Lunatic Asylum Policies

“Refugees” from the Middle East have been swarming the border between Belarus and Poland for several months now, causing chaos and generating alarm in Poland. However, the ultimate destination of the migrants is not Poland, but Germany, the Promised Land for culture-enrichers.

Hellequin GB has translated two articles about the new wave of migrants into Germany. The first piece is from Epoch Times:

Greens want to enable migrants full medical services immediately after entry

In the coalition negotiations among the SPD, the Greens and the FDP, according to a report by Bild (Tuesday edition), a dispute about benefits for asylum seekers has broken out.

Accordingly, in the talks the Greens urge, among other things, the abolition of the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act and at the same time want to significantly improve the conditions for asylum seekers. For example, migrants should be entitled to full medical benefits immediately upon entering Germany.

As Bild continues to write, the FDP rejects these demands. There should be no additional incentives for asylum seekers. Bild refers to people who are familiar with the processes.

The deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Thorsten Frei (CDU), warns the traffic light parties of additional benefits for asylum seekers. At Bild TV Frei said: “It would be desirable if the social benefits for asylum seekers and migrants within Europe did not diverge so widely.”

The second article is from Nordkurier:

Border villages complain — “We can’t do it without help”

The route across the German-Polish border has been used by refugees for weeks. This is not just a problem for the federal police. Residents also feel overwhelmed.

BLANKENSEE — The increasing flow of refugees who come via the Belarus route and Poland and cross the border to Western Pomerania is of great concern to the communities in the border area. “The citizens of these communities report, among other things, increased police presence, reconnaissance flights and increased amounts of waste due to the belongings of refugees being thrown away,” says District Administrator Michael Sack (CDU). But in terms of border security, the district administration is not entitled to any wishes or even demands.

Residents feel scared

You see things a little differently on site. “We have an infinite number of problems and feel pretty much abandoned by the country,” says Sack’s party colleague Stefan Müller (CDU), head of the district of Löcknitz-Penkun and mayor of the Blankensee community right on the German-Polish border. “We have a State Secretary for Western Pomerania, but he hasn’t been seen here. There is so much to talk about now. The refugee problem here is a challenge for society as a whole. We can’t do it without the state and federal government,” says Müller. The Penkun-Blankensee area, along with Frankfurt (Oder) / Eisenhüttenstadt, is one of the two particularly frequented escape routes. In the towns, many residents felt uncomfortable or even scared when the helicopters circled overhead at night or when unfamiliar groups of people suddenly passed by, says Müller. “In the past, people used to talk about children, vacations or jobs at family celebrations, but today there is only one topic: the refugees.”

Failure due to the bureaucracy

Problems — as simple as that may sound — are mainly caused by the rubbish the refugees leave behind — much to the annoyance of the residents. Several garbage bags with plastic bottles, blankets, handkerchiefs or items of clothing quickly come together every day. Recently, two abandoned cars stood around for days between Blankensee and Penkun, reports Müller. Probably former smugglers’ vehicles. To dispose of them was not chicken-feed. The bureaucratic responsibilities are unclear and the administrative effort is high.

Additional risk from disease

The district simply refers to the respective owners when it comes to garbage disposal, which is becoming even more complicated because of the acute risk of African swine fever being introduced from Poland and because of the Corona pandemic. The helpers have to be more careful when collecting and the migrants often leave food behind. A quick and non-bureaucratic solution is necessary so that the country pays the costs, says Müller. “In Schwerin there is a lack of attention to this. We are only 13 honorary mayors here. However, garbage disposal is a state responsibility. This not only requires money, but ideally also an order from the state to a specific waste disposal company.”

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