Pour Encourager Les Autres

Back in April I posted about a family law judge in Weimar who ruled against the Corona Narrative when he nullified the mask requirement and other restrictions mandated for schools. He was rewarded for his principled stance by having his house searched and his computer and phone confiscated.

Evidently the authorities determined that he had not yet been suitably chastised, and ordered another search of his home and offices. Maybe that will teach him a lesson.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

After another house search at Weimar judge’s home: Independent judges and rule of law in acute danger

For the second time, the police searched the private rooms and offices of a Weimar judge and eight witnesses — including another local judge from Weimar — after the former suspended on April 8, 2021 the mask requirement, distance rules and test requirements mandated by two Weimar schools, thus causing a sensation nationwide.

Stephan Brandner, deputy federal chairman of the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany] and former chairman of the legal committee of the German Bundestag, warns that the rule of law is more seriously in danger than ever after such events:

“The house searches may — this is obvious to me — contribute to the intimidation of judges and witnesses and ensure that they no longer pass judgments that are displeasing to the rulers. Here an example is being made according to the motto ‘punish one — educate hundreds’, which is anything but worthy of a constitutional state. The fact that among the people who reported the judge is also the Thuringian SPD vice-president of the state parliament, and the Thuringian public prosecutor’s office is subordinate to a green justice minister and non-lawyer, clearly shows that it is a one-sided political instrumentalization of the judiciary that is pathetic.”

3 thoughts on “Pour Encourager Les Autres

  1. Gothenburg has become a funny place. Our vans got broken into and equipment stolen maybe 5 times in whole of Sweden. Once in Stockholm, 4 times in Gothenburg. I work in telecom so I have visited probably every town in Sweden, but in Gothenburg it seems the chances of being robbed are significantly higher than in the rest of the country.

    Some guys in a forrest near gothenburg stole even the heavy 70kg batteries that are used as a power backup for the mobile network. I have trouble carrying that thing 50 meters, the thiefs there seem to be very motivated.

  2. So much for democracy and human rights. They are obsolete, the ruling elites no longer need them and see them as an obstacle to the Brave New World they are building on the ruins of the world we were born and raised in.

    In fact, we, those who still live by the rules and values of our old world, are also an obstacle to them. It seems they are trying to do away with us.

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