The Long Arm of Big Pharma

The following video is an excerpt from a discussion on a French TV talk show. The topic is alternative treatments for COVID-19, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. One of the participants explains that major medical journals such as The Lancet suppress the reporting of certain information because of the financial clout exerted by Pfizer and other major pharmaceutical corporations.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling and uploading this video. I don’t know who the translator is; Vlad obtained a video with a translated subtitle file already included:

Video transcript:

00:00   Q: But it’s hard to understand why scientists would voluntarily give bias
00:05   to studies… —Exactly! That’s the great question. That’s the great question we are all asking ourselves,
00:10   finally, and you know
00:14   those Chatham House lectures in London…
00:19   Q: Remind us what is this all about? —This is extremely interesting.
00:22   These are meetings that are completely behind closed doors, only with experts.
00:26   No one can record,
00:29   no one is taking any pictures, there’s no [inaudible]. It’s only between experts. —Q: Top secret.
00:33   Top secret. But still. there was a meeting the other day, of the directors
00:38   of scientific journals, like The Lancet, The New England Journal of Medicine…
00:41   Q: The Lancet, which is that journal which published
00:44   this study we are talking about… —These are extraordinary journals:
00:47   when it’s written in Lancet, it’s “written in Lancet”.
00:50   So that’s why… Here, we’re talking about something very important,
00:53   this discussion that happened. And it ended up leaked:
00:56   the Lancet’s boss, Horton, said:
01:00   “Now we are not going to be able to, basically, if this continues,
01:05   publish any more clinical research data,
01:09   because the pharmaceutical companies,
01:12   are so financially powerful today
01:15   and are able to use
01:18   such methodologies, as to have us
01:21   accept papers which are apparently,
01:24   methodologically perfect, but which, in reality, manage to conclude what they want to conclude…
01:28   This is very, very serious! —Q: But, what You are telling us is very serious! That would mean
01:32   that it is the pharmaceutical companies —that are putting pressure on,
01:35   including financial pressure, I guess… (But I am not the one saying it…)
01:38   on the scientific results!
01:41   But you understand, who can we trust anymore today? —Indeed, that’s why
01:44   I allow myself to tell you about it, because it is one of the greatest subjects…
01:47   never anyone could have believed… I have been doing research
01:50   for 20 years in my life, I never thought the boss
01:53   of The Lancet could say that. And the boss
01:56   of the New England Journal of Medicine too. He even said it was
01:59   “criminal”, the word was used by them. That is, if you will, when
02:04   there is an outbreak like the COVID, in reality, there are people… us, we see
02:08   ‘mortality’, when you are a doctor or yourself, you see ‘suffering’. And there are people who
02:13   see ‘dollars’, that’s it.

7 thoughts on “The Long Arm of Big Pharma

  1. It didn’t take them long to figure out that the longer you suffer, the fewer the cures, the better for the profit margin.

    It’s really not that surprising.

  2. Here’s a methodology for “Big Pharma”.

    I prescribe a dozen lengths of hemp rope, knotted at one end in a noose with the other end secured to an object higher than the length of hemp. Lampposts work fine, but an overpass is better for ease of use and psychological effect. The free end of the noose is placed over the neck of an evil pharmaceutical CEO, and after being snugged up with the knot positioned at the side of the neck, the CEO is allowed to fall until its bodyweight causes the rope to draw tight, snapping the neck in the process. The former CEO is allowed to hang from the end of the rope, preferably in the presence of a sign explaining how they conspired to hide the truth in order to obscenely profit from their plandemic.

    After this has been done, the result should be a noticeable reticence by other pharmaceutical CEOs to interfere with scientific journals as well as scientists willing to fabricate the results they desire.

    • While I like your method, may I suggest not to let them fall.
      Snapping the neck is an ugly sound.
      Lower them gently till the rope is tight.
      And then we let them enjoy the noose just as we normals were forced to enjoy their evilness in hiding medicines that would have cured us or with less side effects.

      A friend of mine knew a doctor who collected packs and names of medicines that were withdrawn by big pharma.
      In one such case it was about a medicine used by people who had a organ transplant. This medicine was easy on the body and cheap.
      It was replaced by one that had massive side effects (and you needed two other medicines to keep the side effects in check, but those two medicines had side effects themselves – surprised?) and was very expensive.
      The first medicine you could use for decades.
      The new ones destroyed your body so that you would need a few new organ transplants (liver, kidney) after 5-10 years.

    • a more complete job would include the entire executive boards of the big pharma companies hanging from an overpass as a warning to those who would put their agendas and greed above the needs of others that they were entrusted to care for.

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