“No Freedom Without Vaccination”

Hellequin GB has translated an article from SWR (Südwestrundfunk) about a really swell German dude named Dr. Peter Heinz (at left in the graphic below).

Dr. Heinz is the Chairman of the Rhineland-Palatinate Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. The translator suggests that he bears a certain family resemblance to the fellow on the right, the late Heinrich Himmler, former head of the Schutzstaffel in the Third Reich. You decide.

“No Freedom Without Vaccination”

State health insurance chief demands that unvaccinated people no longer be allowed to travel

The chairman of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Rhineland-Palatinate, Peter Heinz, calls for massive restrictions on freedom for unvaccinated people. He refuses to call for a compulsory vaccination.

“The non-vaccinated do not have the freedom to take off their masks. They are not allowed to go to the stadium, the swimming pool or the supermarket without a mask. And the unvaccinated and those with just a simple vaccination are no longer allowed to go on vacation,” said Heinz in the Rhein-Zeitung.

“Even with a negative test, no vacation”

In his opinion, even with a negative test, unvaccinated people should not go on vacation: “A negative test does not protect. For example, anyone who goes to an island with a negative PCR test may very well be infected there, go home, and become a virus carrier.”

“No freedom without vaccination”

“Anyone who gives freedom to the unvaccinated is wasting the chance to reach everyone with the vaccination,” said Heinz. You have to make it clear to people: “Without vaccination there is no freedom. Without this pressure, we will not convince people.” Unvaccinated people are a danger to society and should therefore not be given the same freedoms as vaccinated people.

Heinz considers rewards for vaccination to be “absurd”. However, he rejects compulsory vaccination as “paternalism”. Giving freedom only to vaccinated people is not a hidden obligation to vaccinate, “but an inevitable conclusion from a pandemic situation.”

9 thoughts on ““No Freedom Without Vaccination”

  1. When I saw the two pictures above I was reminded of a joke showing a picture of Madonna and a frog:
    Spot the difference: One is coldblooded, has poison glands, makes croaking sounds and has been around the jurassic period. The other is a frog.

    So what about:
    One has a good education in a democracy, risen to a high rank and doesnt like democracy. The other is Heinrich Himmler.

    • I am not defending the bloody naxi’s but, those pesky naxi’s would have never done this to their own people, but the communist on the other hand have and will do it again.

      • But they had done it to their own people, anyone that disagreed with them ended up in a Concentration Camp, the Gallows, Firing Squad….. you name it.
        Nazism is just worshipping Marx and his Doctrin in their own national language and way and not the International one.
        Just like Protestantism vs. Catholicism doesn’t mean that only one side was of the Christian Faith and the other wasn’t, because they “read” the Bible in their own Language and not in Latin.
        Both sides burned “Heretics” on the Stake or put them in other ways to death.

        Same Coin different sides.

      • no, they didn’t do nuffing to their own people, just a bodycount of around 7 million civilians and military( young men).

  2. If Peter Heinz wants to be another Hitler and get selective , then by all means will he be selected on the hitlist of a number of movements. And, as a sociopathic doctor, even more so .

  3. I am currently weighing different options should there come a situation where refusal robs you of essential freedoms to an extent which becomes unbearable. I am currently not much affected by all these shenanigans, life in a small village in northern Scandinavia has not changed visibly at all. But traveling across borders is a problem should the need arise (e.g. family which is in another country now).

    There is no way I’ll consent to being a guinea pig in this experiment with novel genetically engineered substances without pointing a gun to my head, and even then I can’t predict what would happen. However, it is never wise to refuse to even study what they’re all up to just because you’ve decided to reject it. The various vaccine developers take vastly different approaches and some seem indeed better than others.

    There is this one, Novavax, with a long tried and tested method of approaching virus infections. Its latest clinical trials look very promising, even surpassing the competitors (if the numbers can be believed, but it seems counterintuitive to assume foul play here if we think that they may want to push these DNA experiments for reasons other than purely medical.) One key ingredient is known as a natural immune system booster to indigenous peoples for centuries. The greater worry there might be how to scale up supplies if this remains tied to its region of origin. I’ll keep observing this and whether there will be any obstacles to free choice. Details here:


    • I forgot to add: The main motivation for these considerations is not an attempt to soften oneself up towards mainstream narratives which we know are corrupted to the core, but to search for an option to avoid unnecessary escalation if there was a choice among these vaccines which, regardless whether we believe it or not, at least is unlikely to do damage in the event that the more novel experiments turn out horribly wrong. In the words of Heinz von Foerster: “Act always so as to increase the number of choices.”

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