Take the Vax — Get an “A”!

The following report describes the actions and statements of a teacher in Hungary who has gone to great lengths to reward the “vaccinated” and punish the unvaxed among his pupils. It makes me wonder how he knows the vaccination status of his students — is this information that is routinely supplied to teachers in Hungarian schools?

I haven’t yet seen a logo or symbol associated with being unjabbed. Presumably one will eventually be designed and promoted as a way to stigmatize children who haven’t received the experimental mRNA injection. Perhaps a brightly-colored patch to be sewn on the outside of a child’s clothing…

Many thanks to László for translating this article from the Hungarian daily Blikk:

Scandal at a Tamási school: teacher promises better grades to vaccinated children

Tamási — Parents have complained about the biology teacher at the Würtz Ádám Primary School and Elementary Art School because he wanted to separate students who had been vaccinated against the coronavirus and those who had not received the vaccination, and he even made comments about the latter.

“The start of school-year is approaching, and this time we are still preparing for it in the spirit of protection against the coronavirus epidemic, because the virus is still here, and, unfortunately, a fourth wave cannot be ruled out.” With this introduction, the attention of parents and guardians is drawn on the website of the primary school named after Ádám Würtz, the three-time Munkácsy Prize-winning graphic designer and renowned artist born in Tamasi, stressing that pupils aged 12 and over can also receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine at their school.

The school’s biology teacher took the fight against the epidemic even more seriously, telling pupils that those who had already received the Covid-19 vaccine and those who had not been vaccinated would have to sit separately in his classes. The latter group must take seats at the back so as not to cough on their peers.

“My son told me about it last week, after he got home from school,” István told Blikk, and he asked not to be identified by his real name in the article because he did not want his child to suffer any disadvantage because of his statement. “My son also said that the biology teacher kept making comments about the unvaccinated, and then told the class that those who had a vaccination card would be given a better grade.”

Several parents complained

The man noted that he found this outrageous, but advised his child to ignore what had happened. Some parents, however, did not shrug it off, but complained about the teacher.

We asked the headmaster of the primary school, László Gasparics, who told Blikk that the situation had been resolved.

“Parents told me that one of my colleagues had gone a bit overboard. I even received a message on Messenger over the weekend,” the head of the school told the paper. “I called the teacher in, had a chat with him and then gave him a verbal warning, because vaccination must not be an advantage or disadvantage for anyone here.”

László Gasparics stressed that he considered his colleague to be a good person and a good teacher.

“He himself also realised that what he had said to the students could cause misunderstandings or displeasure. So he promised me that he would clarify the matter with the students in every class.”

185,000 pupils have been injected

Almost 40% of schoolchildren aged 12 and over were vaccinated this summer, István György, Minister of State for Regional Administration at the Prime Minister’s Office, told the state media at the start of the school year. He said that 185,000 pupils had taken advantage of the opportunity to be vaccinated against the coronavirus this summer. The vaccination programme will continue, with children aged 12 and over eligible to apply. Almost 50,000 more are planning to take part in the campaign, which started at the end of August.

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  1. Regarding a patch to be worn by the unvaxxed, I suggest the yellow star of David preferred by the Nazis. If it was good enough for their brand of tyranny then it’s good enough for their intellectual and spiritual heirs.

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