A Culture-Enriching Mob Hit in Sätra

Sätra is a culturally enriched suburb south of Stockholm. In the following video you’ll see a mob hit take place on the outdoor terrace of a café in Sätra. But it wasn’t the Sicilian or Irish mafia that whacked the vic — it was a “criminal gang”. In Sweden that’s a euphemism for violent, feral immigrants, usually from Somalia or Afghanistan, or occasionally Kosovo.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Shots that were fired in an open air restaurant in the suburb of Sätra in southwest Stockholm
00:10   are captured by the surveillance camera. Expressen has taken part of the video sequence
00:14   which shows when two masked men opened fire on the outside service area.
00:18   A man of about 25, with links to criminal gang circles,
00:22   was shot to death in the attack, and one other person, a man
00:26   about 40, was shot and wounded. According to information,
00:30   police are working from the theory that the man in his 40s was not the target
00:34   of the shooting, rather that he was instead hit by a stray bullet.
00:39   On the surveillance images, which Expressen now has, you can see people are sitting
00:43   in the outside service area and talking when the two masked men suddenly,
00:47   without warning, break the calm of the night. The film shows
00:51   how the men, only a few meters away, shoot a man who is sitting with his back turned to them.
00:56   The act is over in a just a few seconds,
01:00   and tumult breaks out when guests in the restaurant try to flee.
01:04   Later, police and ambulances stream to the location.

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  1. Those vikings gave up looting and arsoning in favor of shooting.
    Will the Swedes ever learn?

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