The Stiffs Keep Piling Up

In the following RAIR Foundation video, a British undertaker named John O’Looney is interviewed by Vlad Tepes about the increased number of corpses — he says by 300% — that have passed through his establishment since “vaccination” began last winter.

Mr. O’Looney has strong opinions about the vax, and is unstinted in giving voice to them. He presents anecdotal data, rather than statistics, but it’s still worth paying attention to what he has to say:

4 thoughts on “The Stiffs Keep Piling Up

  1. I saw the original interview and the follow up on thecrowhouse – an aussie site.

    These are the true sources of information – at the coal face.

    The keys that Looney points to –

    he has never worn a mask and handled hundreds of so-called covid patients yet never caught wuflu,

    there were less deaths than usual when the media were telling everyone that the hospitals were full with covid patients,

    and deaths spiked as soon as the vaccinations started

    I think that there are some publicly listed funeral companies – it would be interesting to watch their profit announcements.

    The background information is that the numbers are all BS. So don’t believe the vax numbers. They will be overblown to the craphouse. We know this anyway. How?

    Because they need to go to the next phase now and only allow double or triple vaxxed to fly or spend too much on meals and drinks at their local restaurant. They need to corral us and hope we weaken.

    Newsflash: They have completely underestimated our resolve.

  2. Maybe the following is of interest?


    Evidence of millions of deaths and hundreds of millions of serious events resulting from the experimental COVID injections

    The vaccine death report shows all the scientific evidence that millions of innocent people have lost their lives and hundreds of millions are suffering from crippling side effects after being injected with experimental covid injections. The report reveals the strategic methods used by governments and health authorities to hide 99% of all vaccine injuries and deaths. You will also learn who is really behind all this, and what their real agenda is.

    The report also shows frightening laboratory results
    from microscopic examination of some vaccine bottles:
    living beings with tentacles, as well
    self-assembling nanorobots. See picture:”

  3. *Conspiracy warning*
    It makes me wonder if there is any relationship to the reason Zillow has stopped purchasing houses to resell for the rest of the year. Maybe they anticipate there will be a glut of inventory in the future.

  4. Well since there is not one good upright political MP or leader with any moral courage, integrity, principles or backbone to challenge the Govt and hold them accountable, this Covid jab carnage will run and run till what till we all end up in dystopian hell.

    I don’t know the answers given the mighty far advanced 1% Covid State war machinery is lined up against the brainwashed apathetic 99% JoeJanePublic.

    Civil rebellion is the answer, but can’t see it happening somehow.

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