Culture-Enriching Knife Jihad in Cannes

A “youth” went on a stabbing rampage with a knife on Monday in the French city of Cannes. He attacked a police car and slashed at a policewoman, who was fortunately unharmed, thanks to her bulletproof vest. Two of her colleagues then got out of the vehicle and shot the knifeman, wounding him.

The attacker’s motive is unknown, although “Allahu Akhbar” (Arabic for “defund the police”) features prominently in this news report.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:08   An individual approaches the vehicle, with the pretext of getting information,
00:12   and asks to open the left rear window of the car.
00:16   The colleague opens his window and immediately this individual,
00:20   who obviously has a knife, stabs this colleague who is in the back of the vehicle,
00:26   and it’s the bulletproof vest, the thickness of the bulletproof vest,
00:30   that actually saved his life. He wasn’t physically touched.
00:34   Very quickly, this individual shouts in the name of the prophet “Allahu Akhbar”.
00:39   He then goes towards the back of the vehicle after stabbing the first colleague
00:44   and goes towards the right. He goes directly to the front passenger,
00:49   who is the driver, and he attacks her. Apparently her police uniform is torn,
00:55   lacerated, which shows the intensity of the threat, and certainly how violent the attack was.
01:01   At that moment, the two colleagues, who are not attacked, get out of the vehicle
01:06   and open fire, using their service weapons.

4 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Knife Jihad in Cannes

  1. I am shocked! Shocked I tell ya! I mean this never happens right? lol The bloody sheep keep getting slaughtered and nobody cares.

  2. Another mental ill !!, like few days ago in Bavaria stabbing in the train !!, just unbelievable, our new normal will be very very frightening..

    • Dont worry. In 10 years you will look back at 2021 as a year of peace, tranquility and freedom. Gates, Soros, Schwab will make sure you do.

      • Gates, Schwab and Soros won’t be around in ten years, the devil will have his due long before then, they and their entire wretched families will meet a very violent fate.

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