Culture-Enriching Knife Jihad in Hamburg

Almost every day (and sometimes multiple times a day) a European story like the one below lands on my desk for editing and posting. It’s gotten to the point where I could create a template for these posts — kind of like Mad Libs, with a selection of choices to use to fill in the blanks — about “lone wolf” jihad attacks.

The outline might look something like this:

A {adjective denoting ethnic origin} culture-enricher entered a {school, café, town hall, police station, hospital} in the {adjective for European country} town of {name} and attacked people with a {knife, machete, handgun, AK-47} while shouting “Allahu Akhbar”. He killed {number} people and wounded another {number} before being {shot dead, wounded and taken into custody, subdued} by police.

The video below would actually require a manual revision of the template, since the attacker terrorized people on the street, rather than in a building, and failed to kill or wound any infidels.

An {ethnicity not yet known} culture-enricher in the German city of Hamburg attacked cars with a knife while shouting “Allahu Akhbar”, doing property damage but causing no injuries before being shot dead by police.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   What we know so far:
00:05   it is only a short time after the crime; this afternoon
00:09   shortly before 4 pm there was a threatening situation in the Hebebrandstraße.
00:13   A male person was on foot here
00:17   and threatened drivers with a knife in his hand,
00:21   and also damaged vehicles.
00:25   He had been yelling “Allahu Akhbar,” the police
00:29   were informed by witnesses. First the colleagues used pepper spray
00:33   against the person; this did not work.
00:37   Due to another operation, the SEK [special police tactical unit ]was onsite by chance
00:41   and used a taser against this person. This unfortunately did not work either,
00:45   and then the person
00:49   walked towards the police (that is how it stands
00:53   at the moment) and the colleagues then had to use their firearms.
00:57   Shortly thereafter the person died.
01:01   Which means that one must currently assume a terrorist background?
01:05   At the moment we do not know the background,
01:09   but we have the witness statements that “Allahu Akhbar” was shouted,
01:13   and so we cannot exclude a religious motivation.
01:17   The homicide squad is now on the scene. The State Security Service
01:21   has been informed, and the investigation is now taken up from this direction.
01:25   How are the drivers? Was anyone injured?
01:29   No, the drivers were not injured; the vehicles
01:33   Were damaged. —How is the officer
01:37   who had to shoot? Well, that is always a situation
01:41   that no police officer wants, and so they are being looked after
01:45   at the moment, then the department will conduct
01:49   internal investigations, as is usual in cases where police
01:53   have to use firearms. They will then start the investigation.
01:57   And until then, the colleagues will be looked after. What is known so far about the person [perp]?
02:01   Unfortunately we do not have any information about the person.
02:05   His identity has not yet been established.
02:09   Adjacent to here there is an asylum centre, but it is still unclear if the man came from there?
02:15   This is still totally unclear.

2 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Knife Jihad in Hamburg

  1. Everything is unclear!!, one horrible fact is clear – Merkel&CO destroyed this country with not even blink of the eye , and invasion still going well from all parts of Europe, a specially Italy , Spain, Greece, and Germany will be very happy to take more this reapists, murders, and so on , .. it’s unimaginable what is happening in this country since 2015 ..

  2. It does not surprise me anymore where they trot out the latest affirmative action hire telling the rest of us that some sort of crime, with almost no details including suspect description, who committed some sort of crime and that no one should cast a jaundiced eye upon it because everything is well in hand and no need to be concerned. Just a regular everyday crime.
    The funny thing is, nobody bloody well believes them anymore.

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