13 thoughts on “Cloward-Piven, Anyone?

  1. “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

    • As was originally intended, the soul of the people was to be that of Jesus Christ, loving the Lord god first and then loving your neighbor as yourself. We have strayed from that with the results of our apostacy on view for the whole world to see.
      As for presidents, Biden is simply LBJ v.3, Carter was LBJ v.2

      • Forgive a mere Brit for muscling in, but doesn’t the US Constitution deliberately avoid favouring any particular faith? If only all nations had such a provision.

      • I cannot agree more. Every civilisation is based on a religion which determines its identity more than any other factor. In the pagan world, a civilisation may be based on several religious traditions which are basically similar and complement each other – like China or Japan. Or like India – Hinduism is often referred to as “a family of religions”, so different are its various currents. Attempts to create a civilisation on a materialist ideology (revolutionary France, the Soviet Union, Albania or Kampuchea of the Khmer Rouge) have been short-lived and involved a lot of bloodshed and repression. The only exception seems modern China which is economically and geopolitically successful while sticking to an atheist ideology. But, on the one hand, it owes it success more to Confucius than to Marx and, on the other hand, it is doubtful whether it will remain such a roaring success for a long time. Very soon it will have big problems with population ageing and demographic decline. Besides, it is such a repressive society that very few people born and raised in the West would envy the Chinese.

        Our civilisation is based on Christianity. It has determined its major traits: respect of human person, importance attached to charity and mercy, monogamous family, chastity, respect both of man (expected to be strong, courageous and magnanimous) and of the woman (expected to be loving and caring), prohibition of infanticide and paedophilia, honesty, chivalry, etc.

        As long as our civilisation stuck to its basic principles and beliefs or at least paid lip service to them, it was strong and fruitful. Its cultural achievements were unique and unsurpassed.

        However, a long process of apostasy gradually undermined its spiritual foundation. It went on like the work of termites, discreetly and quietly. But now the great work of apostasy is about to achieve its goal: the whole termite-eaten edifice of the Western civilisation is trembling and falling apart. This is the terminal stage and Muslim barbarians who still take their faith seriously will meet very feeble resistance from faithless Westerners. The final act of the great Western drama has begun.

    • We are there now! Well it is well known that democracy last only about 200 years before it collapses due to people voting for the treasury, we are now past our due date.

    • Economic will be the least of it. The country cannot sustain this level of deceit and criminality without Revolution.

  2. The Long March to burn down Western Civ once and for all.
    At least we will all be equal living hand to mouth and roasting rat kebabs over 55 gallon drums while wearing sandals made from old tires while ignoring the stench from the slit trench latrine in the glorious egalitarian collective.
    What a glorious Wokekanda utopia. (not really)

  3. The people responsible for the coming crash really do believe that they will rule in the end, they cannot be more wrong and it will be to their collective horror when the Great Purge begins.

    • Compassionate UK girl reader comments on the latest Afghanistan tragedy, “Poor poor family to have been perished in these trying times…feeling so so sad and very grateful that I’m in the UK away from this nightmare.” Don’t fret sweetheart I imagine far worse is just down the road and around the corner. WTF is going on in the increasingly Europeon mind?

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