Knife Jihad Against a Female Gardener in Berlin

Yet another mentally ill culture-enricher has gone on a homicidal rampage with a knife, this time in Berlin. What’s interesting in this case is that the authorities are willing to use the I-word in their attributions of motive, although they hedge it with the weasel-word “Islamism”.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Berliner Morgenpost:

Man stabs female landscape gardener several times in neck

Sept. 5, 2021

The Afghan, who seriously injured the woman, may be mentally confused. The authorities are also examining a possible Islamist motive.

Berlin. After a knife attack on a landscape gardener, police are investigating a 29-year-old man who was apparently motivated by Islamism as well as being mentally confused. The Afghan citizen reportedly first spoke with the 59-year-old woman on Saturday around 1:30pm near a green area at the corner of Prinzregenten and Guentzel Streets in Wilmersdorf. According to the police, he was apparently upset that the woman was doing paid work.

Then he reportedly stabbed the woman several times in the neck, and she was critically injured. A 66-year-old man who hurried to her aid was also reportedly seriously injured by several stab wounds to the neck. Both victims were operated on in hospitals.

Police arrested the Afghan right at the scene of the crime

The suspected Afghan was arrested by police at the scene. The State Prosecutor is investigating him for attempted murder and serious bodily harm. An investigating judge issued an arrest warrant against the man on Sunday. The man is in investigative custody for attempted murder and serious bodily injury, as well as the attack on the good Samaritan for serious bodily injury, as stated.

The police first reported that a psychiatric illness may have played a role in the crime. The spokesman for the State Prosecutor, Martin Steltner, said that these indications were not definite enough to justify taking him to a psychiatric facility.

According to police, the investigations are being carried out “also from the perspective of a possible Islamist-motivated attack.” “The man reportedly made statements during the commission of the crime that suggest an Islamist attitude,” said the State Prosecutor spokesman, Steltner. As to what statements were made, Steltner did not wish to say in reference to the ongoing investigation.

Parallels to the attack on the city autobahn

Investigators report the attack on the landscape gardener may have parallels to the attack on the city autobahn on 18 August 2020. The crime is attributed to the 30-year-old Iraqi citizen, Sarmad A, who is currently standing trial. With his Opal Astra, he reportedly “hunted motorcycles” and also rammed several cars.

The State Prosecutor attested that A. carried out the attack “for delusional religious and Islamist motives.” In investigative circles, they say that in the attack on the landscape gardener, a similar combination of psychiatric illness and Islamist attitude many have been decisive. The two causes are not mutually exclusive; the combination rather may have been critical for a decision to act.

The condition of the landscape gardener after the attack is said to still be critical, said Steltner. In the meantime, the man who rushed to her aid, on the other hand, is now better.

The translator adds that an Austrian report says that the woman later died.

3 thoughts on “Knife Jihad Against a Female Gardener in Berlin

  1. “The man reportedly made statements … that suggest an Islamist attitude” …. As to what statements were made, Steltner did not wish to say.
    We have encountered this before. “Police found a note in the van but did not reveal what it said…” and so on.
    This is confirmation of a jihad attack, but no-one is prepared to say.
    Nevertheless the appearance of the word “Islamism”shows, as the Baron points out, that the defence is cracking.
    “When you meet the unbeliever strike the neck” – Koran 47:4.
    Someone tell Berlin police.

  2. Certainly the journalist who wrote the article ascribing the I-word as a possible motive as well as the editor who allowed it to slip into print are already fired and on their way to the nearest concentration camp. As for the gardener, once her condition has stabilized she will be getting charged with immodesty for not being covered in a burqa, cultural insensitivity for doing so in the presence of an Afghan, and inciting prostitution for being in public without a male relative escorting her.

    • and most of all, it was a knife that went to the neck of that woman. No islam involved. Possibly, it was a german crockery , goes tomshow.

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