8 thoughts on “The Vanguard of Scientific Socialism Triumphs Over the Forces of Bourgeois Reaction

  1. The way the indoctrination centers we call schools are going, we will churn out Mao’s new red guards who will come for the rest of us with a new religious zeal. Oh well, the writing has been on the wall for all to see for over a generation now. If you are not prepared by now, you will be a victim of this marxist scourge.

  2. All of us that have been speaking out for years and years now about this Evil, are the ones that have been crowned with a Aluminium Hat over and over again.
    Medieval Practices have definitely disappeared from the psyche of the Sheeple and their Shepherds, carefully herding them towards the Slaughteryard.

    What’s coming will make everything from the Hunnic Invasion all the way to WWII seem Children playing at War and Destruction.

    I know how it works and plays out, seen it in Rwanda in ’94.
    I for one will NOT go down on my knees, I’ll die upright and with a sword in one and a pistol in my other hand and hopefully will take quite a few of those Thugs with me after being forced to participate the Devils Dance.

    • Pssst, AK’s work great in urban environments, Look ost to get what you need.

    • It will be a Balkans on steroids where your race, religion and politics will be your uniform. Time to start flying the colors of the old Imperial armies.

  3. As punishment we will be used to clear out areas with radioactive contamination or something like that.

    Maybe even North Korea gulags.

    Or (but this will NEVER happen!!!!) they will sent us to the northern most tip of Scandinavia / Russia / Alaska / Kergeulen Island / Falklands were we will be left alone. Then we will not be able to influence, sorry poison the minds of other people against them

    • No one is going to escape the coming Terrible Dark Times, everyone will be touched by it, there is no escaping it, so embrace the suck, face it with fire and old testament zeal, nobody gets out of life alive.

  4. It’s encouraging to read of someone’s’ declaration of/to courage. It’s discouraging to understand these claims are of little use other than to make oneself a target. One needs to remember the power of the state, and in our case the corporate-‘nazi’-state, is behind the current situation. And oh, other powers as well. Real resistance, I should think, must begin with a capability to undo, subdue and re-do those dark forces toward the good, the true. If it were military, wouldn’t we be talking about the simultaneous and instantaneous command of all the military? Including low grade, battlefield nuclear btw, because the ‘enemy’, who is often not reasonable (shucks, to be this ‘enemy’, reason would have long ago been lost…) would they not resort to any measure to assure victory; excuse me, a desired outcome? It’s a tall order, and one that would require a lot of planning, decades of planning methinks. Kinda like what they been up to don’t cha know. No, I think it’s going to be centuries before we realize anything normal again. Maybe more. Therefore, “ego abnegare satin, et operam ipse quoque Jesus Christus”, in ones’ own regard.

    • It never ceases to amaze me that all of our technological advances have been because of war. It won’t be centuries of recovery, it will be decades if that. You ain’t voting your way out and God ain’t coming to bail us out, that is why God gave us free will.

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