Crossing the Rubicon

Our English correspondent Seneca III sends his take on the impending Great Reset, as seen from a British perspective.

Crossing the Rubicon

by Seneca III

(Agamemnon) …I risked a snub. ‘Why are we doing it, sire?’

Atreus paused in his pacing and supported himself with an arm outstretched to a colonnade’s crimson pillar. Sunken blue eyes examined me closely. ‘Apart from material gain I have two purposes. First, by expanding our territory to make Mycenae Achaea’s paramount power. Second, to close the coast to seaborne Dorians infiltrating across the Gulf.’

‘They are crossing in numbers, sire?’ Bunus inquired.

‘The movement’ said Atreus grimly, ‘has attained the proportions of a mass immigration. They land and take to the mountains, where they reinforce the Goatmen. If we don’t soon stop it we will be embroiled in a ceaseless war of attrition. And not Mycenae alone. Every civilised city will likewise suffer.’

Heroes shook doubtful heads. Some smiled behind their hands. Goatmen raids and counter-raids had become a way of life, a competitive military exercise to keep warriors on their toes, a salutary irritant like blistering a horse. None conceived them a major menace.

Atreus’ far-seeing vision proved everybody wrong.

— From ‘Warrior in Bronze’ by George Shipway. First published by Peter Davis Ltd 1977, Copyright © George Shipway 1977.

Do nations commit suicide without ever realising they are doing so? Doubtless they do. I look around me these days and I see and hear of things happening throughout the West that I could never have imagined even in my darkest dreams.

Whilst I appreciate that life and culture are both dynamics and the evolution of human social-political organisation is a continuous process, I see nothing that would encourage me to think this current vector will in any way lead to a better world and way of life. It would appear that the people of Britain and Europe, invaded from without and betrayed from within, have become so scared of losing what material things they have accumulated that they do not comprehend the actual horrors of the poverty, strife and lack of any personal freedom that Multiculturalism and the Great Reset will bring.

They appear to have given up all hope of holding onto the freedoms that our ancestors purchased for us with their blood. Rather, they have chosen to quietly sink into quasi-servitude, afraid to fight for that which is ours, ours to hand on to our children, not to anyone else. They huddle around the warm fire of history hoping for better times and doing nothing to counteract the increasingly threatening noises in the darkness behind them.

In essence, Britain is being conquered by a cabal of governing cliques who are determined to destroy our whole way of life. The rulings coming out of Westminster, Edinburgh and Cardiff, initiated or parroted by an equally treacherous media, are carefully devised to disenfranchise long-heritage native Caucasian citizens and foreclose any effective resistance to our ethnic cleansing.

They have organised it in such a way that our once green and pleasant land has been fragmented by an invasive horde of predatory alien cultures and primitive belief systems encouraged, enabled and supported by our own political, spiritual, corporate and civil institutions. Metaphysically speaking, we are being subjected to the ideological equivalent of a scorched earth policy. Popes, Archbishops and other princes of the Christian Church have close-ranked with and genuflected before the purveyors of a barbaric political power system founded on atrocity and slavery several centuries ago and maintained thereby to this day.

By effecting this sedition through innocuous pinpricks over a period of decades they have induced a terminal osteoporosis of that conceptual skeleton to which the sinews of a strong, functional society must be anchored. Thus, it is inevitable that the full extent of our weakened condition will only become apparent when one straw too many finally breaks our back, and by then both the will and the means to resist will have been sapped, and the complacent masses will find themselves unarmed and unorganised, naked in the face of their enemies.

Add to this the fact that we are being swamped by waves of psychotically damaged people forcing their bizarre sexual aberrations upon us. They are lauded by the state and the media and funded quietly through the back door with taxpayer’s money. Their tearful protestations are designed to convince us to accept their illness as normal … under threat of punishment if we refuse to acknowledge that such predilections are desirable or in any way contribute to society as a whole.

We are become the new benighted, the victims of decades of ethnic, spiritual and cultural treason in high places. We have aided and abetted this through our own timidity and quiet magnanimity which has led us into a world where now to be patriotic, heterosexual and rational is to become stigmatised and persecuted.

All of the foregoing begs the question: ‘How has this parlous state of affairs come to pass’? Well, part of the answer lies in what was East Germany. It was there that the rules for the control and suppression of postwar populations were formulated, codified and refined, an inheritance from the Nazi era with a significant input from the similar Soviet system, and were then adopted in the main by the secret enclaves of Bilderberg, Davos, the World Economic Forum and the architects of the EU.

It worked successfully for quite some time, and despite German integration it has been quietly spread throughout the Anglo-Euro Ecumene by power hungry politicians and their dependent parasites. Meanwhile, whilst the suppression of free thought, speech and action proceeded apace the convenient appearance of COVID simultaneously presented our Staatliche Gedankenpolizei (State Thought Police) with an opportunity to descend upon us utilising every tool of intimidation and suppression at their disposal. We are to be collectively emasculated, subdued and remoulded as obedient serfs.

This process has progressed small increment by small increment. Records released to The Times newspaper under the Freedom of Information Act show that by October 2017 more than 3,400 people had been arrested under the provisions of section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 for online comments. It comes as no surprise that many others have been arrested and prosecuted for committing thought crimes in person, as was the middle-aged woman who, in May 2018 in London, was arrested, threatened and intimidated for wishing someone a ‘gay day’ in what might even be a carefully orchestrated set-up in revenge for her public online humiliation and exposure of the fearful dhimmitude of the Metropolitan Police in Hyde Park some weeks previously.

And it does not stop there. How many people, I wonder, have responded to a knock on the door only to be confronted by a couple of muppets in blue loaded down with gadgets menacingly declaring that ‘We have come to correct your thinking’ or to accuse you of a ‘non-crime hate incident’, whatever that oxymoron is supposed to mean?

When the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Arms of any government become an unassailable law unto themselves and do not need to answer to the people there will no longer be anything resembling the soft power of democratic governance. Those in the driving seat will and do revert to unrestrained hard power in order to preserve their comfortable, lucrative sinecures.

Initially, dictatorship is imposed via the abuse and manipulation of language, its function being to peddle falsehoods. Censorship comes next, and then the denigration and erasure of memories of the past. This process has an established pattern. First, the past is ridiculed. Second, it is demonised and, finally, criminalised.

It is when the first stage is segueing into the second that an open battle of wills begins to emerge between those demanding the reinstatement of their traditional culture, customs, and freedoms and the totalitarian few, gathered together with their imported alien foot soldiers, who are attempting to destroy everything that was and is.

At that point it soon becomes evident that the only viable end game is that one side must completely eliminate the other in order to survive. There is no longer any room, nor necessity, for the so often fatal trap of compromise.

Have no doubts about it: If the situation becomes kinetic, and history suggests this has a probability higher than 0.5, then only the brave, the most determined and ruthless will prevail.

What comes after will not be particularly pleasant, either, so gird your loins, dear readers, and choose your side so that each will know the other and act together, and I do not mean in a party political sense either; that door has long been closed to us… now we will have to cross the Rubicon.

— Seneca III, in Middle England, on this 5th day of September in the year of our Lord 2021.

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17 thoughts on “Crossing the Rubicon

  1. These visits from the muppets in blue for doubleplusungoodthink ought to prompt some creative individuals into deliberately setting a trap for their predictable ways.

    Imagine posting deliberately provocative thoughts online then setting an ambush with about a dozen patriots and awaiting the inevitable visit. Once the muppets have arrived, overwhelm them, seize any useful gear, strip them naked, tar and feather them before hanging from an overpass in harnesses to keep them alive. A patriotic message stenciled on a sheet displayed next to them along with an anonymous call to the local news agency should suffice to humiliate government priorities along with displaying the impotence of those tasked with carrying them out. The unspoken message is that next time those muppets could just as easily be hanging from nooses.

  2. As the Lord God was increasingly relegated to the status of a myth (yeth?) the less relevant He and His Word became so that nowadays any argument or position that is based upon His Word is dismissed out of hand. During my thirty (really odd) years through academia I found that the Word of God was actively scorned, reviled, and dismissed so much so that you could only argue from the positions that had already been determined as being acceptable and having minimum accountability, unless of course you opposed or refused to agree with the positions that had placed humanity on the throne upon which nothing else has ever been seated.
    This accountability only to Self and nothing else has led us down the primrose path to where we are today. The march of the Afghani Christians to their slaughter that was seemingly carried out by the Taliban, and/or ISIS was the dress rehearsal of what the future would likely portend worldwide. The Islamic population was likely imported as part of a long-term agenda that entailed the elimination of the pesky Christian who refused to go along with the New World Order as first promulgated by Marx, Engels, and Darwin.
    So now the question remains, will Self exaltation be followed by Self destruction? If history is any indication that answer is yes. Something to prayerfully consider this Labor Day Weekend.

  3. “‘Receiving bread from us, they will see clearly that we take the bread made by their hands from them, to give it to them, without any miracle. They will see that we do not change the stones to bread, but in truth they will be more thankful for taking it from our hands than for the bread itself! For they will remember only too well that in old days, without our help, even the bread they made turned to stones in their hands, while since they have come back to us, the very stones have turned to bread in their hands. Too, too well will they know the value of complete submission! And until men know that, they will be unhappy. Who is most to blame for their not knowing it?-speak! Who scattered the flock and sent it astray on unknown paths? But the flock will come together again and will submit once more, and then it will be once for all. Then we shall give them the quiet humble happiness of weak creatures such as they are by nature. Oh, we shall persuade them at last not to be proud, for Thou didst lift them up and thereby taught them to be proud. We shall show them that they are weak, that they are only pitiful children, but that childlike happiness is the sweetest of all. They will become timid and will look to us and huddle close to us in fear, as chicks to the hen. They will marvel at us and will be awe-stricken before us, and will be proud at our being so powerful and clever that we have been able to subdue such a turbulent flock of thousands of millions. They will tremble impotently before our wrath, their minds will grow fearful, they will be quick to shed tears like women and children, but they will be just as ready at a sign from us to pass to laughter and rejoicing, to happy mirth and childish song. Yes, we shall set them to work, but in their leisure hours we shall make their life like a child’s game, with children’s songs and innocent dance. Oh, we shall allow them even sin, they are weak and helpless, and they will love us like children because we allow them to sin. We shall tell them that every sin will be expiated, if it is done with our permission, that we allow them to sin because we love them, and the punishment for these sins we take upon ourselves. And we shall take it upon ourselves, and they will adore us as their saviours who have taken on themselves their sins before God. And they will have no secrets from us. We shall allow or forbid them to live with their wives and mistresses, to have or not to have children according to whether they have been obedient or disobedient- and they will submit to us gladly and cheerfully. The most painful secrets of their conscience, all, all they will bring to us, and we shall have an answer for all. And they will be glad to believe our answer, for it will save them from the great anxiety and terrible agony they endure at present in making a free decision for themselves…”

    THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV, By Fyodor Mikailovich Dostoevsky

    Chapter 5, The Grand Inquisitor

  4. As someone who likes to fight and has done so since a child, one thing is clear and that is that focus must NOT be allowed to be put on what the cabal is doing and what the repercussions are.

    Using this framework we see the same being used with the so-called virus. People are to assume that something untested is acceptable – the vax yet we all know that anything untested is not worth the risk to health to take – particularly when we know the virus kills less than the vax.

    It is the same with immigration. Thousands of years of history show that different races have always lived apart for their own protection and when that mix is changed then chaos, and death will result. But you are not permitted to say that despite it being obvious.

    For change to occur people need to accept that the government is completely corrupt. That hasn’t happened yet in the UK. It is definitely occurring in the US and Australia.

    At the point of realisation, then the “muppets” will be told as they are here now in Australia that they work for us NOT the corrupt.

    From that point forward you have a chance to take back what is yours. The only issue will be the weak migrating across to the strong hoping that their skin colour will save them. It should not.

    • Different races have lived apart in tribal societies; in this culture, which has largely moved beyond tribalism (largely due to Christianity)*, and owes much of its success to this, it is principally cultural differences which are the problem, especially when tribal people move here. *

    • Well said Dawg, good snalysis.
      I agree on the progression. Here in the US, people are stirring… offline. They know the all seeing eye of Mordor on the Potomac can sniff their electronic comms. This is all in meatspace.
      A tactical error or miscalculation, will reveal the extent of this preparation. Our enemies will not know what hit them, until it starts to tumble after impact.

  5. Post Christendom West is doomed. All manner of evil will fill the power vacuum. The religion of the rainbow people, the mosque, the high Priests of Scientism and Socialism have cleared the ramparts of the church and gutted her. The only thing left is to fight but none have the will.

    • There is will, there just needs someone to take the lead and press forward. Once the Great Purge begins, there will be no stopping it.

    • That is preposterous.

      The faggots, lesbos and assorted freakshow will be trampled underfoot in a heartbeat. To be one of these people you have a mental issue of weakness that you have not conquered and then chose to be a member of a weaker group that gives the illusion of strength.

      It is a false strength kept alive by propaganda. Once the propaganda is removed, they will cower like the dogs they are. Thankfully, it is not our place to judge them. It is our place to send them off to the place of judgement post haste.

      The mosque dwellers are equally weak and for the same reason. It is a weakness of the brain. An inability to compete at the highest level. Rather than lose against us Christians they group together and worship the child raper, robber and liar.

      It is no surprise that the US smashed the Islamic filth when they wished. And so it shall be again.

      You seem to have little faith my friend. That alone is a very poor mental position in which to be.

      I will happily tell you that we will win. We will regain what we have lost and we will enjoy doing it.

  6. G.K. Chesterton has predicted the present sorry state of things a hundred years ago in his two wonderful books – The Flying Inn and the Ball and the Cross. I would strongly recommend them to everyone concerned by what is going on now.

    Another book that I have found very perspicacious is The Ikon penned by the modern and, I suppose, little-known American author Georgia Briggs.

  7. Great read! Huzzah!

    Let me add a bit about the corruption of the language/reality barrier. For the past 12 years I have helped here in voter elections stateside. We’re required to attend “classes” prior to each vote to educate us as to election laws. This year, it’s an on-line course.

    This morning I am taking my “course,” online and–for the first time ever–a section is included about “Trans-sexual Voters.” ?

    So if a MALE presents a valid ID to vote and the ID says: “John Jones,” but the voter presents in a dress or bikini, I am ORDERED to refer to “it” as HER, and if I do not, I must APOLOGIZE for my grave error and crime.

    This is all spun up toujours by the Secretary of State and my local County Board of Elections. It’s never been an issue before. M-F on your ID, no others

    …thin end of the wedge. Next up-the 57 “varieties” of fluid genders. Voter Poll Workers will be compelled to bow, genuflect, and seek forgiveness from various and sundry confused and disordered individuals–all of this theatre to advance their perverted agenda.

    Nope–I just resigned my commision as a Poll Worker. THAT straw broke this camel’s back–line in the sand thing. For this we fight! ils ne passeront pas!

    As Solzhenitsyn said: “Let the lie come into the world. Let it even triumph–but not through me.,”

    • Recently google was cited as a source to me. Told him to ask it how many genders there are, point made when 57 came back the answer. Believe my favorite was number 8, the ‘gender outlaw’s. As the kids say, lol wut?

      And to think these oxygen thieves are getting paid for creating such nonsense.

      • so there is a Heinz 57 f0r genders that need to play Katch-up.

        you knew that one was coming ;-))

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