Want to get Rid of Your Criminals? Here’s How.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian tabloid Exxpress:

“Cannot be integrated”: Gambia refuses to take back migrants

The government of the West African mini-state Gambia is not even considering taking back its own citizens in the course of repatriations — the argument: this would lead to “social unrest”.

Although 6,000 of the 15,000 Gambians who are currently in Germany have long been required to leave the country due to a negative asylum decision, the deportations cannot be carried out. The reason: The Gambian government under President Barrow has not issued a landing permit for deportation pilots from Germany or other EU countries since 2019. The reason: The returnees are “unintegrable”; they would only bring turmoil and unrest to the small West African country.

When thousands of Gambians return, “social unrest” can be expected: “We are trying to consolidate peace, stability and democracy in our country,” said a spokesman for the Gambian government.

Criminals sending money home

In African countries, as in Europe, migration is a policy. Barrow, the incumbent President of the Gambia, has repeatedly announced through spokesmen and the media that he is not interested in taking back Gambian emigrants. The reason: Large parts of the three million Gambian citizens do not want to see the young men back in their country. It seems that the departure of many young men for Germany is seen as a discharge of crime and violence from their home country.

The argument of crime is not enough, however, because: The money sent from Germany makes a significant contribution to the gross domestic product — more than a fifth, exactly 21 percent, comes from the diaspora. Anyone who is deported to Gambia no longer receives any social benefits from Europe. “Many livelihoods depend on money transfers from Europe,” said an activist from an aid organization, Julian Staiger.

Social ostracism for returnees

As Die Welt reports, for example, a 25-year-old Gambian who returned voluntarily was excluded from his family and ostracized. He had saved some money through German welfare and benefits and was fulfilling his dream of having his own farm in his home country. But this displeased his wife, and she left him. “She still thinks that I was deported from Germany and came back empty-handed,” complained the Gambian.

Landing bans could have precedent effect

The fear among German and Austrian authorities that these landing bans could also become a growing trend in other African countries. It remains to be seen whether these deportation stops have a precedent effect. 85 percent of the Gambians who applied for asylum in Germany last year received a negative decision. But nobody has been deported since 2019.

11 thoughts on “Want to get Rid of Your Criminals? Here’s How.

  1. The solution is to take them back by ship, then dump them in a small boat just outside the 12-mile limit, with just enough fuel to get them to land. That is how we in Australia got rid of people trying to illegally immigrate. (They can even keep the boat.)

    • Why would you let your enemies live to fight another day and breed more orcs to invade you by shear numbers? When are you people going to get it through your heads that this is going have to be dealt with in more extreme, profound and absolute methods?

  2. I know how to send them back.

    You know how the USA drops tanks out of planes? Flying slow and low. Take a padded box and put them in and then drop it off.
    The Gambian forces consist of a few boats and one SU-25.
    I think 2 Frigates would be enough to suppress them.

    Or you take an old ship, make it seaworthy for just one trip and beach it with full steam ahead at the coast of Gambia.

    • If I am not mistaken, current EU law would say that “returning them to Gambia violates their human rights” because they might face hardship or death there.
      Apparently, EU law has no considerations whatsoever for the people who actually live in the EU.

  3. A quick lesson in sky diving and a complementary
    Parachute per returning criminal would surely
    Solve the problem?

  4. You don’t have to talk to the African governments, nor have their permission to deport illegals.

    You simply make the illegals choose between a plane ticket and a bullet.

    It is not a deportation, and the local government cannot prevent it, if the illegal enters the plane “voluntarily”.

  5. “The reason: Large parts of the three million Gambian citizens do not want to see the young men back in their country.”

    Wow, Gambians must be racist!!!

    Seriously, though, if trends continue, in about 20 years, the Gambia will be a nicer place than Germany!

  6. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. A suitably escorted airlift could be done without too much fuss I’m sure.

  7. Let us be as compassionate as an Australian pagan Chant to the illegals, vaxxassinate them. The immigrants would be offered the choice of return home or full strength dose of the latest mrna cocktail therapy, as mandated by the country they are residing. Wonder what the illegals would chose?

  8. I look at all the above comments and they all in their wishful thinking that we are going to be able to deport millions of these 3rd world savages back to where they came from, WRONG! Trying deportation costs hundreds of thousands of hard earned tax payer money, which will break the banks of Europe. Start getting it through those brain housing groups of yours that this is going to take far more extreme, profound and absolute methods to rid ourselves of this 3rd world plague and pestilence.

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