The Not-So-Magic Bus

When I searched for an image of a vaccination bus for the top of this post, I discovered how widespread they are — you can find pictures of them in all major cities and towns in the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. And the iconography that appears on the sides of the buses is fairly uniform, falling into several major types and color schemes, but always with that cheery Big Brother propaganda look.

Once I stumbled on the German phrase (der Impfbus) I was able to find similar images from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Were I to learn “vaccination bus” in Dutch, French, Italian, or Spanish, I assume that I would find pretty much the same schema in all those countries.

The whole thing gives me the creeps.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24 about an incident with a vaccination bus in Austria:

Woman collapses in front of the vaccination bus in Upper Austria — not an isolated case!

Attentive readers have already pointed out to us several times that the only clarification in the Covid vaccination education talks is the question of “right or left” [arm]. With the so-called vaccination buses, physically handicapped people are often vaccinated in front of the bus and the information sheets are paid little or no attention. One of our readers, the attentive citizen and activist Peter Schutte, tells us about his visit to the vaccination bus in front of the NMS in Sattledt.

“Dieter K. and I met at the vaccination bus in Sattledt at around 11:25 am and wanted to use flyers from the ‘Respekt’ platform and information sheets to inform people who are willing to be vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. Soon after we arrived, the ÖVP mayor, Gerhard Huber, joined us and insulted us. He wanted to see my ID and he forbade us to ‘unsettle’ people with — as he called the technically sound information — ‘fake news’. I showed him our informational materials, but he just said that we should ‘get out of his parish area’. After all, he must have arranged for citizens to get vaccinated here, and that the whole thing was voluntary anyway. Almost every one of the ten people who went to the vaccination bus during our stay said that we would ‘spread fake news, are Corona-deniers and opponents of vaccinations’.”

No consultation before vaccination

“Last week we were in Grieskirchen to inform the people there and were not expelled. As today, there was no education in Grieskirchen for citizens who were ready to be vaccinated. The people who wanted to be vaccinated were only informed by a paramedic which form should be filled out and signed for which vaccine. Nowhere to be seen were the ‘red doctor’s letters’ with references to vaccination damage. When I asked whether people willing to be vaccinated should be informed, there was only the brief: “Of course not. You can read everything on the internet.” To my objection that older people in particular had no way of getting information on the Internet, the answer was: “It doesn’t matter; they can ask.” I timed the duration of the entire process — from filling out the medical questionnaire, signing, and getting on the bus, until the vaccinated person came outside again vaccinated. It was exactly three minutes. What clarification can happen in three minutes?”

Collapse after vaccination — not an isolated case

“After the injection, a young lady sat down on one of the armchairs provided in front of the bus, began to twitch wildly and fell over when she tried to get up. I filmed this situation briefly. Not out of sensationalism, but to document that precisely such incidents have occurred.

“Two paramedics and an alleged doctor, who could not be recognized as such, went to the young woman, measured her blood pressure and took her pulse. Five minutes later, when I left the scene because I had to go to an urgent appointment, the young woman was still not moving. 20 minutes later, my colleague informed me that the woman was feeling better and that she was put back on the armchair.

“I wonder why something like this has to happen.

“For ten people willing to be vaccinated who were there that day, there were exactly four seats and three standing tables, although it is always said that you have to recover for 20 to 25 minutes after the injection. Some people got into the car and drove off immediately after the injection. What if there is a traffic accident? Is the jab to blame then?”

40% only get vaccinated for fear of losing their job

“We go to such actions because we inform people — unlike the doctors — and explain to them that they don’t have to be forced. Vaccination must always be a free decision.

“In all of our conversations in front of vaccination streets and vaccination buses, we unfortunately found that only about 40% voluntarily go to injections and another 40% because they are put under pressure by the employer by threatening to give them notice.

“About 20% get vaccinated because they want to take part in cultural life again. We always point out that there must be no compulsory vaccination and that there is still no compulsory vaccination in Austria. The indirect compulsory vaccination by authorities, offices, companies and politics has been around for a long time.

“A lot of people are just not strong enough to face it.”

Stelzer, Gerstorfer and Haimbuchner, who spoke out against compulsory vaccination at the elephant round on TV now want to enforce it through pressure and the 3G rule in the workplace and in all areas.

“I have a large network; I am told a lot about that. A friend works in the OÖGKK in a single office. There she is forced to wear an FFP2 mask because she has not been vaccinated and has not recovered. How stupid is that? Alone in the office with a mask. More and more nurses are quitting because of the vaccination pressure.”

We would like to point out that this is a reader’s report and do not assume any responsibility for the completeness of the report. ÖVP mayor Gerhard Huber was not available for comment.

Note: Yes, I’m aware that the vaccination bus shown at the top of this post is from northern Germany, and not from Austria. It just happened to be the clearest schematic side view of an Impfbus that I could find.

16 thoughts on “The Not-So-Magic Bus

  1. One thing I have come across which may be anecdotal, is some of these people who have had adverse reactions may have had it injected into a vein. Apparently they are supposed to use an infection method called aspirated injection where they pull fluid into the syringe, I guess to see what they hit, muscle, artery or vein. There are reports of people who immediately get a metallic taste in their mouth who may also have a reaction. I haven’t been but I would keep that in mind. Anyone notice people talking about people they know or Drs talking about statistically low chances of getting a reaction but the numeric values seeming kind of high. Statistically seems higher than reported.

    • That would be odd; veins are usually used to take samples or for intravenous drips.

      Last Monday I had my ‘flu jab and Covid booster, each into the muscle at the top of opposite arms (for what it’s worth, the ‘flu one remained tender for longer). I’m as aware as I can be, I believe, of the possible problems with the Covid one (it would be hard not to be for anyone who follows GoV!) But I’m 73, on immunosuppressants, and a lifelong smoker, so on balance it seems the right choice for me, but it was a choice.

      • God help you! You read all this and still you make the choice to be injected with this poison. Your part of the experiment, congratulations!

  2. A correctly formulated question is half the answer.

    If the covid is a deliberate sabotage or an undeclared war, it means that initially there are some mechanisms to protect the necessary groups of people, and the saboteurs have the means to quickly end the consequences.

    If this is a leak from laboratories, then in any case, an antidote should already appear. If they have created a virus, they need to know how to deal with it.

    The more you think, the more clearly you realize that this cannot be a leak.
    This means that we are all at the very beginning.

    I feel as insecure as any of my illiterate ancestors from the depths of the ages. “It is God’s will,” they said, and crawled across the church floor on their knees in front of the icons.

    But now I know for sure that this is not the will of an invented higher being – it is someone’s obvious malicious intent to kill me.
    How tired I am of this cyberpunk dystopia!

    • You are disrespecting the only means of your deliverance from this “cyberpunk dystopia”. You should apply your critical thinking skills to the preposterous and illogical THEORY of evolution.

      • I watch what is happening and more and more inclined to believe that the world works as described by Daniel F. Galouye in the novel Simulacron-3
        It’s like we are inside a model and experiments are being put on us.

        What experience I have to take from this – I do not understand. What’s the point, too. Clerics say that I will be credited with bonuses in the afterlife if I behave well and do not cheat. Doubtful.

  3. Petty officials do love being in power, even if it is only temporary. Human nature doesn’t change much, does it?

  4. “Stelzer, Gerstorfer and Haimbuchner, who spoke out against compulsory vaccination at the elephant round on TV[,] now want to enforce it through pressure and the 3G rule in the workplace and in all areas.”

    What is the meaning of “at the elephant round on TV” (original text: “bei der Elefantenrunde im TV”)?

    • It is a discussion involving political heavyweights from each party, not low-level functionaries.

  5. PS Never thought “Magic Bus” was The Who’s best; like the Stones with “Satanic Majesties”, they should have avoided psychedelia and stuck with rock, which both bands did so well. It was more convicing from the Beatles, maybe because they usually had a “softer” sound anyway.

    • I agree with you on both counts. “She comes in colours everywhere” (or whatever the title of that song was) was a poor imitation of psychedelia. “Itchycoo Park” and “Hole in my Shoe” were more or less the real thing.

      Nobody compared with the Grateful Dead or Jimi Hendrix, of course.

      • Hendrix didn’t experiment with drug use. It was part of who he was. That is why his music was authentic.
        The others were trying to obtain a taste of what he felt. Hence their attempts were steeped in vacuousness and untrue. This is true in every aspect of life. Though I do not, look at any current tv show or even the news. Its all misrepresentation knowingly delivered by people who knowingly get paid to misrepresent. People who watch them develop the same characteristics.
        I bet those who take the poison are avid viewers of the BBC, the ABC ( in Oz) or their equivalent public broadcasting frauds in other countries.

        By the way, the correct way to now spell country is without the “o”.

  6. When you think that the Nazis started their Mass Extermination/Gassing project with special Trucks and Busses…….
    These guys just try everyting and pull out all the stops now.

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