Meanwhile, in Madrid… Moroccans

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Spanish daily ABC:

A mob knocks the teeth out of a young girl during a savage robbery in Sol

The National Police have detained four of the attackers, Moroccan kids, after receiving information from a Metro guard who was passing through the area.

The center of Madrid was the scene of a very violent robbery at dawn, in which the principal victim was a young girl. A mob of about ten young Maghrebians [North Africans] attacked her and a couple of friends with whom she was transiting through Sol, in order to rob her. The beating they gave her was so severe that the girl lost several teeth and was left bloodied on the street. Police sources indicated that four of the delinquents were detained, all of adult age, though witnesses indicated that there were other participants who are being investigated to determine if they were minors.

The incident occurred before 3:30 of the night of August 28, last Saturday. The victims were returning through Sol after enjoying a fun evening when the thieves confronted them. It was a full-blown robbery. The girl resisted, and they stole a watch and a cell phone. They succeeded after giving them a monumental beating. A Metro guard, who was getting off work and passing down Arenal Street, saw several Maghrebians, between 16 and 27 years of age, running towards him in the direction of the opera, he estimated. When they saw him, they went down Las Hilares Street: The muscular build of the guard, whom they probably recognized from their adventures in the suburb, led them to change course.

Further on, the man saw two boys, friends of the principal victim, shouting, “Police, police!” One of them showed a gap above an eyebrow, which was broken.

At the location of numbers 24-26 Arenal Street, he saw a girl, on the ground, at a doorway. She was bleeding profusely from the blows. They had knocked out at least two lower teeth and others from the top of her mouth. Medical personnel from Samur quickly arrived and transported her to Gomez Ulla Hospital. “The poor girl remained there so they could do plastic surgery,” stated case sources.

“They attacked us like hyenas”

The guard called 091 and alerted the National Police that there were several attackers crouched among the trees of the Sabatini Gardens.

Police sources indicated that the four arrestees had fled toward the Puerta del Sol, where a police patrol that had been looking for them based on the description given by the victims intercepted them: One dressed in a red Chicago Bulls t-shirt, and another with marks on the sides. Those who had been attacked explained that they “had been attacked as if by hyenas”.

20 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Madrid… Moroccans

  1. Geert Wilders doesn’t sound so crazy now. About how there needs to be less Mor-Orc-ans. Funny how these violent thugs never seem to target the ruling classes who bleated the loudest in favor of importing them.

    • We have already had several cases in Russia when migrants attacked the wealthy middle class.
      Moreover, it was either a servant or someone on a tip from the servant.
      From high-profile cases: a woman, an assistant professor of the university and her mother were killed in Moscow. The daughter (6 years old) is badly injured. They did not agree on the cost of the work that a migrant from Tajikistan performed in her house.

      A very wealthy family was killed by the workers: grandfather, grandmother, mother and a 6-year-old boy in Nizhny Novgorod. They took advantage of the fact that the father went on a business trip. The eldest daughter escaped death because she had equestrian training. The mother was also raped before her death. The media wrote that the Uzbek worker played with the child and even sledged him.

        • the problem is that we dont have FSB in Europe, so all these bastards feel very free to do whatever they want, also with drug.
          We need [intemperate suggestions redacted].

  2. My My how times have changed, years back certain members of the community would issue behavior modification to these inbred mutants and cultural musfits.

    • When i hear something about Moroccans i always remember the film “La ciocciara” with Sofia Loren who along with her daughter was raped by,Moroccans in a church if i remember well.Since then i formed the belief that they are the worst Muslims of them all.

      • Difficult to quantify which strain of orc is the worst. They are all despicable in their own unique way. Kind of like trying to decide between shooting, stabbing, beating, burning, or starving, which is the worst way to die. And that doesn’t even include the non Islamic strains of orc, which also are just as repugnant if not worse. I recall reading about African orcling “soldiers” who had tortured and mutilated their rape victims after raping them. Tortures had included cutting off breasts and all external genitalia from the females, and in some instances lighting the victims on fire. Kind of difficult to believe in a God that would tolerate such evil, or in a hell when apparently we are perfectly good at making our own hell on earth.

        • Your
          Last sentence brings to my mind the “House of judgement” by Oscar Wild,when he said to God that He could not send him to hell because he was all his life there.
          Yes here is hell, and after this coronomadness i think that death probably is not something to be afraid of.
          Maybe we go somewhere better.
          Socrates was sure about it.

          • This is exactly what happens here in SouthAfrica with the Farm-attacks and “murders”.
            It’s always someone on the Farm that gives the tips to those Thugs.
            Also you’re extremely “lucky” if they kill you outright, because these beasts love nothing better than to torture their victims slowly and gruesomely to death.

            And the Government, through George Soros’s “Gun Free South Africa”, has been disarming the people for the last 2 decades and now you cannot even apply for a gun-licence anymore to protect yourself.
            And the Police has been selling those “confiscated” guns from the Law-abiding Citizens to the Organized Crime-syndicates and Gangs.

      • I saw that flick in the mid-sixties. Indeed, the moroccans in central Europe are special and often looked down upon in their own country. If I were challenged to make a hierarchy of BAD ( in the sense of dangerous) in the muslim world, I would rank first Somalis, then Algerians an Libyans.
        This does of course not exclude positive experiences with nice, educated and hospitable people.

  3. In a healthy society any Muslim would be too scared to wander out. Let alone build mosques and dominate. What’s left of Western Europe better start figuring out how to get out from under. Hopefully there will be no Afghan style collapses.

    • When it all collapses, and it will, the militaries of Europe will take over because people will beg them to bring law and order back. They will then get the strongman they deserve, who will purge everything 3rd world and those that support or defend these bloody savages with a vengeance.

      • In Europe, military are already outnumbered by muslims.
        In Europe, military are kind of civilians with different working clothes. There are numerous news describing gangs of non-europeans beating groups of soldiers.

        • Stefan ,my friend, it doesn’t matter if the bloody muslims and 3rd worlders out number the armies of Europe, the savages are all concentrated inside of big urban cities. For once you cut off the big cities and prevent anyone from leaving, it is just a small matter of ancient siege tactics which are still effective to this day.
          As for groups of 3rd world savages beating troops? I have seen it myself, and the reason why the troops don’t do what comes naturally is? Because they will get courts martial-ed if they do fight back. This is not like the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s where these 3rd world orcs would find out very quickly it is not nice to mess with Marines, Para’s and SF troops. It got messy very quickly and the police left us alone. I miss those days.

          • Well Mark ole Boy, those people in those cities voted for their replacement so they are going to get it good and hard for their efforts, no sympathy from me for their poor choices, when the fun and rein deer games begin, there will be no such thing as innocents, only killers and victims.

  4. “The muscular build of the guard, whom they probably recognized from their adventures in the suburb, led them to change course.”

    The monopoly of violence is the one fundament without which a state cannot exist. To endure, assertive coercion, and even aggression, must be the limbs of its legitimate violence. Aggressors against the state’s social contract, such as those described in the article, understand and act according to the balance of power between their violence, the state’s, and its citizens’. It’s a simple transaction where one must just possess the only currency valid to transact: means of coercion and the will to use them.

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