“This is a Fight Against Tyranny”

I watched the following video at about the same time as I saw the one I posted last night of USMC Lt. Col. Stu Scheller, and the two clips seem to me to have a strong commonality. They cover separate topics — the disaster in Afghanistan vs. the vax tyranny in California — but each features a courageous guy standing up for what he believes is right at the risk of destroying his career.

In this video, Capt. Christian Granucci of the Los Angeles Fire Department speaks out angrily about the “vaccine” mandate recently imposed on all city workers. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

As might be expected, Capt. Granucci is now being investigated for his insubordinate outspokenness, and may be disciplined for making the video:

5 thoughts on ““This is a Fight Against Tyranny”

  1. I share the horror expressed by the Capt. regarding the sweeping wave of tyranny. I’m feeling his rage and emotion — until he says “or else get tested twice a week”. WAIT! So he’s not losing his job if he refuses the jab, all he has to do is regularly verify that he’s not infected. I’m sorry, but I’m not with him on refusing that. At least that makes sense, although it’s intrusive. The fact that the “vaccine” does NOT prevent you from carrying or transmitting the virus makes all these mandates absurd.

    • You bring up an interesting point: If one can still carry/transmit the virus even after being vaccinated, it stands to reason those people should also be required to have the same testing to make sure they are ‘clean’. After all, they may still pose a risk to others…

  2. This music video address the plandemic with clever lyrics
    1984 by Lucas Lion


    The more we follow the rules, the sooner we will stop the spread. And so everybody has the responsibility to follow those rules…..

    They say it’s 2021 but I ain’t too sure,

    it feels like 1984.

    They’ve been mentally and spiritually waging war.

    Look where this leads, can’t you see what they’re aiming for?

    Orwell underestimated the capability of villainy and tyranny,

    these sick elites are masters of trickery.

    They’re moving wickedly, watching the world bleed as they feed off our misery.

    The worlds gone quite mad.

    Yeah, the human psyche has been hijacked.

    Propaganda bombardments, your mind is the target,

    they wanna deceive and lead us into darkness.

    Fear is their greatest tool.

    Fear can turn the brightest minds to fools.

    Televise endless lies, keep people terrified. That’s the way they maintain their rule.

    Fear is the prison that they want us all to live in

    and ever since the beginning this has been their only mission.

    Politicians cause division, they’re just here to blind our vision,

    playing their position…to distract us from their masters that are hidden.

    I think George had a premonition.

    Seems like it’s all coming to fruition.

    A race against time now the clocks started ticking.

    The whole thing ends once the people have risen!

    The only infection here is deception.

    They fooled the whole world with PCR testing.

    Look at all the facts they’re neglecting to mention.

    Ask too many questions and you can get censored.

    The thought police are patrolling,

    they don’t want information if they can’t control it. Nah.

    Can’t you see what’s unfolding?

    1984, George already wrote it.

    Said we’re living within Orwell’s chapters.

    No money for homeless but there’s money to track us.

    Tell me that ain’t madness. Now we’re all anti-vaxxers,

    just cuz we question and seek to find answers.

    They want me scared for my life, but nurses can find time for TIKTOK dances?

    The medias a stage full of actors, manufactured psyops and distractions.

    Big brother is watching and plotting.

    Hands aren’t the only thing that they want washing. Nah.

    They want everybody locked in.

    Taking your mind hostage till you’ve lost it.

    New normal…lockdowns.

    The plans in motion and they ain’t gonna stop now.

    You can see the plot now, it ain’t even hiding.

    A real pandemic doesn’t need advertising.

    It’s an attack on our freedom.

    Businesses destroyed for no reason.

    Grandparents in Care Homes dying of loneliness, missing their families, wishing that they could see them.

    What about the patients on the waiting lists who couldn’t get their treatment?

    Look at all the havoc it’s been wreaking.

    Suicide and depression increasing.

    Can’t you see this is tearing us to pieces?

    I don’t believe in a damn word the government are speaking,

    they’re creeping towards more control.

    That’s the true goal that they’re seeking.

    The vampires are just tryna sink their teeth in.

    What happened to the truth?

    Come to think of it, what happened to the flu?

    And what would happen if nobody watched the news?

    Red pill or blue, now it’s time to choose. For real.

    Be honest with yourself…

    Do you really believe that this is about health?

    It’s never been. Take a look it’s evident.

    The only thing that’s spreading is the terror they’ve been peddling.

    That mask is a muzzle.

    Only the strong will survive in this struggle.

    If you ain’t seen the bigger picture yet then you’re just lost in the puzzle.

    Literally got you living in a bubble.

    The only virus in our lives is these liars and these tyrants

    that are trying to deny us of our rights and

    conspiring to annihilate the righteous.

    The sheep can be silenced,

    but they could never quiet the lions, we’re rising!

    The veil has been lifted.

    Consciousness has shifted to a higher wisdom.

    And we ain’t gonna be victims of this system.

    We won’t be prisoners, this is the resistance.

  3. I like many others called out this Plandemic/Scamdemic almost from the start. For this I was mocked and called a dupe and a fool. We are witnessing in real time the Implemintation of an Orwellian Police State. Regardless of what nation one resides in, when ’emergengy measures’ are put into effect they are rarely relinquished.

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