Some People Did Something in Leipzig

Three men — who were probably white supremacists, but with darker skin — did some bad things to a woman last Tuesday in the German city of Leipzig. But at least they wore their masks during their actions, thereby doing their part to help stop the spread of Corona and keep their victim safe.

Actually, this report is unusual for Germany in that it mentions the fact that the alleged perpetrators looked like Arabs, rather than the more customary “of Southern appearance.”

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Leipzig: Woman raped by three men with an Arab phenotype

The police are looking for witnesses after a serious sexual offense on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. The subsequently injured party came from the city center and walked along Kurt-Schuhmacher-Strasse out of town on the right-hand side towards the north. There she was initially surrounded by three previously unknown men and pushed into an abandoned property at the height of house No. 12. The previously unknown men jointly raped her on this property during the period mentioned.

Of this serious crime, and about which there is no doubt, the police were only made aware at some later stage. Due to further investigations and for reasons of victim protection, no further information is given.

The following personal description is available for the three previously unknown suspects:

Perpetrator 1

  • 1.80 m [5’11”]
  • approx. 30-40 years of age
  • dark hair
  • dark eyes
  • darker skin color, Arab phenotype
  • dark baseball cap, worn the wrong way round
  • dark surgical mask
  • dark T-shirt
  • dark trousers
  • flip-flops without socks

Perpetrator 2

  • approx. 1.80 m [5’11”]
  • approx. 30-40 years of age
  • dark eyes
  • darker skin color, Arab phenotype
  • dark surgical face mask
  • dark baseball cap
  • long-sleeved T-shirt
  • jeans
  • dark shoes
  • silver chain with large round links

Perpetrator 3

  • approx. 1.85 m [6’1”]
  • approx. 30-40 years of age
  • dark eyes
  • darker skin color, Arab phenotype
  • arms were very hairy
  • spoke broken German
  • dark baseball cap
  • dark surgical face mask
  • dark blue T-shirt, on the left side of the chest a smiling yellow sun (distinctive feature)
  • with jeans brown belt and shiny silver/chrome belt buckle

Witnesses who can provide information on the facts of the matter or on the unknown suspects are asked to contact Tel. (0341) 966 4 6666.

The translator adds this afterword:

Why can’t the police speak in plain language, instead of in this convoluted manner?

2 thoughts on “Some People Did Something in Leipzig

  1. These are ” one size fits all” descriptions for mostly any misdemeanor thinkable, starting with parking violations. I am willing to admit that in cases of child abuse, the perps are always of western extraction.

  2. I don’t know what you mean by convoluted. Partly the language is standard German legalese, eg Tatverdaechtige, suspect.

    But the word Phenotyp in German, meaning appearance, is unusual.
    Phenotype is a term from Biology. It means”observable traits”.

    My guess is that the police are placing a double bet by using the word:

    Bet 1. many Germans will not understand that the word just means AUSSEHEN appearance, as has been and still is used in other police statements.
    So the police can thus pretend to inform while obscuring the facts.

    Bet 2. The word is a foreign loan word, Fremdwort. Everyday life in Germany is marked by people, especially but not only public servants such as policemen, attempting to impress and intimidate listeners by appearing to be more (academically) educated than they are.

    This has historical reasons going back to 1800: getting ahead in Germany at that time required many formal paper qualifications: the US tradition of the “self-made man” conversely compels university medicine professors with 15 years of training to talk in public about their subject like a farmer or tradesman.

    So Bet 2 is that the audience will be respectful of the “educated police” and hence less likely to question what they are doing as part of Wokeness.

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