A Lawyer and a Doctor Discuss the Vax

Below are two German-language videos discussing various aspects of the experimental mRNA medical treatment that is being tested on millions of people in an effort to stem the Wuhan Coronavirus. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Michael Brunner is an Austrian lawyer based in Vienna. In the first video Mr. Brunner talks about various factors about the vax — its experimental nature, the fact that it is not a vaccine under the standard clinical definition, and the uselessness of the PCR test — that preclude it from being made mandatory:

In the second video, an unidentified German doctor — who says that he himself has been “vaccinated” against the WuFlu — reports that he has never seen anything like the level of adverse effects of the mRNA vax experienced by his patients:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Very briefly, on the mandatory vaccination, as I mentioned, it is not a vaccine.
00:06   It is the administration of an experimental gene-based substance
00:12   that neither protects against nor prevents
00:17   the spread of SARS-CoV-2 infection.
00:22   Since it is not a vaccine in the classical sense, it cannot be made mandatory.
00:28   The next point, which is very important, is the temporary approval
00:33   according to EU ordinance 510 from 2006.
00:38   If it [the vaccine] is only temporarily approved, no one can be required to participate.
00:45   Participation in a medical experiment, as required by law, must always be voluntary.
00:51   Participants should have the option to stop their participation in the experiment at any time.
00:57   Any form of coercion, whether in the medical field or in other professions,
01:02   is unlawful and violates our fundamental rights and freedoms.
01:08   Finally, a brief comment on the PCR test.
01:14   The PCR test can only be considered a useful tool
01:18   if it achieves its goal. It has been proven that it cannot detect infection.
01:22   Dr. Fieler has just explained that in detail. It is only useful within the limits of
01:26   a comprehensive clinical evaluation in which a physician provides a result.
01:31   So the question of whether or not it should be mandatory and cost something
01:35   or not doesn’t even arise, because the tool is useless.
01:42   I would refer you to a member of our group,
01:48   the very esteemed Dr. Renate Holzeisen, from Bozen.
01:53   She has challenged the temporary approval of several vaccines before the European Court of Justice.
01:58   The first case was filed on February 16, and to date all the appeals have been filed.
02:03   The very esteemed Dr. Renate Holzeisen, from Bozen.
02:11   She has challenged the temporary approval of several vaccines before the European Court of Justice.
02:16   The first case was filed on February 16, and to date all the appeals have been filed.
02:21   These are emergency approvals. Based on my colleagues’ review and our review,
02:27   these challenges will be successful.
02:31   These are annulment lawsuits against all vaccination approvals.
02:35   The annulment lawsuit for vaccination approval concerning minors is in preparation
02:39   and will soon be pending before the European Court.
02:44   We will see more happening in the foreseeable future and the courts are busy with them.
02:50   So primarily, it is not a vaccination, so from that point of view
02:53   there is no need to discuss it further.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   If I may speak of my experience, I’ve been a doctor for nearly 40 years now. In 8 months.
00:06   I’ve administered vaccines during that time, and I calculated a little while ago in the car,
00:11   I’ve given perhaps 100,000 vaccines. I have to say, I’m even vaccinated against Corona.
00:17   I’m usually able to convince nearly every patient [to take the vaccine]. It’s very rare
00:25   that someone refuses and I believe that should be respected.
00:29   However, the number of side effects seen with this vaccine, I have never witnessed anything like it.
00:34   I’m sure a doctor can try to calm his patients, diffuse their fears, of course if they have
00:40   great expectations of side effects, then they will probably happen. We’re aware of
00:45   the nocebo effect as well as the placebo effect.
00:49   Nevertheless, there have never been so many side effect for any vaccine, and you can’t
00:53   compare this with a measles vaccination, from which I never seen any side effects.

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