A Culture-Enricher on a Pub Crawl

In the following video, the owner of a bar in Bolzano in northern Italy describes the depredations of a Nigerian culture-enricher who ravaged his place of business and sent his sister to the hospital.

I couldn’t find any news about the incident in English, but here’s an article in Italian.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The Red Cross has just helped my sister and taken her to the hospital;
00:03   she has a deep cut on her shoulder and one on her head.
00:06   What’s your name and surname? —I am Franco Manzana, proprietor of Bar Nazionale.
00:10   All right, tell me what happened.
00:13   Well, my sister was at the bar because it was her work shift. I had gone to lunch.
00:17   Suddenly this “gentleman” came, whom I will not call by other names,
00:20   in order not to be considered a racist.
00:23   He ripped out a metal pole from this fence, just look at how the wooden part is warped.
00:29   There were flowers, he also dislodged the wooden fence
00:34   I had created as a sort of garden.
00:39   And then he went into the bar. He pulled down all the pots of flowers.
00:46   As we can see, he disconnected this Perspex pane that I had fixed properly to the bar counter.
00:54   And then he went right behind the counter.
00:59   He hit my sister on the head with the crowbar.
01:03   With what did he hit your sister? —With that fairly large metal crowbar
01:06   that he had ripped out outside.
01:09   How is your sister? —The Red Cross has just helped my sister and taken her to the hospital;
01:13   she has a deep cut on her shoulder and one on her head.
01:16   She’s not that well… unfortunately.
01:19   If this is the daily routine, I guess it’s better to close my activity.
01:23   Well… the situation is unsustainable for young people, too.
01:26   Because if I decide to rent out the bar, who will have the courage to face risks like that?

11 thoughts on “A Culture-Enricher on a Pub Crawl

  1. Those Nigerians are certainly great at their jobs of scamming and murdering innocent people.

      • No, there’s a difference: Somalis don’t scam. They’re not smart enough. Nigerians are smart enough to run scams.

  2. This reminds me of a scene in this very town some years ago.
    I passed by a café when a guest with a newspaper in hand screamed at an African so loudly it could be heard in the entire old town of Bolzano.
    Africans are permanent guests around the railway station, waiting for the italian authorities ( smart) to hand them tickets to Germany.

  3. Wasnt the Mafia formed to protect normal italians from persecution?

    Sorry, forgot that it was the Mafia who helped massive number of illegals to enter Italy.
    And now the Mafia is crying because the Nigerian Mafia, which is at least ten times more brutal then the italian Mafia, took some cities from them and rule them now.
    Shortsighted, the italian Mafia. Should have looked beyond the curve.

  4. My next door neighbour is a Nigerian lady, and a muslim besides. Maybe I should kill her now, just to be on the safe side?

    Be a shame though; I’d miss the cookies and cakes she sometimes gives me, no doubt to lull me into a false sense of security.

    • You are an inferior by she does not take you seriously. No respect. Will have prayer space outside your door and intimidation to drive you out when one of hers needs your home, They will tell you that your Europe is over. Very soon it will be all Black. We accommodate with all the advertising and cheap hypnosis. Will it all implode or explode? I’m guessing the latter. We’ll see .

    • You are so “good”. A “innocent” in the eyes of the Muslim hustler from Nigeria. Maybe worth something if you are converted before the door comes crashing in.

    • She’s not a very good Moslem.
      The Koran says not to have unbelievers as friends.
      But maybe she’s not a Moslem at all, in which case you have a nice neighbor.

      • Not if she is simply telling lies and deceiving. The Koran makes it very clear that all the “peace” in the Koran is Muslims
        only. Muslims in general treat indigenous with such incredibly
        blatant disrespect and get away with it. “Just give them a sweet. That will prove our good will”. Oh well.

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