A Reminder: We Will Not Comply

In a time of universal vaccine mandates, non-compliance is a revolutionary act.*

The landing craft is now bumping through the raging surf, and will shortly be ejecting us onto our very own Omaha Beach.

Yes, we are in the midst of a war. There are no non-combatants.

Looking at it from one angle, everyone who has been “vaccinated” has already surrendered and been taken prisoner. The rest of us — the ones who have refused, sometimes known as “purebloods” — are now being intensively targeted in a renewed offensive by the enemy. There are very few unjabbed people left who can be easily coerced into getting the vax, so we can expect the next phase of the war to become particularly nasty.

There has never been a conflict like this one, at least not in my lifetime.

As I have said repeatedly in the past, we are in the midst of an information war that has been going on for decades. Here in the glorious Year of Our Lord 2021 it’s still an information war, but over the last two years it has opened a new front in our bodies — under the skin, in the bloodstream, in the brain. This is unprecedented. Nothing like it has ever been seen before.

Eventually the Powers That Be will probably devise a way to insert the new nano-hardware and -software into us without our knowing it, but for the time being they still require our consent in order to get the needle into our arms.

They have persuaded, cajoled, bribed, threatened, and fooled just about everyone that they can. The remnant of unvaxed people are going to have to be coerced into being “dutiful”. Telling us that we’re murdering Grandma is simply not going to be enough.

No traditional method remains by which we might win this war. It’s become abundantly clear that voting is no help. Nor is writing letters to our elected representatives. The federal government has the means to ruin our lives, and it has made it abundantly clear that it won’t hesitate to do so. It has already rolled out some pretty big guns against us, and is holding some even bigger ones in reserve.

Armed citizens are able to resist to a certain extent, but the government has the means to ruin the lives of an isolated person and his family, even if they are armed. They can bust your [fundament] and cart you off in the big black armored vehicle to rot in solitary indefinitely.

Constitution? What’s a “constitution”? Never heard of it.

Being armed can work when enough armed people gather in solidarity with one another and act collectively. However, when the group becomes large enough, it gets infiltrated by federal informants and provocateurs, and gets rolled up by the government, as I have discussed in previous essays.

This can only begin to change when a large enough number of people have nothing left to lose. And the government is, of course, creating exactly those conditions with its latest heavy-handed repressive measures designed to force people to allow themselves to be injected with an experimental mRNA medical treatment. Those who resist and lose their jobs and become unemployable, who get evicted or have the bank foreclose on their homes, become people who have nothing left to lose.

This is why we lowly foot soldiers in the war need to wield the only weapon we have left, which is to say en masse: WE WILL NOT COMPLY.

It takes an ornery person to resist the kind of pressure we’re currently under. I consider myself ornery, but I’m under no illusions about how hard this may well become. I’ll see how long I can hold out.

The government is still holding its most fearsome weapons in reserve. It may well cut off Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security for citizens who refuse the vax. We may eventually be required to show a vax pass to enter federal state, and local government buildings, or health care facilities, or pharmacies, or even grocery stores. Banks and credit card companies may shut down the accounts of people who can’t prove they’ve been “vaccinated”.

We may be reduced to scavenging for scraps in dumpsters. Except, of course, peace officers will be stationed in the vicinity of all dumpsters to check our QR codes before we are allowed near the garbage.

All to keep us “safe”, mind you.

Yes, this is likely to get really ugly, and fairly soon. Non-compliance is going to become more and more difficult.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I’ve heard that it’s fairly easy to obtain a forged certificate of vaccination. If you’re willing to contact the right sort of seedy people, you can get the relevant card — for a price. I don’t know about digital versions, but I’m fairly sure those can also be arranged.

I won’t be taking that route.

In my old age I have decided to take Solzhenitsyn’s advice.

You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.

― Alexander Solzhenitsyn

I now practice what I call “radical honesty”. I won’t lie, even if it is inconvenient or harmful for me to tell the truth. So I’ll be straightforward about all this.

I am not “vaccinated”. I will not allow myself to be “vaccinated”.

I will not comply.

*   A riff on a quote attributed to George Orwell: “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

32 thoughts on “A Reminder: We Will Not Comply

  1. Why is the guy in the picture throwing a cobblestone against a soldier firing a rifle? Because he wasn’t allowed to have a rifle.

  2. Those who have sold out because they are paid well to support the party line are looking increasingly foolish by the day. The insistence to comply that they shout more loudly by the day is being answered by clinical studies that show the vaccines to be a dangerous poison that has bits of metal, graphene oxide and even parasites floating in it. The more insistent they become the more foolish they seem and the more desperate they are forced to be until a tipping point is reached and they must play the entire deck or lose and be publicly shamefaced.
    I asked my family doctor the rhetorical question, “If the vaccine is so necessary for continued good health in the face of this viral contagion, why then is it so dangerous and life-threatening to someone who has myocardia running on both sides of his family?” “Shouldn’t I take vitamin supplements, stay healthy with exercise and avoid large crowds?” He had no answer for my questions and only smiled, which told me that he was only spouting the party line as he was expected to by the State Medical Board. Further discussion showed that he privately agreed with me that prevention is the best cure.
    So….what will the powers-that-be do when they are shown to be the shamefaced fools that they are? They will simply throw a hissy fit and put those who have disagreed with them out of their misery. Of course, the Lord could do that for them and leave them to face the music that they have composed. We do live in interesting times, wouldn’t you say?

    • acuara, I want every doctor like the one you just described put in gaol.

      You don’t pay a doctor to hear the opinions of the state. You pay a doctor for opinions on your health. They were once in a position of trust – though never by me.

      If any other professional knowingly subverted his professional responsibility he would be in court for negligence.

      I detest these people. And I know them well. Money is the motivator for most of them. Shallow, characterless nerds in the main with leeches for wifes.

      • Actually, my heart and prayers go out to them as they are now living in fear over everything they say, which the wrong person could take out of context and use to report them to the authorities with the loss of their license and practice as the result.
        Yes, all things, including health, are now political. You either tow the party line and confess the narrative as the gospel you will propagate or else you are consigned to a gulag that is either the real thing or a confluence of circumstances. What Paul told Timothy is true and now directly confronting all who would refer the truth and honesty in their dealings with those around them.

      • One of the side effects of the COVID hysteria is the declining confidence in healthcare infrastructure.
        Folks like me have decided that WHO, CDC, hospitals, and even GPs are just delivering the government line and don’t have our best interests in mind. They can’t be trusted.
        The destruction of this trust is one more crime against humanity perpetrated by governments.

  3. I had considered getting a fake certificate for myself and my wife since her boss was imploring her to get the fake vaxx because all the other lemmings at her workplace had already done so. My wife has a difficult to replace skill, is the only one there with the skill, and is better and faster at what she does than all her predecessors. I am now self employed so I don’t have to worry about being fired over any mandate.

    My view on getting a fake certificate has changed and now I see getting fake certificates to maintain employment as a bad thing since it undercuts those who refuse to get the fake vaxx. Better to force employers to fire their most essential employees and thus harm themselves.

    • Something else to keep in mind. Eventually all these people with fake vax certs will be found out through blood tests. That will eventually happen. The PTB are not stupid.

  4. Alex, he should have made a bow. Then that [epithet] would be screaming wherever he was hit.

    Nice write up Baron. Have you released the crocodiles into the moat surrounding the Schloss?

    To win, you must never doubt that you are right. This is why Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild and co wont win. Once we get started we wont stop until we have them.

    Go look at how our forebears fought. 50 guys with longbows can fire maybe 4 shots each per minute with a 300 yard range. That is a lot of killing power when fired into a group. The arrow heads need not just be sharpened carbon, but some explosive heads thrown in.

    There are many ways to win, but it would appear that we are going to have to get medieval to win. So be it.

    When our enemy is reduced to rocks and we have the guns, the pleasure will be immense.

    Never, ever give in.

    • Thedawg–you are 100%.

      This is a major PSYOPS, and when things go kinetic, you won’t see these ‘keyboard warriors’ spouting all this crap on the frontlines.

      A whole lotta us been through the mill, so to speak, and ‘saw the elephant,’ one way or another. Active, Reserves, Veterans.

      Like Baron says: local, Local, LOCAL! Know the guy to your right and to your left in all actions. Small group. You know your terrain better than most.

      Right now, we are ALL Sgt. Charles Stuart MacKenzie: for hearth and home:

      When they come a wull staun ma groon.
      Staun ma groon al nae be afraid

    • Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild (i would add Goldman-Sachs) ..You nail it brother !!
      Thanks God.Someone in America understand what’s going on in theirs land !!
      Regards from Poland..We are behind real American Patriots like you !
      There is large number Polish-Americans just waiting for the call ( 1.7 millions)
      Structure are ready ( Polish-American Congress)
      Start to cooperate ..

  5. There are 2 things that people should know, but probably haven’t put together.

    1. Those behind the government are past masters at influencing crowds.

    Billions upon billions of dollars have been spent researching how to influence crowds, both for marketing and government abuse. Bernays, Lippmann, Ivy Lee. There is also the Tavistock Institute, and the MKUltra program, whose goal (based on the incomplete documents found) was about controlling peoples’ minds through various means including drugs and repetitive loud noises.

    The UK even ran a pandemic field exercise in 2016 that included how to manage public reactions:
    “Exercise Cygnus was centred around assumptions of public responses that have yet to be validated. Expectations of how the public will react was postulated based on the magnitude of “swan flu”.

    2. The effort to get people to get vaxxed is amateurish, which is being generous.

    Influencing crowds should be a slam dunk for the elites. So why have they made it so obvious? If this was a scam just to get people to take the virus, why is their script so horrible? Like Fauci saying “X is true!” then “Y is true!” then “Z is true!” Fauci isn’t a shot-caller, he is the hired help reading from a script. Why do they state so many obvious lies, while telling the truth about half or less of their staff being vaxxed. It is so obvious, only an easily controlled person would fall for it… which is exactly the point.

    What has happened is that those in control have created a badly carved pagan idol, and put it up to see who bows down to it. This will separate the population into 2 groups, those who are easily controlled and those who resist. To put it another way, those the elites want to save and those they want done away with. The few who die of the vax would be considered acceptable losses.

    The question remains, how are they going to accomplish this winnowing of the resisters? An extremely deadly bug that the last covid update just happens to protect against? Wouldn’t want to waste all that research into “gain of function” viruses… Death squads? Removed from ‘social credit’ system with no way to get back in, even with proof of vaccination?

    Remember, they don’t want the resisters to take the vax, as they would have had a much better script. They want the resisters gone.

    The way to test this theory is how badly the gov continues to be at getting people vaxxed. If they fail at enforcing a mandate (which is Constitutional-ish), I will consider my theory as close to proven as it can be.

    • I find it far more likely the ham-handed approach to forcing people to submit to the fake vaxx is more about provoking those who would fight into fighting so the elites will have a causus belli for openly using the police state to crush resistance to the rest of their plans. This still gets rid of the resistors with the added benefit of first making them loathed by the sheep who will applaud the imposition of the police state to protect them from the evil anti-vaxxers.

      • Moon, once the bullets start flying, nobody is going to be in the mood to follow any govt mandate or plea, especially when they kill a spouse, parent, close friend or relative. Sure the sheep will do whatever the govt tells them, they don’t matter, for the sheep always get slaughtered. The Wolves on the other hand will be out for the hunt and they won’t let something like so called rules stop them, all govt functionaries and their wretched families will be fair game.

  6. We are 99% complying if a jab and mask are the only things we are fighting against. Those waving the flag and pounding their chest over a jab and a mask are like slaves asking massah to loosen the chains a bit so they can work a bit more comfortably out in the fields.

  7. There are “markers” in the jab. This is one of the most critical parts of the entire effort, along with killing off the elderly and unfit, and dramatically increasing infertility.

    Bill Gates has long been talking about the need for “vaccines” to have their own proof of vaccination in the injection, because it’s not possible to connect all the world’s databases. He discussed this in the context of vaccination efforts in rural India over a decade ago. Folks had no birth certificates, no central bureaucracy for record keeping, what to do?

    Put the nano-particle “markers” right into the injection.
    This is why they want everybody jabbed. Soon, the globalist demons will be able to scan people at every portal: obedient slaves, or dissident rebels who can be stopped, turned away, or arrested.

    And the jabbed slaves will need to take every “booster” just to stay alive.

    God help us.

    Bill Gates on the nano-particle scannable “markers” in the “vaccines” is contained in this excellent documentary “Who Is Bill Gates” by James Corbett.

    Who Is Bill Gates? (Full Documentary, 2020)
    Corbett • 06/13/2020

  8. Let them all rant and rave. There are not enough Orcs and Orcettes with badges and/or Cammies and M-4’s to support their Hunger Games agenda. Portlandia is in total meltdown. Insleeland has just fired over 100 personnel from the State Police Force who would not take the stick. Herd immunity is starting to manifest itself here in Winterfell(North Idaho).
    The latest on Breitbart would indicate the criminals who inhabit Mordor-On-The-Potomac are in constant strife with one another. The fact that the MSM talking heads have to continue to beat the dead horse(Trump) is another indication the Deep State and its useful MSM idiots are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Keep up with your preps. Stay vigilant. Stay gray. Bleib ubrig.

      • G: My wife is an Idaho girl. After all of the family elderly passed, we left the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon in 2015. The granddaughter and youngest stepdaughter are here. But, there are other issues. Winterfell is white and polite.
        The main problem is all of the Marxist Dreck coming in from Seattle and CA. We are still able to hold the line in local elections, with the exception of school bonds, but if the trend continues, we will end up like Ada County, which is slowly turning purple. Very sad.

        • If I were you, I would put up signs like they do in Texas that simply says, if your from cali or Oregon, leave your communist politics in those places, we don’t tolerate commies. Right to the point.

          The people from the Twin Cities are trying to get out and are buying every piece of property here in JackPine Savage country(Nordern MN) as they can. A lake place near me which is nothing special went for 350 that was worth less than 100 2 years ago.

  9. If we are marked to die, we are enow to do our country loss; and if to live, the fewer men, the greater share of honor. G*d’s will! I pray thee, wish not one man more. By Jove, I am not covetous for gold, Nor care I who doth feed upon my cost; It yearns me not if men my garments wear; Such outward things dwell not in my desires. But if it be a sin to covet honor, I am the most offending soul alive. The Bard of Avon said it so well, and next Monday is the feast of St. Crispin. Hang in there, Baron.

  10. Even before I got the Rona earlier this month, I had resolved to never comply, no matter the cost. Once I understood that this war is also a spiritual as well as a political one, my desire and ability to resist grew exponentially. One day I may be shut out from “society”, but it will be worth it in the end, for I do not serve evil.

  11. Please include those who have taken the first “vaccines” – for whatever reasons – but refuse to take any more. We are in agreement regarding this tyranny in which we are now living. There are many of us in this group.

  12. “It may well cut off Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security for citizens who refuse the vax.”

    I hear this a lot and it makes me wonder what percentage of resistors are of an age that will allow those behind the COVID scam to simply bide their time and wait for us to pass.

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