Green Dawn

A new German government headed by the Greens is becoming more and more likely in the near future. The following essay discusses the ramifications of that prospect for ordinary Germans.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Socially acceptable “climate neutrality” is impossible

by Wolfgang Hübner

Since the catastrophic flood, “Climate Policy” has become more popular again. After the Baerbock disaster, the Green Party will put all the levers in the media — to which it is so extremely inclined — in motion until the federal election in September to hammer the electorate: Man-made climate change in the world must under all circumstances and at all costs be slowed, at least in Germany. Incidentally, it is precisely the most anti-national political force in this country that tries to score points in terms of climate and energy with a completely unrealistic, narrow-minded nationalist course. Because little Germany, which does not want to control its national borders, can of course not set any limits on the weather or the climate.

But it is easy for the Green Party to spread such nonsense. The other established parties have long since submitted to varying degrees to the irrational Climate Religion. And the Federal Constitutional Court, firmly in the hands of these parties, has, as is well known, sanctified everything. Nobody knows how the gigantic amounts of energy that are required now, and even more so in the future, will be produced in Germany after nuclear and coal-fired power plants have been phased out. But if you look at the problems from a religious point of view, you don’t necessarily have to worry. After all, there are countries that continue to rely on nuclear power, coal or gas and like to earn money selling energy supplies to the promised land of wind power fanatics.

All of this has to be paid for by the many millions of energy consumers in the most densely populated Germany that has ever existed. But that’s not all: Since the insane goal of a so-called “climate neutrality” between Flensburg and Constance is being striven for, measures are to be implemented in all areas of economy, traffic and everyday life that will be absolutely certain — namely expensive! All political parties and actors know this only too well. But that is precisely why they are extremely reluctant to talk about it. One more reason to do it. Because the desired “climate neutrality” will not be expensive for its political and economic profiteers, but for taxpayers and energy consumers; that is, the overwhelming majority of Germans.

Since the willingness to embark on political adventures such as “climate neutrality” often stutters or even falters, at least with one’s own money, the climate-active parties are very keen not to cause any unrest among the electorate. Even the Green Party wants to make the expected burdens “socially acceptable”. And their established competitors blow into the same horn with different lung strength. But all of this is nothing more than deliberate political deception. Because even with only a superficial consideration of the problem, it becomes clear: For the majority of Germans, “climate neutrality” will be associated with significant losses in income and without consumption. Because the German state cannot possibly even cushion the burdens in a “socially acceptable” manner, let alone compensate for them.

Since politics and the media use the climate issue as an instrument to divert attention from the real causes and the catastrophic organization of the flood control, it is important in their voting decision even for somewhat better-off Germans, and especially for the masses of normal and low-income earners, to know what price will be asked to save the world’s climate. In any case, those who demand it are also the ones who will suffer the least at this price. One can accept that. But it should be done with full knowledge of the personal consequences: With electricity, rent, taxes, groceries, vacation, gasoline and so on and so on.

Afterword from the translator:

We have a saying here in South Africa: “What did we use before candles? Answer: Electricity.”

I guess for Germans it will be soon even more drastic, if the likes of Baerbock and Kobold get into the Chancellery. German children will ask their parents and grandparents something along the lines of: “What did we do before freezing to death in our homes during winter?”

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  1. Just bring in a few more million orcs to ensure the Greens are elected and that there is no money for making lubricating the anal violation of those Germans who still pay taxes.

    One supposes that when it gets cold enough in the middle of a long winter and there is no electricity or money for it, or coal to burn for heat, or candles for illumination then those millions of orcs will finally come in handy. One can always burn them for heat and light; just ask Himmler.

  2. Green party or Blue (royal) party, Liberal, Labour or conservative, Democrats or

    republican . . . no change in policies: always promoting islam and Muslim

    Brotherhood. Standing with islam against Christians in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Pakistan,

    Iran, Sweden, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mali, everywhere.

    Standing against Israel everywhere. In UN, Campuses, Colleges,

    Staunch advocacy towards human rights because they help replace the infidels’

    population with muslims

    It’s ok if Iran gets nuclear weapons as long as the victims are Jews, “we can live with

    nuclear Iran,” as Pres. Hussein put it.

    – Lavish foreign aid to Pakistan, and other muslim countries.

    – Fight for 20 years in Afghanistan and achieve nothing because “we have deep respect for islam and muslims.”

    – If muslims commit terror atrocities, turn on “white supremacists” . If they don’t

    exist create some by repeating the mantra. Also ask CAIR they will swear by the

    Pirate and allah that they do exist and pose the real danger for the extinction of the west.

    For a conservative party to get elected must act like Labour Party and Liberal

    parties be subservient to islam, which has become the real ruler in the west.

    – Every day Jacinda and Merkels are promoting islam and treading “on their blood and

    flesh” And they are doing it through “democratic legislation” ostensibly.

    Deceitfully, while the “majority” are asleep from alcohol, gossip about c eleb. , sports and sex.

    Bravo. Thus we will defeat our Formidable enemy.

  3. Despite all their engineering smarts, the Germans are the stupidest by far. They just can’t help themselves to fight till the last bullet for any kind crazy cause. If this is not a sign, that it is time for their demise, I do not know what is…

    • Despite all their engineering …… ”

      You hit the nail right of the head.

      Indeed they are now the worst nation on earth. They are going down and taking europe (the ho) with them.

      My question is: how and why did all those peace activists and other “Geniuses” recipients of Nobel Prizes if they are not aware of what is happening around them like Wilders, Trump, De Winter , Paul Golding, Tommy Robinson, Briggitte Bardot, Briggette Gabrielle, Hatun Tash, David Wood, . . . These people diagnose the reason for western decline and eventual collapse. They deserve prizes. Not prize winners who dare not open their mouth against muslims or their prizes wi be forfeited. They like those prizes and the false prestige that comes with them more than having principles and defending them and their fellow blood and flesh.

      UN and EU were designed to protect the west from themselves. Today they are the diabolical instruments in the hands of muslims and Europeans and the west to ruin the west and build the caliphate, with our “stauch ally” Erdogan the first Caliph who will take Berin, Paris, London, Vatican as his headquarters.

      Thanks to dishonorable selfish traitors to make that possible.

      The fresult of :
      Treachery, Dishonor, lies, undisciple, looseness, apathhy

      Germans are comatose

    • It’s so frustrating to have to repeat this: IQ has very little to do with it. “Useful Idiots” was clearly a joking term. It referred to people with high IQs and status who were duped.

      • I fully agree! I talked to a full tenured professor of psychology who is a counsel to federal government in some matters. He was on business in Israel and was duped by an arab taxi driver about the horrible effects of the wall.
        I asked him the number of bloody attacks on israeli ground after the construction of that wall.
        He had no clue what I was asking for.
        And he is by the book a top intellectual in this country. Just depressing. The more so because I have lost my best ” wingman” in that matter 3 years ago. So GoV is my favorite information platform… leaving aside some unpleasant baseball bat wielding commenters who need counseling.

        • Herb, we don’t carry baseball bats, we carry Glock’s, Sig’s Walther’s and Colts. If you think we are unpleasant, just wait until the bad times come with a vengeance.

          • I had only two commenters in mind
            who prefer bashing folks on their own side to matter of fact arguments. Does anyone here take my grudge against Napoleon in account?
            As for hand arms, a friend of mine, hunter and shooter, says Glock is junk. Well, cheap. His customized Sig came for around 6000$, not a giveaway for sure.

          • Herb, as one who has put millions of rounds downrange, the Glock is the only pistol that can take throwing hundreds of thousands of rounds down range where most others can handle 20,000 -30,000 rounds(at best) before they are rendered junk, as your friends 6,000$ Sig would not handle as well, I know, I shot out 3 Sig’s. Yeah, I do have a Glock with 250,000 plus rounds through it and still running like a good Austrian clock. Well before it suffered a tragic boating accident.
            As for ole Napoleon, I don’t fault you one bit.

            Oh and you need better advice from someone from the military with a lot more range time than your average hunter shooter, just kind words of advice, before making your firearms decisions.

    • “the ramifications of that prospect for ordinary Germans.”

      Emigration coming soon to Germany and some will be the smart engineering folks who will take their expertise elsewhere.

  4. And we Germans have no 2AD to stop tyrants.
    Thanks Allies of WWII.

    After the next war, give us a 2AD. Then we can stop the madness ourselves.

    • Since World War One Germany has had tighter and tighter gun laws. The rest of Western Europe, Canada, NZ and Australia are not much different.

      If you like a Bill of Rights feel free to borrow ours and have the Sheeple of Germany vote on it.

      I have a gut felling about how that vote will turn out. Germany gave us the Communists/International Socialists in the 19th century and the Jew Hating Kaiser and the Nazis/National Socialists in the 20th century. Not exactly a nifty track record there Herr Lund.

      In the meantime why don’t educate yourself before you open your mouth by reading this:

      • Your link supports my argument.
        The countless books on the Third Reich and the Holocaust fail even to mention the laws restricting firearms ownership, which rendered political opponents and Jews defenseless. A skeptic could surmise that a better-armed populace might have made no difference, but the National Socialist regime certainly did not think so—it ruthlessly suppressed firearm ownership by disfavored groups.

        And if you allow me to turn the table:
        How is gunloving America doing?
        Jane “Traitor” Fonda, Waco, Ruby Ridge, LaVoy Finicum, Ashli Babbitt – to name a few.

        To paraphrase Batman Begins:
        Training and gun ownership is nothing. Willpower is everything. The will to act.

        • Pssst, Alex, the restricted gun thingy came from the communists of Wiemar in the 20’s.

          • please enlighten me: the social democrats( not the commies) were parttaking in government during 1,5 years of Weimar Republic.

          • Herb, the traitors of Wiemar put in the first gun restrictions long before the bloody naxi’s. The damn Kaiser should have just abdicated to his son to save us from tragedy after WW1.

  5. .
    Tolkien began the modern use of the English term “orc”
    to denote a race of evil, humanoid creatures;
    also the word Ork (orc-) “monster”, “ogre”, “demon” occurs.
    In Swedish, the enrichers of today offen are called among
    other babbe/babbar, which etymologically probably originates
    from blatte/blattar, as the name was of the first intruders who
    came from the Balkans – derogatory) braun, dark-skinned person
    of foreign descent – while Docent in Ethics and lecturer in
    didactics David Kronlid claims that it comes from the baboon.

  6. Their poll numbers have been crashing for two months now, I don’t know why you think they will lead any government.

    • Merkel&CO will make sure that Baerbock or whatever Her name is from Greens will be a next Chancellor, Germany is done, finished, they don’t let people vote for a AFD – people’s party , like in US. They want destroyed Trump , s as bd they did ( dead people-voters from cemetery) , that the way they have to keep going with this barbaric madness.,

  7. I hope the bloody commie greens get in and run the country right into the ground, then the renewal can take place. Hopefully they learn and don’t let women with feelings anywhere near the levers of power ever again, they have proved unworthy. As for the 3rd worlder orcs? Let the Great Purge reign!

    • Interesting fact about womens right to vote: installed in 1918 by the Weimar Republic, it turned in favour of the Nazis, if only to a small extent ( +1-2%)
      More women than men voted nazi.
      There is some speculation about it because Adolf was not the poster boy type of man. He was the opposite of the groper type of womanizer. That’s what made his attraction.

      • And you will get a ruthless military dictator because of feckless useful idiots who infest our countries today.

  8. Anyone who thinks the Germans did not lose the war need look no farther than their crushed spirit. They are lead by the greens? tsk tsk. I don’t want them annexing France, but oh how the mighty have fallen.

  9. Germany is the ultimate hypocrite. One the one hand enforcing green policies on its citizens who want to drive a car, and on the other piping in gas from Russia via Nord Stream 2 so it’s industry can guzzle it in large quantities and dominate europe. They don’t want the eastern countries to have access to fossil fuels like coal, but Germany will consume enormous quantities of non renewable gas from Russia. OK for Germany, but not OK for Poland. Are they mad or do they think the rest of us are stupid? German governments have always been the same; about domination. I don’t think the average German really thinks about it properly

    • no, he does not think propetly about it. And do you care where Italy, or say, Sweden , buy their fuel? Does Poland have to buy its fuel from Russia? There is such a thing as free markets, a thing eastern europeans had been longing for during decades. The polish reserve regarding their neighbours is understandable.

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