the only solution for Poland is to shoot the first few that make it across, in the style that India uses on the Bangladesh border.

    It’s vicious, and I would be totally against it if it were an occasional individual. At this point, however, they’re effectively spearheading an invasion, and not putting a stop to it will lead to an increasing number of the same.

    Even the PR of a protracted “refoulement” campaign will be worse than the on-off of shooting a few of them.

    After the first few are shot, nobody will try it again, is my guess.

  8. While I object to the Great Replacement as any normal person would, the story is more nuanced than what the Pollacks want the world to see. Just like Ukraine presents itself as a shield (while heating up tensions with self-proclaimed eastern republics, shelling them with mortars) between the “Invading Russians” (a fantasy) and the West – to get more money (to be evenly distributed among its oligarchs and US-installed government d’jour), equally Poland plays the EU like a flute. Now it supposedly “saves” Germany and the UK from 4 thousand invaders. All to confirm their refusal to take x-amount of rapefugees (commendable) but at the same time keep getting those euros from the EU (the flow of which has recently been reduced as punishment). That should create a question in the mind of any inquisitive European: why the Polish actions are “brave” and “heroic” while their own governments’ eagerness to take millions of the same aliens was not an issue just a few short months ago. After all it was Poland that actively tried to depose Belorussian president last year. And now they complain about their neighbour not acting all warm and fuzzy. Questions, questions…

    • “Actively depose” Lukashenko, in what way?!

      Some PiS (Polish government) MPs were even paying visits to him, while the Belarus opposition leader Cichanouska opted for exile in Lithuania.

      As for the millions from EU, it’s development aid. Same as what East Germany got for many years, from West Germany but on a smaller scale. And it means millions of Poles stayed in Poland, rather than flood the job markets further West.

    • Putin may blackmail his german nazi kammeraten ..But we in Poland are not interested what Putin saying..Our borders will be protected..From current Soviet Russia and contemporary IV Reich ( German EU)

      • I don’t know if the polish health care system covers treatment to paranoia, but one could ask.

    • Well yes, Lukashenko wants to be courted by the EU, and won over by lots of presents, like Erdogan… Was there ever any doubt about this?!

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