Vacation in Afghanistan, Anyone?

A Swedish family went on a vacation trip to Afghanistan just before the fall of Kabul, and now they are stuck there.

The following article reports on an interview given by the wife to a Swedish newspaper, in which she describes her family’s anxiety and desperation at being trapped in their living quarters. Based on her last name, her husband is most likely North African or Middle Eastern, while her Christian name suggests she may be a native Swede who married a culture-enricher.

My advice to the family would be to put on their pussy hats when they venture outside to forage for food. That should protect them from all harm.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Nyheter Idag:

Family went to Afghanistan for vacation — stuck in Kabul: “We feel completely abandoned”

Kabul: Swedish personnel are now being evacuated from Afghanistan due to the Taliban’s conquest of the country. But there are still Swedish private persons remaining in the country, such as Robina Ansary. She finds herself on vacation in Afghanistan together with her husband and her three children, and now they can’t get home, Aftonbladet reports.

“We don’t know if the airport will be open or how it will be now that the Taliban have taken over. Even the prime minister has left the country. So we feel completely abandoned,” says Robina Ansary to Aftonbladet.

The family had planned the trip for several months and was to return home August 26. Now they are stuck in Kabul where the Taliban have taken over and they don’t dare go out to get food, Robina tells Aftonbladet.

“The Taliban go around on the streets and you hear gunfire. We women cannot go out from home. My husband has been out and has seen the Taliban. But he doesn’t dare go out now,” she says to Aftonbladet.

Robina has contacted Swedish authorities to get help without result.

“The embassy says in an email that they have warned people not to come to Afghanistan since 2006, and as of August 5, they would be leaving here. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do that. We didn’t think that the situation would become as serious as it has now become,” she says to Aftonbladet.

21 thoughts on “Vacation in Afghanistan, Anyone?

  1. Ah, but these folks have reproduced already, so they’re not eligible for the award.

    • But with them having taken their Kids with, I’m pretty sure a Darwin Award is on the Cards when the Gene-pool is terminated.

      • Not at all! Those kids will be kept alive for the general enjoyment of the mujahideen. The boys for bacha bazi, the girls to whelp out dozens of wee half-breed bairns for the next generation of jihad. Their DNA will thrive.

    • I disagree Baron.
      They have their children with them.
      So, if all five die, then it is Darwin Award time.

      On the other hand:
      They will now partake in the joys of muslim multiculturalism in all its glory: hacking of hands and heads, stoning, throwing someone LGTBQ… (Sorry, but I cannot keep up how fast these acronyms change) from the roof of the US embassy, etc

      They will have a lot to tell the people of Sweden of the joys of Islam.
      (And its partially already in Sweden. REJOICE! Or you are an islamophobe and must be stoned.)

      • Just call them the alphabet people, it saves on trying to figure out what bloody letters to use.

  2. Vacationing in Afghanistan sounds like the rank stupidity that one should expect from a Swedish female. Thankfully this kind of stupid should be self correcting in such a locale now that the Taliban rule the roost once again.

    • What an Achievement,
      it took the USA 4 Presidents, thousands of lives, trillions of dollars, and 20 years…
      to replace the Taliban with the Taliban.

      One has to applaud the stupidity of Governments and their Minions.

      And when you look at it, throughout History, the only achievement of Politicians sem to bee mountains of Dead and untold riches for the select few.
      The Stench of Politics is worse than that of corpses under the midday sun.

      • This is why we need to get away from these failed policies, start getting back into the nation destroying business and get out.

    • If the husband is indeed a middle-easterner, he might very well be Afghan, and the “vacation” is an extended visit home to be with family. Nevertheless…

  3. I’m so sorry for the horrible typing, but my belly is aching and my hands are shaking from Laughter.

        • Londonistan is far worse than anything in bloody Sweden. You just ain’t paying any attention.

          • Eh? (as my Canadian brother would say). We don’t have the no-go zones of some French and Swedish cities. There have been terrorist attacks, but the nearest I’ve been to one was an IRA bomb in (I think) 1974, when my then girlfriend and I were in a pub and heard it go off.

          • Wrong Mark, you do have no go areas in Londonistan, you just ain’t ran into them yet, but as those areas expand, they will run into you sooner or later. I am from MN so we are Canadian light here in the Northern part of the state.

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