Dr. Silvana De Mari is an Italian physician, psychotherapist, and surgeon who has also written a number of fantasy novels.

In the following video Dr. De Mari calls out her fellow physicians, the medical establishment, political leaders, and trade unions for their complicity in the disastrous actions (and inaction) against the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The excerpt below from an Italy24 News article provides some background on Dr. De Mari:

How Silvana De Mari was suspended from the Order of Doctors (not very well)

Doctor Silvana De Mari was suspended from the Turin Medical Association because she did not want to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus. In a video posted on her Facebook page and in a post on her blog De Mari responded to the sanction in her own way, using the metaphor of chess and claiming to have been suspended “by the Order of Chess but they did me no harm because I’m so retired. But there are many painful chess players who are facing dramatic problems in order not to suffer something in their body that they do not want. They were the best chess players and I’m proud to be part of that number.” For De Mari, the suspension “was an act of heroism. We will appeal and win because sooner or later courage wins.” In addition, she announces “a social network where we can talk for the cost of a cup of coffee, and sooner or later the Black Queen will checkmate.”

Video transcript:

08:20   The third option is J’accuse.
08:23   I accuse [Minister of Health Roberto] Speranza of approving, together with a fairly makeshift Scientific Committee,
08:29   a protocol which is the worst ever for a Covid patient.
08:34   Paracetamol [acetaminophen] is the worst thing one could ever give to a Covid patient.
08:38   And the watchful waiting is the worst thing ever,
08:41   because any interstitial pneumonia gets worse unless antibiotics are administered.
08:44   And particularly the pneumonia from Covid.
08:47   It deals with an extremely benign disease, in 90% of cases.
08:51   But as for the remaining 10%, if you don’t administer the right medicines, it’s a catastrophe.
08:56   I accuse the Order of Physicians of enabling this mess.
09:01   I accuse countless colleagues, whom I don’t consider colleagues anymore,
09:05   of prescribing paracetamol and watchful waiting.
09:09   Paracetamol is an anti-pyretic; it is not is not an anti-inflammatory.
09:12   Sars2-Covid-19 kills through inflammation.
09:15   You physicians haven’t been fighting the virus.
09:18   Besides, paracetamol annihilates glutathione, which is one of the few defense mechanisms
09:22   that the human body has against viruses, together with fever.
09:25   Prescribing paracetamol and watchful waiting to Covid patients is like giving sugar to a diabetic.
09:29   I accuse Minister Speranza of ignoring and insulting all the physicians who have been
09:35   recommending excellent home therapies to him, with which we would have easily solved the issue.
09:41   I accuse all these people of not trying to avoid
09:44   a huge number of deaths, which we could have avoided.
09:47   As Fauci himself showed, I accuse the hospitals of diagnosing Covid as cause of death
09:54   for a huge number of people who actually died from other diseases.
10:02   And in most cases they were hospitalized for diseases other than Covid.
10:08   And I accuse this government of enabling a vaccination campaign
10:11   which is pointless, from a medical point of view.
10:14   My name is Dr. Silvana De Mari, I take full responsibility for what I am saying.
10:21   A campaign which violates every single rule of our Constitution, of the Declaration
10:25   of Human Rights, of the Declarations of Oviedo, of Helsinki and of Nuremberg, especially.
10:30   I accuse pediatricians of betraying their own patients.
10:34   Sars2-Covid-19 has a death rate which is practically zero under 20 years of age.
10:39   And yet the Society of Pediatricians, clearly in a conflict of interest,
10:43   is recommending the vaccination of children.
10:46   I accuse gynecologists of betraying their own patients.
10:50   Sars2-Covid-19 doesn’t kill young women,
10:56   and a pregnant woman is by definition not older than 35 years.
11:03   And besides that, they can be cured with antibiotics.
11:06   Whereas in vaccines’ warning label it is clearly advised not to administer to pregnant women.
11:09   I accuse politicians of betraying their own voters.
11:13   I accuse trade unions of betraying their own members.
11:18   Dr. Silvana De Mari is extremely proud of being a physician who heals her own Covid patients.
11:23   And who will never ever let other people inject this stuff into her body.

2 thoughts on “J’accuse!

  1. So much hysteria about a disease with a 99%+ survival rate.
    A disease that many people won’t know they have had without a test.
    It makes me wonder if there is something else going on here.

    Actually, it makes me absolutely certain that something else is going on here.
    I just can’t decide whether it is in the nature of the notavax or in the social control forcing the notavax on the public gives the State.

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