Make Room! Make Room!

Now that the latest wave of Afghan “refugees” has reached Germany, there is an urgent need for new accommodations at migrant reception facilities.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Also in Baden-Württemberg: All initial reception facilities are jam-packed

Not only in Brandenburg and Saxony, but also in Baden-Württemberg, the initial reception facilities are fully occupied. Those who offer the best social benefits also get the most care-seekers, although there may not be a need for help when the trip to Germoney leads through umpteen safe third countries, some of which are handsomely rewarded. This asylum package tourism is likely to intensify with the new red-green government and the yellow appendage, at least until the pressure-cooker lid blows up.

Zeit online:

The initial reception facilities are fully booked, said CDU Migration State Secretary Siegfried Lorek to the Heilbronner Voice and the Südkurier (Saturday). “We urgently need more space.” He assumes that the Corona restrictions in the asylum accommodation will last longer because the people arriving there are usually not vaccinated.

The number of refugees has recently increased significantly again. According to Lorek, a total of 9,170 asylum seekers came to Baden-Württemberg in the first three quarters of 2021. Most of the refugees currently come from Syria and Afghanistan because of the political tensions.

According to Lorek, the country wants to expand its initial reception capacity by around 800 additional places this year. “Our goal is to create around 800 new initial reception places across the country this year,” he told the newspapers. In the long term, 400 new places should be created in Freiburg, and 1,650 new places should be added at several locations in Karlsruhe.

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  1. So when do they start taking second homes from Germans to provide for the invading barbarians?

    • They already are taking the homes of pensioners and have for a few years now giving them to 3 rd worlders, lots of elderly on the streets with nowhere to go now, it’s bloody criminal.

      • The western world seems to have become very something or other. It has not escaped the attention of Erdogan and his fellow travellers.

      • That is so sad.
        I didn’t realize that the BDR had started taking primary homes.

        • Mostly flats(apartments) but the local governments are pushing for it and the results are clear, they are throwing our elderly under the bus to please the diversity crowd.

  2. „Wir haben Platz „!!!that’s what is started with this antifa , this greens supporters , it’s a disaster , soon they will take out Germans and put this parasites illegal , I don’t understand Germans !!, they not seeing what’s going on ?? They are getting replaced, big time ..,

    • Since 1919..from the time Versaille Treaty..
      This hybrid and satanic State has to be dismantle..

      • That this satanic government North Korea style !!, ordinary Germans are suffering greatly, it’s awful for children and grandchildren of this people.,

        • Effects of abandoning “de-nazifacation ” of Germany after 2 World War..
          90 % Germans participating in War atrocities and crimes where never hold accountable for what they done..
          They where living pretty comfortable life after ,some until now..
          ” ordinary germans” in trows ” willkomen ” Islam and Islamist in large numbers until today..

          • Mahoohy, Wrong! It is the result of telling Germans they are bad people and must fall over themselves on hands and knees and kiss the boots of these GD 3rd world invaders. This is the reason why where we are now. After 1945 there were no naxi’s, it/they ceased to exist after Germany surrendered, and the bloody communists have made a mess ever since.

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