Austria Fudges its Corona Statistics

As reported here in the last few days, the Austrian government ordered a lockdown on all unvaxed citizens, and then almost immediately announced that all citizens would be required to be “vaccinated” by February 1 of next year.

The new totalitarian measures are being justified by alarming statistics on deaths attributed to the Wuhan Coronavirus. However, as the following report shows, the statistics are being manipulated and falsified in order to maintain a state of mass hysteria in the populace.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Der Wochenblick. See the original article for the data charts, which are in German:

151% Corona deaths? The media are now inventing horror tales about the mountains of corpses in the hallways!

For days the events in the epidemic nursery of Upper Austria have been rolling over and over again. The corpses are piled up, the plague is in the country! The lifeless bodies of the sick pile up meter by meter. A breath of death blows through the streets. One could at least get that impression if one believes mainstream media. The fact that the people do not take any notice of the supposed mass extinction is mainly due to the fact that the story of masses of corpses in hospital corridors is drawn in by the hair. Because the Corona numbers do not support this interpretation.

  • Two weeks ago, a third of the Corona intensive care patients were double vaccinated
  • Now only unvaccinated? Station chief says the untruth can be explained
  • Almost half of the intensive care beds in Upper Austria are still free — top value!
  • “Expert” still uses wrong numbers to dramatize the situation
  • In Salzburg there is allegedly a threat of triage due to 31 (!) Corona intensive care patients
  • Horror story: Allegedly the corpses piled up in the corridor in Linz hospital
  • In reality: a clinic with six dead, the rest a maximum of two dead
  • Are sick leave and quarantine responsible for the aggravated situation?
  • “Standard” presents incomprehensible death rates: 151% Corona deaths?
  • As in the previous year, mainly old people die — back then there was no triage!

Half of the intensive care beds empty, but “full wards”?

The latest propaganda machine has been running at full speed since the weekend. A head of an intensive care unit in Linz claimed that the Covid wards were “currently full — with seriously ill people who have not been vaccinated”. There are currently “only” unvaccinated intensive care patients. There’s something fishy about this. On November 2, 19 of 59 Corona intensive care patients (32%) in Upper Austria were “fully immunized”. That was three times more than on October 15, as Wochenblick reported. Incidentally, in neighboring Lower Austria, the Corona dead, who had already been vaccinated three times, had to be lamented!

Although the proportion of vaccinated people has since declined, according to Der Standard, still, 13 Corona intensive care patients on Monday were double- or triple-vaccinated ones. It is unclear whether “unboosted” early vaccinations, whose second vaccination is now “out of date”, are now included in the statistics as “vaccinated”. ORF [state TV] only speaks of “active certificates” in its vaccination statistics. Overall, almost half of the intensive care beds in Upper Austria were free as of Tuesday. With 149 free intensive care beds, Upper Austria was by far the top value nationwide with its free intensive care bed capacities!

Expert “shines” with wrong patient numbers

However, this does not prevent mainstream media and their “experts” from claiming the opposite. Walter Hasibeder, President of the Society for Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care Medicine (ÖGARI), described the situation as “very, very tense” and “particularly bad”. In Upper Austria, according to the Tyrolean, 50 percent of the intensive care beds with Covid-19 patients are used to capacity; other seriously ill patients are “on hold”.

It remains to be seen whether he was consciously referring to wrong numbers, or whether state radio just misinterpreted it. In any case, a falsified image remains with the citizens. In fact, Corona patients only made up 29 percent of the occupancy, 26 percent are in intensive care units for other reasons. A full 45 percent of the intensive capacities were still free on the reporting day.

Salzburg: overload due to 31 Corona patients?

It looks a little different in Salzburg, where only 18 percent of the beds are free. There, occupied Covid beds make up only 23 percent — in absolute numbers that is 31 patients! If an entire federal state is on the verge of triage because of only 31 (!) Corona intensive care patients, the core problem is probably the health system that has been ruined through “savings” over the years. After years of neglect, to blame the unvaccinated now gives the impression that political change is the main thing to be laundered here.

No mountains of corpses in Linz hospitals

As if this weren’t enough, another escalation followed on Wednesday. An anonymous nurse brings back memories of the (also fluffy) stories from Bergamo at the beginning of the pandemic. According to this, “the corpses in the hospital corridor” would be in Upper Austria. This should suggest a total overload. So many people would die that the pathology couldn’t keep up. One medium writes: “Many still do not want to admit how dramatic the Corona situation in Austria actually is. The only thing is: this has little to do with reality.

According to the AGES dashboard, 63 people did indeed die from or with the Corona virus between November 9 and 15 in Upper Austria — that’s nine people a day. But in Upper Austria alone there are 15 hospitals with Corona stations. Four of them in Linz, where the situation is supposed to take place, according to the medium of an advertisement emperor (the Krone newspaper). According to national correspondence, six people died between November 12th and 15th in the Kepler University Hospital. In the other three, a maximum of two deaths were to be mourned. None of these figures suggest an acute backlog of dead in the corridor.

Hospital staff in quarantine en masse?

Even if these scenes existed, other causes could also be considered. For example, an increase in sick leave or quarantine cases. In the spring, Wochenblick reported on the failure of capacity at a rescue organization in Linz. Numerous paramedics called in sick after their Corona vaccination, due to side effects.

Just a month ago, six employees at the Ordensklinikum Barmherzige Schwestern in Linz tested positive in one fell swoop. As a result, 15 other employees had to go into quarantine at home. Wochenblick checked in the Kepler University Hospital whether there is currently an accumulation of sick leave that suggests such an overload. The answer to our request is currently pending (November 17, 2021, 4:30 p.m.).

151% hospital deaths: Der Standardinvents 20 Corona bodies

However, the mainstream media are not really taking the numbers these days. Because Der Standard claimed on Tuesday that 59 people died in a Corona ward in Upper Austria from Friday to Monday. According to the country’s statistics, however, “only” 39 Covid deaths were recorded! Suddenly 51% more deaths appear in the Standard’s reporting than the official figures show. It was completely different on Tuesday, when the “salmon-pink paper” counts ten Corona deaths in the hospital and twelve outside. Incidentally, the AGES-Dashboard only records four people with a death date of November 16th. A daily value of more than 20 deaths was last recorded on December 26 of the previous year.

Despite better numbers: triage threatened again

When discussing alleged triages, the comparison with the previous year is also interesting. So there were 101 Corona intensive care patients in hospitals in Upper Austria after all on 11 November 2020. Although there was no vaccination at all at the time, this is comparable with the current figures (Tuesday: 97, Wednesday: 106). More than half of the current ICU patients (50) are over 65 years of age. In this age group, the vaccination rate is more than 85 percent. Only eight intensive care patients were under 45 years of age. Similarly with the deaths: With one exception (60), all Linz Corona deaths this weekend were of people over 70 years old.

AGES figures show that there are no deaths under 45 years of age

It is mainly old people in the intensive care unit — and especially old people who die from Corona. This finding was already valid then. Wochenblick once evaluated the numbers from November 24-30 2020. Of 133 people who died of or with Corona at the time, 131 had some serious previous illnesses. The other two had incomplete data. The average age was 81.8 years, which was higher than the domestic life expectancy (81.6). At that time, too, a large number of the tragically deceased died in a hospital. And then, too, the specter of a triage was put into the room, around the time to justify a second total lockdown. In the end, such a triage never took place…

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  1. Funny thing is happening in AUSTRIA, as we speak, the police and military refuse to enact a lockdown in citizens. As per ordered by the Arch Duke. Amazing how the citizens respect the Hapsburg’s and despise the politicians.

  2. Re: the “overloaded” wards / ERs.
    Per an RN friend who runs the ER / ICU nursing at a major Westrrn state (US) hospital, the ER is overrun because there are too few nurses to attend to the volume of ordinary (non-Covid) patients they are getting, and there is no where to put them because 40% if her ICU beds can not be staffed with nurses, and the regular care wards are worse off than that. She is near the US Southern border, and many of the illegal invaders are medical tourists who can not afford treatment in Mexico.
    Per my recent experience, no staff shortages at Advent ER in Orlando or St Vincent ER in Indianapolis.

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