Update on the Case of Denny Abrahamsson

Just before the “pandemic” began last year I posted about the “hate speech” case against a Swede named Denny Abrahamsson, who had been prosecuted for hets mot folkgrupp (“agitation against an ethnic group”) for saying things about Islam on social media that Muslims might find offensive. Since then his case has gone all the way to Sweden’s Supreme Court, which ruled against him.

Mr. Abrahamsson sent me the following open letter to warn the world that Sweden is in big trouble:

In Sweden we have a law about agitation against ethnic groups from 1948. The original purpose was to stop anti-Semitism. It was also meant to protect homosexuals and other minority groups, so the law was very justified.

In the year 1999 the Swedish Social Democrats made a secret agreement with Islamic groups with ties to Muslim Brotherhood to replace lost support from the Swedish working class with votes from Muslim immigrants. To get these votes they promised to give Muslims positions in municipalities, county councils and parliament. After that this law more or less became a sharia law used to stop criticism of Islam, and the judiciary have become very left-leaning. Many Muslim rapists and gang members get very soft sentences and very few of them get deported even if they don’t have citizenship.

There is also a group called “Online Hate Reviewers” who scan social media for “racial” comments about immigrants published mostly by retired people. Swedish people are very scared of being labelled racists, as they can lose their jobs and friends, so young people are mostly quiet.

The reviewers’ group gets taxpayers money from the government, and 2017 I was reported by a snitch after comments I made in a closed Facebook group calling Islam a fascist ideology and Mohammed a pedophile. In Sweden Islam is regarded as an ethnic group, but I was lucky and was acquitted. So the prosecutor appealed in the Court of Appeals, and I won again.

Shortly thereafter the same snitch reported me again for other comments on Facebook. The odd thing is I made these comments in another country, but if its directed at a Swedish audience, it falls under Swedish law even if you write it in a closed group who share the same opinions. This time, in June 2018, I was questioned by a Turkish woman who I suspected was a Muslim, but she refused to answer when I asked. It was a very unfriendly hearing, and she had also spent very much time going through my Facebook account mapping my children with names and pictures. My youngest son was very upset that this was open information for anybody to look into. Two years ago my account on Facebook was closed after I received many strikes about my comments.

The trial was set for the end of January 2020, but since I was being treated for blood clots in my lungs and left leg I asked if they could move it to June when I was planning to visit my family. I even sent a letter from a Thai doctor who dissuaded me from flying 11 hours, but the court didn’t listen to that, and I received a fine of €400 for not showing up. The next trial was set for the middle of September, as there were many problems with Covid. I booked a flight with Finnair that got cancelled for the same reason. I therefore agreed that my lawyer could represent me in my absence.

This time I was convicted and my crime was considered so bad that they wanted to jail me, but they considered my old age and gave me a heavy fine instead. The fine is set in proportion to your income, but they looked at the year 2015 when my income was three times higher than it is today. I have a pension of only €1,200 per month and my fine was €2,000 instead of the normal €600. When you lose you also have to pay your lawyer, and he cost €1,850.

I had two weeks in which to appeal, and I contacted another lawyer who promised to do that, but he had a heart attack and was hospitalized. He resigned from the case, so I missed the deadline. The Appeal Court said I had to go to the Supreme Court with my case, but they didn’t change the verdict in my favour even when I sent them documents from my medical record that I have bipolar disease and I was out of lithium when I posted on Facebook. You can be very aggravated in speech when you are manic and upset, but they didn’t take that into consideration.

The law they used against me is used to stop people from criticizing the government for its disastrous open border policy, and to protect Islam. Our prime minister also said many years ago that he would never criticize Islam, and I’m sure he never read the Qur’an.

I’m worried that my once beautiful country may become the first caliphate in Europe, and that a demographic jihad may give Muslims a majority in thirty years’ time. Many people are also afraid of a civil war, since criminal Muslim gangs create more and more no-go zones that police don’t dare to enter.

Swedish leaders have all attended Bilderberg meetings and they are not loyal to my country. With this text I want the rest of the world to know what’s going on in my country.

Sweden may become the first caliphate in the West, but several other countries — including Canada and Australia — are close on its heels. And the United States has just plunged over the precipice and is now plummeting into the abyss, with our current political leadership striving to make the country as much like Sweden as possible.

9 thoughts on “Update on the Case of Denny Abrahamsson

  1. Islam, communism, socialism, nazism are all oppressive ideologies – how people willingly join or protect the doings of such groups is something I can not understand but yet it happens!

    Everything possible must continuously be done to expose their doings today and their history from before!

  2. From the Myth of the Andalusian Paradise to the Myth of the Schwedish Paradise in one small step.

    Having to listen to the wail of an Imam calling Devils in thrall to the rantings of a Desert Lunatic was unconceivable for our Ancestors.
    They bled and died to keep it so.
    Even by the standards of their own erudition, they knew little of Islam, but more than enough to recognise a creed that is antithetical to higher reason and designed to excite and beguile the most primitive minds.
    Islam (and Marxism) is/are a shackle on the stride of mankind and should by rights be consigned to irrelevance and not lifted up as a “virtue” (of EVIL).
    But that is my humble opinion.

  3. “They” have lost contact with reality. That’s for sure. Billions of normal humans will shed no tears or have any comment other than maybe, “They asked for it”.

  4. “It was also meant to protect homosexuals and other minority groups, so the law was very justified.”

    Justfied, Hell.

    Poor retarded Euroweenies. Even as their government destroys them and their culture, they can’t understand why their own ‘justified’ thought crime laws are being used against them.

    Free speech exists to protect unpopular speech. Yes, includes speech against their special protected groups like perverts and Jews. Once you put the tools in place to protect specific groups, there is nothing stopping the State from expanding these ‘protections’ to crush all speech to which it objects.

    Thought and speech should never be punished because of the potential for politicization of what thought and what speech will be criminalized. On the other hand, violent criminal acts should be punished viciously because the effect on the victim is unmistakable and can’t be filtered through political opinion.

  5. “In the year 1999 the Swedish Social Democrats made a secret agreement with Islamic groups with ties to Muslim Brotherhood to replace lost support from the Swedish working class with votes from Muslim immigrants. To get these votes they promised to give Muslims positions in municipalities, county councils and parliament.” Where would one go to see such documents (if they exist). This tactic has the ring of truth to it, it seems common throughout the Western civilization. Most ernest in locating such written documentation.

  6. Don’t pay the fine, and get back to Thailand and dare the so called authorities to come get you. Start calling them for what they are, muslim collaborators and traitors to the Swedish people. Stand up and be counted like the Wolf, or perish like the sheep the Swedes have become.

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