Austria Makes Life Difficult for the Unvaccinated

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Summit hammer: Lockdown for Unvaccinated!

The times for vaccine-refusers could soon get tougher. If the intensive care unit becomes more and more stressful, it could even lead to a “lockdown” for those people who have not been immunized.

This is the result of a meeting of the government and state governors, which was held partly virtually on Friday evening.

Levels 4 and 5 planned, with level 3 only PCR test valid

With 25 percent utilization of the intensive care beds, 2G is to be introduced for restaurants, hotels, events as well as hospital and care visits. This means that the facilities can only be used by vaccinated or recovered. From level 5, which should come at 30 percent utilization, there should be a lockdown for unvaccinated people.

How exactly this should look is unclear. These are likely to be the general (exit) restrictions that generally applied in earlier high phases of the pandemic.

However, with the 30 percent occupancy, which corresponds to 600 beds, a rather dramatic situation has already arisen. Because from 33 percent at the latest, it becomes finally critical in the intensive care units. The country is currently at level 1 with 224 intensive care beds occupied, and level 2 with 300 occupied beds. Then a 2G rule applies in night catering (and “similar settings”) as well as for events without assigned seats with more than 500 people; i.e. only those who have been vaccinated or recovered have access. This is already the case in Vienna. Level 3 with 400 beds or more means that the antigen test is completely invalid. Only those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered or who have a current PCR test would have access to settings that are subject to 3G.

Levels 3-5 in the overview

3rd level from 400 ICU beds (without 7-day follow-up)

  • 2.5G (= vaccinated, genetic or PCR test) wherever 3G was previously valid
  • Antigen tests no longer recognized

4th level from the covering of 500 ICU beds (without 7-day follow-up)

  • 2G (= vaccinated or recovered) where previously 2.5 G

5th level from 600 ICU beds (without 7-day overrun)

  • Exit restrictions for unvaccinated people, i.e. leaving their own private living area only due to a few exceptional reasons (work, daily needs, close reference person)
  • 2G in all indoor settings that are not covered by exceptions

Schallenberg: “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”

Federal Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg (ÖVP) had warned in advance of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated without need”. Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens) is also there. It is important, together as the federal government, to clarify the further procedure in a timely and transparent manner, it said in a written statement from the Minister of Health before the start. The federal states are of course important partners here. “Our top priority is to increase the vaccination rate in Austria in order to get through autumn and winter safely. The mutually agreed step-by-step plan and the measures anchored in it provide an important basis for this,” explained Mückstein.

If the occupancy rate is 20 percent (400 beds), then — unlike previously planned — level 3 will come into effect immediately. In areas with 3G, the antigen test is completely invalid in this phase. This means that only those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered or who have a current PCR test would have access to restaurants and the like.

Critical voices from the states were also raised during the meeting. According to reports, the Styrian governor Hermann Schützenhöfer (ÖVP) pushed the pace and made the federal government responsible, as it had declared the pandemic to be over before the summer. He wants to introduce 2G on a broad basis as soon as possible and in line with the FFP2 mask requirement that has long been in force in Vienna in all shops. Carinthia’s governor Peter Kaiser (SPÖ) gave a positive outlook. The vaccination for children aged five to eleven will likely be approved as early as November, he reported after the meeting.

Tyrolean governor Günther Platter (ÖVP), currently also chairman of the governor’s conference, said after the video conference that the orientation towards the intensive care bed occupancy is the right way, “therefore we will stick to it”. It was agreed on Friday what measures should be taken if the number of new infections also increases the occupancy of intensive care beds. “There is also no question that we have to keep the restrictions for vaccinated people as low as possible. We see in other EU countries where the vaccination rate is high that they get through this wave relatively well. That must also be our goal.” , said Platter, who appealed to all those who had not been vaccinated,

“From 600 occupied beds, there are exit restrictions for unvaccinated people”

On Friday evening, the government decided to tighten the corona measures, which are aimed primarily at unvaccinated people — in the event of a sharp increase in intensive care unit utilization. As soon as 500 intensive care beds are occupied by corona patients, a 2G rule will apply in many areas. If there are more than 600 occupied beds, there are “exit restrictions” for unvaccinated people, the government announced after a meeting with the provincial governors. Corona tests remain free of charge for the time being.

With the new measures, the government is adapting the “step-by-step plan” that has existed since mid-September by adding two more steps — and is aimed primarily at the unvaccinated (with the exception of the non-vaccinable population, such as children under 12 years of age). Phase 4 of the plan provides for a 2G rule in all those areas in which the 2.5G rule (vaccinated, recovered, PCR-tested) previously applies in level 3: Should the mark of 500 occupied ICU beds (25 percent the intensive capacities) are exceeded, unvaccinated people will probably be denied entry into the catering and hotel industry. This also applies if a negative test is presented — regardless of whether it is antigen or PCR. Events, cultural institutions, leisure facilities or sporting events are also likely to be affected. According to the Ministry of Health, details are still being worked out.

If the ICU occupancy even exceeds 600 beds (or 30 percent), then phase 5 comes. According to Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein (Greens), this brings “exit restrictions” for unvaccinated people — that is, the lockdown known from earlier phases. This would mean that the “exclusively tested” would only be allowed to leave their own private living area for a few exceptional reasons, for example for basic services or for work, according to Mückstein.

The current utilization of the intensive care units with corona patients is more than 220 beds, which is around eleven percent. A mark of 33 percent is considered “critical”, i.e. just above the threshold specified for phase 5.

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  1. This is insane, these pharma mafia communists companies must be stopped! Who hell is allowing these killer injections to be forced upon the world in spite of all the evidence now available that this is one big scam?

    Resist, refuse to comply, get armed

    These criminals politicians in governments must be detained asap!

    • > Resist, refuse to comply, get armed
      it did not work, you have seen already with the Jan 6th event, they can steal the elections even in the US and tell their own narrative to fit their agenda…

      The only option you are given is not to work (but that depends if you are able to do that, not forever, but at least for some period that you may not know when it ends) or illegaly avoid the rules (like if you work for a small company with few employees where no one is going to ask anything). In case you cannot do any of that, you have to follow the rules: it is like the forced enrollment for war, you may not believe in your own government, but you are still required to pay your life for it with no other option… it is nor happy, but that is the truth.

  2. Those administrators implementing this tyranny have names, addresses, houses, cars, and family members. If these are too well guarded, well, the guards have names, addresses, houses, cars, and family members too. Hopefully someone is taking notes and making naughty lists for when things turn kinetic.

  3. And as people are walking about in public, everyone masked, who is to know the vaccinated from the non-vaccinated? Why, here’s an idea: a badge to be visibly displayed on clothing: Green color: Ich bin geimpft! or Red color: Nicht geimpft. Then we must see places displaying placards : Hunde und Nicht gimpft?? Eintritt Verboten.
    To think I used to wonder how the gutmensch of Germany put up with the edicts of the Nazis.
    Is there no push back from scientists and doctors? The vaccine does not necessarily prevent one from getting the virus though it can mitigate the symptoms. The evidence is showing that the vacced can carry and spread the virus. Indeed THEY are possibly more of a danger because they feel safe. For Schallenberg to trumpet about a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ is irresponsible and dangerous. It risks igniting the flames of the fire of discrimination.

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